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How Do I Add Expansion Area To A Chart

Trading Stocks and ETFs | TD Ameritrade Mobile Android

To add expansion area, tap on the chart to reveal the hidden menu > tap the candle icon on left side of chart > tap the gear icon at the upper right of the new menu> toggle the Expansion Area switch on > select the number of bars to the right you prefer.

When you are finished, on an Apple device, tap Done on the upper right of the screen to confirm your selection. On an Android device, tap the check mark at the upper right of the screen.

Td Ameritrade Vs Etrade Fees & Commissions

As we mentioned before, TD Ameritrade and eTrade are both low-cost stockbrokers especially as there are no account minimums. Nevertheless, there are numerous fees that you should take into consideration before opening any brokerage account with a broker.

Therefore, weve broken down the key fees that you are most likely to encounter when using either TD Ameritrade or eTrade.


Both trading platforms have low non-trading fees including no deposit fees, withdrawal fees, inactivity fees, annual fees, or account fees. More importantly, stock and ETF trading is free, while TD Ameritrade also offers low forex trading fees which sets it apart from eTrade due to the fact that it doesnt offer forex trading at all.

All in all, both trading platforms provide a low-cost way to buy and sell financial instruments without having to leave your home. However, it depends on your trading preferences and if youre a keen forex trader, whether you choose TD Ameritrade or eTrade.


With TD Ameritrade $0 commission applies to stocks, options, and ETFs that are listed on a U.S. exchange. In terms of options trades without assignment fees, a $0.65 per contract fee is charged $0.65 per contract for options trades, with no exercise or assignment fees. Online OTC stock trades have a $6.95 commission fee.

Great Brokerage App With A Few Quirks

TD Ameritrade is my go to brokerage for most investing due to their non-existent fees, great education system, and broad range of assets. However, their app doesnt necessarily show off how great the brokerage is overall. The apps interface is a bit clunky and is definitely confusing for those new to investing. It also does a pretty poor job of explaining things to users. The overall clunkiness can best be seen by the fact that you have to jump through 3-4 menus to see open and filled orders. Additionally, TD Ameritrades great education system can hardly be accessed through this app. You only get access to a few videos. In order to get full usage out of this brokerage service and their education system you really need to access the website through a computer otherwise youre getting a watered down product. The fact that the news is front and center instead of hidden in a different tab is a breath of fresh air though. Overall this is a great service and a great brokerage, but the app could be made a bit better. Also, dont open this app expecting any sort of eye catching visuals like other finance apps. This app is barebones in that respect and the only color youll see is the green and red of the market. I like that choice though. It makes the app feel more professional.

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Td Ameritrade Vs Etrade The Verdict

In summary, both TD Ameritrade and eTrade are very popular US-based trading platforms and for good reason. For example, both platforms allow you to sell and buy stock and ETFs commission-free, both are user-friendly and have great designs, and both offer 24/7 customer support via telephone, email, and live chat features.

But, eToro is a great overall trading platform that allows you to trade CFD instruments on a 100% zero-commission basis. This goes for all assets and marketplaces that you are looking to access.

When it comes to opening an account with eToro this is very simple and easy and basically, there are only two account types available. A live trading account and a demo account. A demo account is best suited for beginner traders who are just starting in the online trading scene.

In terms of placing an order with eToro and the actual trading procedure, eToro provides easy-to-use order forms without all the specialized jargon used by financial experts. After all, eToro is designed with beginners in mind. Placing an order is simple, all that is required is to input your stake and click confirm. Once the order is confirmed, the asset purchase is finalized straightaway and added immediately to your investment portfolio.

Whats Happening In The Markets Theres An App For That

TD Ameritrade Mobile App for iPhone

FIGURE 1: APPLE CAR PLAY INTERFACE. For illustrative purposes only

  • TDAN Radio. Through Apple CarPlay, drivers can keep track of the latest real-time market news with a new TDAN Radio app from the TD Ameritrade Network*. Hit the road while tuning in to select live, streaming TD Ameritrade Network news broadcasts optimized for Apple CarPlay.
  • New voice commands. Drivers using the Android Auto and Alexa Auto platforms now have additional voice commands to unlock market performance summaries and sector updates, get real-time quotes, check account balances, portfolio performance, and more.**

As voice-activated technology increasingly becomes part of everyday life and work, in-vehicle access to market information is a natural next step for investors, technology professionals say.

FIGURE 2: NEW ACTION FOR GOOGLE ASSISTANT. For illustrative purposes only

Using an in-vehicle app to check on the Dow or an individual stock may not the first thing that comes to mind after a driver settles in behind the wheel, but its exactly this kind of connectivity that is the future of driving, said Sunayna Tuteja, head of strategic partnerships and emerging technologies at TD Ameritrade.

