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If You Live In Your Calendar: Fantastical 2

Todoist for Android: Reminders

OKFantastical is actually a calendar. But, by including a task manager, it becomes a to-do app worthy of its name.

Instead of just seeing a list of items to complete each day, youll see your to-dos at the exact time you want to get them done. That way, youll be sure you have time for everything, no matter how hectic your day is.

Available on iOS and OS X

Similar multi-platform option: Swipes

Microsoft To Do: List Task & Reminder

Microsoft To-Do is not just a listing app, and it has premium-grade reminder functionality and tasks organizer in one place. This organizing app is packed with tonnes of features, and it is completely free to use. This app provides colorful themes along with dark mode integration. It also offers complete personalization for the users convenience. You can make grocery lists, daily schedules, reminders, and task lists. It will keep you up to date. This app also supports Office 365 services.

Important Features

If You Switch It Up: Todoist

So many devices, you say? Not a problem with Todoist. It has versions for iOS, Android, and the web, and browser extensions of every sortnot to mention integrations with email clients like Gmail and Outlook, plus services including Dropbox, IFTTT, Google Maps, and so on.

That means youll stay on top of your to-do list with Todoist any time, anywhere.

Available on iOS and Android

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Reminder To Do & Task

The last one is Reminder to do & Tasks. It is also a very supportive reminder app for your Android phone. Using this app is very easy, and you can set a reminder just by spending a few seconds. Also, there is a to-do list option. So, you can take an instant note and set a reminder on it. You can make a birthday schedule, meeting schedule, or any other task you think is important to remember. Then just forget it and take care of your other work. You will receive an alarm just as you set in time with the note you save. Thats how it works.

Important Features

If Youre A True Procrastinator: Carrot

Best Reminder App For Android 2019 (With images)

Sometimes, tough love is the only solution to a real problem.

Carrot wont have a problem being hard on you if you dont stay on top of your to-dos. But, it also plays fair by rewarding you in unique ways when you do live up to its expectations. Its not an app for the faint of heart, but it could be the one to finally help you conquer your tasks.

Available on iOS

Similar option for Android: HabitBull

All of these 10 options offer similar functions, but each has special features that are as unique as you. Choose the app that fits your personal style, and youll soon be checking off tasks with the best of us.

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Galarm Water Reminder App

Do you want to stay on top of your to-do lists and tasks? If yes, then you have to look at the best Reminder app, Galarm. It is free to use a social alarm clock app that comprises innovative and advanced features to fulfill your needs.

There are numerous ringtone options, a detailed set of repetitions and recurring reminders, setting the alarm at desired times, and much more.

Google Keep Notes And Lists

is not exactly a reminder app its more a note-taking app, but it has a nice reminder component that works very well, so weve included it in the list. Moreover, the app benefits from a sleek interface curtsy of Google.

With Keep you can easily make checklists or normal lists and add photos, drawings and audio notes. Set the time at which you want to be reminded, and thats it youre done. You can apply different color layers to your notes to make them more fun. Google also helps you categorize your lists by letting you add labels to them, so youll be able to easily perform a search.

Moreover, Google Keep offers a neat functionality which sends the reminder once youve arrived at a certain location .

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The 20 Best Reminder Apps For Android Device

  • Final Thought
  • In life, all the tasks are essential, and there many tasks which become a daily routine, and there is no chance of forgetting those. But, now in this world, we have a variety of works which we need to do. Some of them are very small at work but have an enormous significance once it is done. And if it is not done, then it may cause a catastrophe. To avoid these, we usually use reminder apps, and we search for the best reminder apps for android. Today we shall see some best reminder apps for android.

    The Best Paid Reminder Apps

    ANDROID TASK MAKER APP 4 (Alarm Manager)

    If youre willing to pay a little more for better productivity, there are some great premium apps available too.

    Some of these apps require you to pay before you can install them on your device, while others offer in-app purchases that let you access the good stuff.

    Either way, you have to spend some money to take advantage of their features.

    Here are the apps:

    Available on iOS only | $2.99

    Currently only available for Apple users, CARROT is a slightly unconventional reminder app.

    CARROT has no problem being hard on you and giving you an extra nudge if youre not sticking to your schedule.

    If you have a problem with procrastination, it will get you back in efficiency mode. The app chastises you when you havent checked off tasks within a certain time.

    You also get rewarded when you do meet your goals. Rewards include mini-games for your phones, upgrades, and even a digital kitten.

