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Sending Group Texts To Contacts Without Reply All


You’ll want to think about the people on the other end of your messages when you start sending group text messages.

A good group texting app for business makes it easy to send group texts without reply all. It works like email BCC, but for text messages.

When you compose a group text message the text gets sent to a bunch of people. But every response comes back to your number as an individual, private message. This way, no one else in the group sees anyone elseâs response.

Cyphr The Best Secret Texting App For Iphone

A native secret messaging app for iOS is an exemplar of security and high-quality messaging. Organizations of every size are becoming habitual of this utility as its UI is commendably strong and user-friendly.

The portal was introduced to combat severe issues like the take it or leave privacy approach, not giving customized security settings, a low-quality UI and UX, etc.

Key Features of CYPHR

-> Has encrypted and decrypted strings .

-> Allows you to decide the level of privacy.

-> Any user can access CYPHR a highly conscious user and a casual user.

-> Top secret messaging app for iPhone users.

Best Apps To Automate Text Messages

Texting people at odd hours is considered rude but waiting until morning and risk forgetting it, is even worse. We schedule our work emails all the time so why not do it with personal texts as well? Here are some of the best apps to automated text message on Android and iOS. These apps not only let you sent automated SMS or WhatsApp message at a specific time but also lets your auto response to text messages. So, what are we waiting for, lets check them out?

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Common Text Blast Faqs

Sending text blasts for marketing and mass communication has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Every day we’re finding new ways that people are using our service to connect with their audiences. While it’s become more mainstream, many still have questions. Here we answer some of the most common FAQs about sending SMS blasts.

The cost to send will vary based on the number of people on your list and how often you’ll be messaging them. Most text blast services will tier their pricing into separate plans based on messaging volume. You should be able to get started for less than $30 per month.

No, you cannot send text blasts with your iPhone specifically with the standard iMessage app. Sending text messages with your mobile device’s messaging app is meant for one to one communication. You can send group texts but those are very limited in the amount of people that can be reached. That limit is usually around 10 to 15 people. Additionally, people can see everyone else’s replies and is normally very annoying.

This is a grey area. The typical answer is no not unless they have explicitly opted into receiving text blasts from your business. Having a prior business relationship doesn’t constitute an opt in either. There are laws in place that protect consumers from unwanted / spam text messages so if you’re collecting phone numbers for future SMS blasts, make sure that your customers understand exactly what they are signing up for when they provide their number.

Q: Can I Build A Text Message Bot To Save Time

SMS Blast for Android

A: Why, yes yes you can!

Lets show you 5 simple steps to building an SMS bot without any knowledge of coding:

Step 1: Activate MobileMonkeys SMS tools.

Create a free MobileMonkey account. MobileMonkey automates SMS, web chat, and Facebook Messenger messages.

Log into MobileMonkey and go to SMS tools in the left-navigation.

Step 2: Import your contact list.

Next, well upload an existing list of phone numbers who have agreed to receive text message updates from your organization.

Navigate to the Leads tools in the left navigation.

Import contacts from a csv file by clicking the link.

Prepare your csv file.

Column headings should indicate the data type .

Use the drop-down selector to match the data to contact attributes after uploading the csv file.

When youre done matching the data to the contact attributes, click Done to upload the phone number list.

Step 3: Create a text message blast.

With your contact list uploaded, youre ready to create SMS bot content.

Go to Marketing Tools > Chat Blaster.

Name the blast something descriptive and create a new chat. As soon as you blast this SMS bot, youll be able to view performance metrics like open rate and response rate, so youll want to be able to identify it in the line-up. Read more about chatbot analytics here.

To send the chat blast, select SMS as the platform.

Select your audience.

Step 4: Integrate SMS and MMS content with content widgets.

You can add content to the SMS bot using the StartBot visual bot builder.

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Text Blocking Apps For Iphone

  • Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block

Mr. Number is the best text blocking app for iPhone users. Its key features include blacklist management, warnings for spam text messages and calls, call blocking based on location, and so on. The app allows you to look up the numbers calling you in its vast database. You can also find out the name of the caller.

Size: 54.5 MB

Requirements: iOS 11 or later

  • Truecaller

Truecaller is an outstanding text message blocking app that you can use to make calls or have a free group chat with your friends. Aside from the basic functions, this text blocker app allows you to check whether your contacts are on another call before contacting them. Truecaller also has a database where you can look up a phone number and the name of the caller. However, most of these awesome features dont come free.

Size: 193.1 MB

Requirements: iOS 11 or later

  • Hiya Caller ID and Block

Hiya is another feature-rich call and SMS blocker app, which identifies robocalls, telemarketers, debt collectors, and blocks them automatically. As opposed to the first two apps, Hiya sends call notifications with a spam warning. This text blocker has a reverse phone lookup option, which allows you to disclose unsaved numbers with their names.