In-vehicle voice apps enable investors to engage with the markets when and where they choose and reflect the increasing ubiquity of this technology, Tuteja added. In a connected world, we have to meet investors where they are, whether at home, in the office or on the go.

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Td Ameritrade Mobile Trader

TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader, also known as thinkorswim Mobile, allows you to trade with the power of our desktop application in the palm of your hand. It is rated #1 by and Barrons, and has thousands of five-star ratings from users who have downloaded the app. TD Ameritrade Mobile Traders technology provides access to trade stocks, futures, and foreign currency, plus options on all three. Access interactive charts, event notifications, and a wide range of features with the app.

Td Ameritrade Launches Mobile App For Long

Online broker TD Ameritrade is rolling out a soft launch of a mobile application for long-term investors with managed accounts named TD Ameritrade Portfolios.

The app supports client accounts utilizing Essential Portfolios, an automated, low-cost advisory service for digital-first investors that launched Nov. 1, 2016, as well as an existing managed account offering, Selective Portfolios . It is currently in a pilot before its official launch in January 2017.

For clients who cant access our mobile apps, they can use their browser to place orders, get quotes, view charts, track market news, and manage all of their accounts in a clean and simple mobile browser, said Rebecca Niiya, a TD Ameritrade spokesperson. The TD Ameritrade Portfolios app provides managed account clients with more detail in a simple, streamlined way, including: their goals, target amount and progress toward their long-term goal, probability of reaching their targets, as well as gains and losses.

Plus, the app is customized to display charts that provide insight into the historical performance and hypothetical projections of their account.

TD Ameritrade PortfoliosThe first version of the app is currently available for Apple iPhone devices, with the launch of the Android app and additional upgrades and features planned for the first half of 2017.

The TD Ameritrade Portfolios app is its first app geared towards long-term investors with managed accounts.

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Td Ameritrade Mobile For Pc Technical Specifications

TitleTD Ameritrade Mobile for PC
Developed ByTD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade Mobile is regarded as one of the best apps in Finance category. With its simple to use and easy to navigate UI, TD Ameritrade Mobile has got huge popularity among the android users. It has got over 1,000,000+ installations with an exceptional rating of 3.5 stars from the users.

Then what are you waiting for? Havent installed this app on your smartphone yet? Here is the play store link for you

Youre Our First Priorityevery Time

Customize Security Settings | TD Ameritrade Mobile Android

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Safety First As The Miles Keep Piling Up

As the U.S. economy extends a decade-long expansion, more and more people are on the roads and streetsdriving to work, going out shopping or dining, and taking vacations. During the 12 months ending in February, U.S. vehicle miles traveled totaled 3.23 trillion, an all-time high, according to the St. Louis Federal Reserve, citing data from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration.

At the same time, law enforcement is cracking down on motorists cell phone use. With the exception of Montana, all U.S. states now have distracted driving laws, according to Nolo, a legal information site.

In Illinois, for example, first or second violations for cell phone use or texting-while-driving carry a maximum fine of $1,000, according to Nolo. Illinois cell phone ban has a few exceptions, including one for voice-operated and hands-free device use.

In-vehicle market information apps serve a few critical purposes, helping investors maximize their time and productivity while keeping both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road, noted Vijay Sankaran, chief information officer at TD Ameritrade .

Americans spend a lot of time in cars, and voice technology has completely changed the way we spend that time, Sankaran said. Today, drivers can use voice commands to ask their car to map their course, or to play their favorite song. Were just scratching the surface of whats possible Why not ask your car for a markets check?

Confirm Your Biometric Setup

Confirm the Biometric you want to enable: Touch ID or Face ID on iPhone, or Fingerprint, Face or Iris on Android.

The action you take will depend on your device and may differ from the sample image.

You’ll receive a message confirming that Touch ID, Face ID or Android Biometrics is now enabled.

You can now log in using your biometric instead of a password

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Streamline Your Investing Experience

TD Ameritrade users will see that the desktop apps interface is similar to the mobile version. Regardless, each piece of information has been organized in windows so you can compare and contrast the factors that go into trading. Every user will have full access to all the research reports . You will also be able to see your account statements, tax documents, and the Secure Message Center.

The developers want you to read and monitor your account at any time of the day. By offering the same features as the mobile or web-app version, youll get access to trade stocks, futures, and foreign currency. Each one will have options to select from. The interactive charts and event notifications will also be available on this app. All these features are specifically made for active traders and portfolio managers who manage equity, options, futures, and currency positions.