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    If Youre Beyond Busy: Things

    When youve got a million things on your plate, the last thing you have time for is fussing with an app. You need it to be easy and fast to use while still offering you enough features to keep you organized.

    Things touts itself as being the app that you dont need a manual to start using, and it promises to speed up capturing your tasks by providing a keyboard shortcut as well as copying text from other apps.

    Available on iOS and OS X

    Similar multi-platform option: TickTick

    Free And Useful Reminder Apps For Android

    Posted on by Judy Sanhz

    You have so many things to do that, normally, you forget about a few of them. The problem is when you forget something important. If you forget to go to the dry cleaners, you can always go tomorrow. Still, its a whole different story if you forget to buy important school supplies your kid needs for the next day.

    Since its almost impossible to remember everything you have to do during the day, that a little help come be great. You can use various Android apps for free to help you remember the personal and work-related things you need to get done. Lets see which one best fits your needs.

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    My Favorite Task Scheduler App For Android:

    Google Tasks is my favorite app because it lets you create and schedule tasks on the go and it stores tasks on the Google cloud. Plus, it also shows tasks created in your Gmail.

    You can also check out lists of best free Trip Planner App, Hyperfocal Distance App, and Depth OF Field Calculator App for Android

    Reminder Apps For Android To Never Miss Anything Important

    Medical Task Management &  Reminder App by Peerbits on Dribbble

    Being on a tight schedule means there is always a chance that something important might slip your mind. Luckily, our Android devices make staying on schedule easier for us by setting reminders for important tasks.

    However, most default reminder apps only offer basic features that are usually not enough for more advanced scheduling.

    The best solution is to download reminder apps from Google Play Store that come loaded with features so you can keep things on track. If you look up reminder apps on Google, you will get hundreds of results that make picking the best apps difficult.

    So in order to make things easier for anyone looking for the best reminder apps for Android phones, I have dug deep and came up with 6 reminder apps that I find best. Keep reading to find the one that fits your needs.

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    Boost Your Memory With The Right Reminder App

    We all forget things from time to time. Busy schedules and chaotic lives make it hard to keep track of everything on our to-do list. Fortunately, using reminder apps like the ones above can help to keep us on track.

    Good reminder apps come with everything you need to handle your busy routine, from notification texts to calendar syncing features.

    Even if you cant find the functionality you need from a free reminder app, there are tons of premium options out there that come with free trials to get you started.

    Dont let your schedule get the best of you. A handy reminder app will get you back on the ball in no time.

    If Youre A Purist: Reminders

    Reminders is the stock iOS app for tasks and, of course, reminders. It offers all the standard fare of to-do apps, but the reason to use it is the reason some people climb mountains: Its there. That might sound like a silly reason to choose itbut it also means that it automatically works with other iOS apps and services.

    And, of course, it means it features Apples trademark design and ease-of-use.

    Available on iOS

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    How Do I Use Samsung Reminders

    How to set a reminder on Android via Google Calendar

  • Choose a date on the calendar and tap it.
  • In the bottom right corner of the screen, tap the plus button. Tap the + button.
  • From the pop-up list, select Reminder.
  • Set the specifics of the reminder, including name, time, and whether it repeats, then tap Save.
  • 16 . 2020 .

    To Do Reminder With Alarm


    As its name suggests, To Do Reminder is a reminder-focused to-do app that lets you set quick and easy reminders with fully customizable repeat options, including minute, hour, daily, weekly, monthly, weekdays, yearly, and more. You can set in-advance alerts for reminders and choose whether to get the alert as a general notification or a full-fledged alarm with your custom tone. Theres also speech-to-text and other smart options to ensure safety while driving or riding.

    To Do Reminder with Alarm also lets you synchronize birthdays and anniversaries of your friends from Facebook, phone book, Google Calendar, or add them manually. You can also use the app to send birthday wishes to your friends via Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp or SMS. Finally, theres also a Send Reminder feature that can send a reminder to anyone from your contact list. You can use the feature to set an alarm for your friends to meet up or for your spouse to get groceries before returning home in the evening.

    • Platforms: Android, iOS

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    Best Free Task Scheduler App For Android

    Here is a list of best free task scheduler app for Android. You can use these apps to make sure you dont miss out on any important task in your routine life. Through these apps, you can schedule all your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks in advance. These apps let users specify the exact date and time of tasks so that they get reminder alerts on time. A few apps also allow users to add personalized descriptions about added tasks. Plus, predefined tasks are also present in some apps that you can select at the time of task scheduling. Predefined tasks also help users sort tasks based on task types.