Size: 85.7 MB

Requirements: iOS 11 or later

  • SMS Shield

Size: 13.7 MB

Requirements: iOS 11 or later

  • VeroSMS

Size: 15.9 MB

Requirements: iOS 11 or later

  • SMS Blocker for iPhone

Size: 21.8 MB

Requirements: iOS 11 or higher

    Size: 5.5 MB

    Sms Blasts For Event Reminders

    Event reminders and updates are key pieces of information that no one should miss. From keeping volunteers in the know to engaging participants, there’s no quicker way to get the word out. People read their text messages almost immediately. Using an SMS text blast service to broadcast a message into the hands of everyone will be your most effective method of communication.

    Event planners across the country are adopting SMS as their go-to strategy for engaging with the masses. With our intuitive and easy-to-use software, we make the entire process simpler than ever.

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    Auto Reply Auto Response To Text Messages

    As the name suggests this app lets you send pre-programmed text messages activated by a trigger. For example, I create a busy list and add 7 contacts in it. Those 7 contacts would receive a busy text whenever they contact me. The list also has other lists like sleeping, driving, meeting, class, etc and you can customize each list with your contacts.

    Not only you can set these rules to SMS but, you can change the settings of reply rules and create a customized automatic response. The app supports dual SIM configuration and you can set speed limits of SMS sending. The app is free to download and shows ads but you can remove the ads for $1.49. If youre a professional looking for a business level app this app would suit your needs for just $2

    Install Auto Reply

    Telegram One Of The Best Apps For Secret Texting

    SMS Pigeon – Group SMS

    It is one of the best in the league when it comes to highly secured secret texting apps. It connects people across the globe with its widespread group of data centers. Coming into the race in August 2013, the telegram is now serving over 400 million active users worldwide.

    Key Features of Telegram:

    -> File sharing .

    -> In-built Image and Video editing tools

    -> Message secrecy is taken care of by the combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption

    -> Secret messaging app for Android and iPhone both.

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    Text Large Groups Of People In A Single Click

    Upload a CSV file with names and numbers, or choose from your Apple Contacts. Click Send, walk away, and get notified when sending is done

    • Texts are private and sent individually, NOT to the whole group
    • iOS recipients receive iMessages and Android recipients receive SMSes
    • Import recipients from Mailchimp or other CRMs
    • NO per-text fee or message length limits!

    How To Grow Your Text Blast List

    Because of the potential for SMS marketing to be abused by spammers and hackers, you cannot simply purchase a list of cell phone numbers and upload it to the text marketing service. Sending a text blast from a computer – or from any device – is a permission-based activity and you have to build a text blaster contact list from scratch or from a database of customers that have already given you their permission to contact them.

    There are various tools you can use to build your customer database, but none are more effective than keywords and short codes. Keywords are the words you invite a potential customer to text to a short code number in order to take advantage of a promotion . When the potential customer texts the keyword to the short code number, they are added to your database and opted in to receive future text messages.

    Keywords and short code numbers are often included in a subscription package or can be rented from text blast software companies. These companies can also supply other marketing tools such as Click-to-Join widgets that you can place on your website or Facebook page. Click-to-Join widgets can be an effective way to attract online visitors, especially when visitors are promised they will be the first-to-know about forthcoming deals and promotions.

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    Team Size And Conversational Messaging Needs

    Depending on the size of your business, adding multiple users and being able to assign conversation owners might be important. Having multiple users and conversation assignments can even help you boost your customer engagement and improve customer service.

    So the best group texting apps for business will allow you to add multiple users and set various permission levels.

    Finding A Text Blast Service

    SMS Blast for Android

    There’s a lot of SMS blast services out there but they aren’t all equal. Make sure the one you choose is easy to use and offers some level of their service for free. This will allow you to try things out and ensure it works well for your needs. They should also have a wide array of features, especially if you’re sending SMS blasts for marketing. Chances are you’ll want to leverage some of the other tools their app has to offer.

    Make sure they have a good text blast app in the Apple or Google Play store so you can manage your messaging on the go.

    Growing your text list is important for anyone looking to reach the masses with SMS. The service you choose should offer multiple opt in methods like text to join and web forms for opt-in.

    Cellular compliance is also a big deal. Make sure your text blast service follows all of the best practices for handling opt outs, disallows the uploading of numbers without proving prior opt-in consent and keeps records of all messages in and out.

    What to Look For In a Text Blast Service…

    • Easy to use
    • Asks questions about subscriber consent

    Important Features

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    Best Android Texting Apps

    Lets face it, the holiday season means its a good time for you to be hunting down the best Android texting apps if you own a phone running Googles mobile OS. Its that time of the year when everyone from your kindergarten pal to the dude you meet at the supermarket expects to exchange the seasons greetings with you. Save the talk plans for your near and dear ones and drop your expensive texting plans for an app which will let you message the supermarket buddy for free, never mind that hes standing just an aisle away.