The app has over 400 different data points of course, you dont need to see these all at once. Select the points that matter to you so you can see them at the top of the page. As a charting and derivative application, TD Ameritrade wants you to streamline your work. Another cool feature is linking two apps together so you can use your mobile version as a second screen or as an alternative to your PC mouse.

Solution 06 Fix Td Ameritrade Login Not Working

TD Ameritrade Mobile App for iPhone

Always use the correct credentials for login into TD Ameritrade platform. Otherwise, the app might not work with the wrong TD Ameritrade account username and password. Assuming that you are entering the correct details and unable to login on TD Ameritrade app then retrieve your user ID and reset the password again.

Please Note: In most cases, if TD Ameritrade login isnt working, you might not be entering the right login details.

  • Open the TD Ameritrades login help page.

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    Is Td Ameritrade Right For You

    TD Ameritrade is a rare broker that covers all of the bases and does it very well. For a broker with no commission on stock, ETF and options trades, clients get an impressive list of services including portfolio-building guidance, hands-on investing courses, high-quality research, trading tools and a wide selection of no-transaction-fee mutual funds.

    Confused By Mobile Apps Find The Right One For You

    TD Ameritrade Mobile and TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader each offer advantages for different types of investors. Learn more about which might be the right choice.

    What do you like to trade?

    Answering that question can help you decide whether to choose TD Ameritrade Mobile or TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader.

    You already know you can use your mobile application for trading and managing your finances anywhere you go, whether its on the way to work, sitting at a coffee shop, or even on vacation. And youre probably aware that at TD Ameritrade, weve taken a number of steps to ensure security and privacy on our mobile platform apps.

    But what might seem confusing at first, though, is making the choice of which app to use. The answer largely depends on the markets you trade, the complexity of the trades you make, and the type of information youre seeking. Lets quickly go over what each platform offers and the advantages of both apps.

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    Solution 02 Check For New Update

    Sometimes a new update is required to run any app without error. So, at the time of any error with TD Ameritrade iOS / android App, check there is an update available for it. Updating the app on the new version might also fix the TD Ameritrade App working issue. For a new update, visit the Apple store or Google play store according to your own device build.

    Td Ameritrade Mobile Update Does Not Start

    How to Buy a Put Option on the TD Ameritrade Mobile App

    Whether you want to update TD Ameritrade Mobile or download it again. If one doesnt work, you probably have the same problems with the other thing and should look for the same solutions.

    We have therefore put together a few possible solutions so that you can download the TD Ameritrade Mobile app without any problems.

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    Mobile Opportunity Offers Independence

    As a former U.S. Marine Infantryman who struggles to be out in public and work a job that involves interacting with other people due to injuries during my service, it is encouraging to know I can attempt to work from home, trading. My training has instilled in me a desire and responsibility to be as independent as possible and be a productive and contributing member of a free capitalistic society. Due to my injuries I foresaw a future of dependence on a group of fellow Americans who were happy to compensate me based on my service, but my former training and instinct drives me to continue to grow and be productive in spite of my very limited contact with other people and many hours and days spent alone in my home managing symptoms that can frankly be very confusing and limiting. Your app allows me to quickly view the market, my watchlists, my account and enter and exit trades if Im away from my computer, and if I were to encounter a power or internet outage this app on a charged mobile device becomes an invaluable tool. The ability to use this app alongside TD Ameritrades Think or Swim trading platform adds to that reality of independence and empowerment that is so very valuable and necessary for me to continue to give back as best as I still am able. Thank you for this opportunity doing what you do and offering your service that includes this app makes a difference in my life these days.

    Td Ameritrade Vs Etrade Trading Tools Education Research & Analysis

    Both eTrade and TD Ameritrade offer top-rated research tools, trade ideas, data on asset fundamentals, and a wide range of educational resources to help build your trading knowledge.

    If you are new to online trading or just putting your trading strategy to the test then these two trading platforms will suit you. TD Ameritrade and eTrade provide trading ideas for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and more. These trading ideas come from third-party sources the likes of Thomas Reuters and Morningstar to name a few.

    eTrade and TD Ameritrade both provide fundamental analysis, predominantly on stocks. Traders can study financial statements for the last five years.


    TD Ameritrade has fully-developed charting tools. There are 400 technical indicators to use and the charts can be tweaked very easily. The sheer amount of technical indicators that this broker has on offer is unrivaled amongst competitors.

    In comparison, eTrade has satisfactory charting tools and the ability to make use of 30 technical indicators. The charts can be easily edited but lack in the number of technical indicators when compared to TD Ameritrade. Technical indicators are analytical signals yielded by the price, volume, and interest of either a contract or security used by investors who use technical analysis to forecast market movements.

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