    These apps also let users mark tasks as complete or reschedule tasks for later. In most apps, users can also view and track completed and scheduled tasks. According to the schedule, users get a reminder in the form of sound and notifications. Although, some apps also let you set an additional reminder that sends an alert before the actual scheduled time. You also get some additional features in these apps such as on the go task tracking, email task scheduling, job scheduling, etc. Go through the list to know more about these Android task scheduler apps.

    Best Reminder Apps For Android You Should Use

    With our lifestyles becoming more hectic than ever, its increasingly difficult for most of us to juggle our professional and personal lives. One moment youre trying to meet an impossible deadline at work, and the next, youre running errands for your home. So to help you navigate your way through the frenetic journey called life, we are listing the 10 best reminder apps for Android that you should use in 2021. Weve included both free and paid apps to ensure that you get the widest possible choices for enhanced productivity without any of the headache.

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    What Is Reminder App On Samsung

    Fortunately, its quick and easy to make reminders on your Samsung device. Create checklists and memos then get an alert at a specific time or location to remind you about them. The reminder app has been hidden on most Samsung devices to give you greater control over how you personalise your device.

    How Do I Set Hourly Reminders

    7 Best Reminder Apps For Android « www.3nions.com

    Usually, every other Android smartphone comes with a dedicated Reminder app that allows users to set up reminders based on time, date, day and hour.

  • Open the pre-installed reminder app on your smartphone and tap on + or Create new button.
  • Now, enter the message Coronavirus alert: Wash hands
  • 24 . 2020 .

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    Mytherapy Pill Reminder App

    Android | iOS

    It is difficult to remember the medications intake time during sickness. MyTherapy is the best medication reminder app to take you out of this problem. The reminder settings best fit your needs.

    You can use MyTherapy for various purposes, ranging from insulin injections to other pills. Also, MyTherapy offers you a feature that encourages you to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

    Moreover, you can check your heartbeat rate, sugar levels, and other measurements regarding health. You can also track your mental health along with physical health using the MyTherapy Reminder app.

    If Youre Not Alone: Wunderlist

    Are you constantly collaborating at work? Or, do you need to wrangle the chores your partner needs to do around the house?

    Wunderlist makes sharing tasks simple. With just a few taps, your colleagues or family can access lists. And, with the pro version, you can put them to work by assigning them tasks right from the app.

    Available on iOS and Android

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    Any Reminder: Daily Task & Reminder Alarm

    If you are looking for an easy but effective app that might help you remember important tasks, then stop looking anywhere else and just download this app. You will be fascinated by its efficient and elegant user interface. You can manage all of your important tasks over this app. Any Reminder will make your life simpler with its user-friendly interface and settings with its advanced alert system. This app has a very low energy consumption you dont have to worry about draining your battery life if this app running in the background.

    Important Features

    If You Think Looks Matter: Clear

    Call Reminder Notes app for Android and BB phones

    Could a wonderful-to-look-at task manager tempt you to pay more attention to your to-dos?

    It could be worth a try. And the Clear app has you covered there. I mean, the makers themselves say its a mighty fine-looking app. Check it out if colorful, simple, and themes are words that turn you on .

    Available on iOS and OS X

    Similar option for Android and the web:

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    Best Reminder Apps For Android

    In this article, I shall discuss the 20 best reminder apps for android. These are chosen after analyzing the reviews of the users, their comments, the volume of downloads, features, etc. I hope you will like the apps. All links at the end of each app will lead you to more info, and you can directly get to the download page of the play store. Now, lets check out the 20 best reminder apps for android.

    If Youre Feeling Frazzled: Anydo

    From the second your alarm rings until your head hits the pillow at night, its go-go-go for you. Some days you feel lucky to remember your own name, much less your task list.

    In steps Any.do and its Moment feature. This is a gentle, but firm, daily reminder for you to review your days tasks so that youre sure youre set with a plan for a productive day.

    Available on iOS and Android

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    The 12 Best Reminder Apps For Iphone And Android Users

  • 4 Want to Learn More?
  • What was that thing you had to do again?

    In todays fast-paced world, youre constantly busy. If you dont have career projects to worry about, then there are a million tasks battling for your attention in your personal life.

    Youve got those emails to send, that important call to set up not to mention that online course to complete. Its easy to get overwhelmed.

    Unless youve got an incredible memory, theres a good chance something is going to end up forgotten.

    Wouldnt be easier if you could have a handy little assistant to keep you on track all day?

    Well, good news theres a reminder app for that.

    Dont wait for someone else to do it. Hire yourself and start calling the shots.

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