    1. textPlus:

    Landing with free app-to-app messaging anywhere across the globe, textPlus should allow you to send texts, MMS messages and even avail of group texting. But it doesnt limit itself between textPlus-powered phones since users can even deploy messages to 10-digit mobile numbers in the U.S. or Canada. Then theres a new feature which lets you find Facebook friends employing the service and send voice notes to contacts.

    Dont forget to ensure you have regular text notifications turned off in account settings. Because even though sending/receiving texts within the app is free, neglecting to deactivate the aforementioned means standard message rates will be applicable. The supported carriers cover AT& T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Nextel, Boost, Cincinnati Bell and several other operators. Check out the developer website for the full list of supported service providers.

    2. Pinger Textfree:

    3. Go SMS Pro:

    4. Handcent SMS:

    6. :

    Q: How Can I Grow My Sms Contact List

    A: You can grow your SMS contact list in a number of ways, including:

  • VIP status for SMS subscribers
  • Automatically collect phone numbers in Instagram
  • SMS-based contests and giveaways are popular
  • Use social media to promote SMS opt-in
  • Pop-ups on a website can be used to encourage SMS opt-ins
  • SMS subscribers can be converted from email subscribers
  • Using a Facebook chatbot to run Facebook ads with automatic SMS opt-in
  • Use signs, posters, business cards and other materials to promote SMS opt-in
  • Increase SMS subscribers by converting web chat leads
  • Send short and clear SMS messages
  • Categorize SMS audiences by interest
  • Adding a personal touch to conversations by jumping into them live
  • Track and optimize SMS campaign performance metrics
  • Pick an SMS marketing platform that is right for you
  • Read the full guide on how to grow your SMS subscriber list.

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    Q: What Are Some Best Practices For Text Message Blasting

    A: Best practices for text message blasting starts with user opt-in. A user has to opt-in to text messages, or subscribe, in an obvious way that puts the user in control of the situation.

    This can be done by providing a phone number on a web page, sending a text to a number, or entering a phone number during checkout.

    • Advertise and promote the texting program with fine print.

    Describe what being an SMS subscriber is: describe the type of updates, the frequency of texts, and a reminder that standard text messaging rates will apply.

    Link to your terms and conditions in ads and promos as well as link to your privacy policy also.

    • Make it easy for people to opt out.

    This means letting subscribers know that they can unsubscribe, and how exactly to do so.

    • Communicate valuable information.

    Make their lives better, brighten up their days a little, and offer them a deal with unicorn value in each SMS message you send.

    Giving your text marketing campaigns a lot of value and including clear call-to-action phrases in each piece will help you earn money.

    Text Blasts For Marketing


    Get all of your customers excited at once by sending a text message blast with a special offer they can’t refuse. If you need to drive sales, email sign ups, traffic or almost any other kind of action, SMS marketing is an excellent way to do it. You can inspire customers to engage using a compelling text message that gets the word out to everyone at once.

    Text messaging is quickly becoming one of the most popular vehicles for digital marketing today. With up to 98% open rates and redemption rates soaring over email, having a solid SMS marketing strategy in place is a must for any business.

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    Send A Mass Text Message With Textspot

  • Once you have added contacts to your group you can now send or schedule messages to your group. Go to Dashboard and select To Group under Send a Message then select your group name under the dropdown.
  • Select when to send your group message.
  • Thats it. Youve just scheduled or sent a mass text to a group.

    Use What You Already Know

    Because Porterhouse literally uses your own cell number to do the texting, replies show up in both your Mac and iPhones Messages App

    • Preserve existing chat history with customers or members
    • No need to reintroduce yourself
    • View and respond to replies right from your Messages App
    • No juggling multiple numbers – everythings in one place

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    Get A Dedicated Short Code

    • Our highly competitive short code pricing starts at $500/month
    • Get your short code 2 weeks faster than the industry standard
    • Select between a random or a vanity short code
    How much does it cost to send a text blast?
    What number do I use to send a text blast?
    Can I send text blasts with my phone?
    Is it possible to send text blasts to previous customers?
    Is sending text message blasts legal?
    How do you send a text message blast?
    Can I schedule text blasting campaigns?

    Top 14 Text Blockers On The Market

    SMS Blast APK Download

    Reaching out to people today is easier than ever due to the abundance of mobile phones. And while this may be an asset, it creates a solid ground for phishing crimes and spam messaging. Aside from bothering recipients, these kinds of messages can also steal important personal information from mobile devices.

    Thankfully, app developers created text blockers to ensure a secure mobile experience for users. A text blocker blacklists text messages and calls from unwanted senders.

    Youll find numerous text message blocking apps for iOS and Androids. Here are the best SMS blockers for both operating systems.

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