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Lots of people want to know how to record a phone call on their Android phone without people knowing that they are being recorded. Its an understandable desire, as there are many reasons you might want to record someone using the best recorders for Android without them being aware.

Butyou might also get yourself in a lot of trouble if you do so. The full details are here but basically, in the United States, at least one person has to be aware that the call is being recorded. Hmmm, well thats me! youd probably think. And thats true! In many states that satisfies the requirements. But the issue is that in some states it doesnt, because they require everyone involved in the call to be aware that the call is being recorded. And if you happen to be talking to someone in one of those states and you record the call? If that happens, you might end up committing a crime. Which obviously is not exactly good for business.

The best way around this is to use a call recorder for Android which respects your privacy, is made by a reputable company, and informs all callers that a call is being recorded through a simple automatic message.

Best Call Recorder Android Apps

One of the most underrated features of a smartphone is the ability to record voice calls. While some of the OEMs like OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Huawei make sure to include this feature on their build of Android, it is not available on stock Android. For me, call recording is a very important feature, as it helps me save important conversations that I might want to refer later. It also makes it easier for me to discuss my ideas with colleagues on calls, as I know that everything that we brainstormed is safely saved on my phone. If for these reasons or reasons of your own, you need to record calls on your Android device, there are some really good apps present on the Play Store which let you do just that.

Note: Since most of the apps on the list share an almost similar name, be sure to download the apps from the provided links only. Also, call recording is illegal in some countries, like the US, so remember to check your countrys status before you download and use any of these apps.

Best Call Recorder For Android

Are you want to record your phone call conversation on your Android phone while communicating with others? Most of the Android phones provide a built-in voice recording facility while some don’t. But there are several other options available to record your phone call. You can also use an external voice recorder. However, it is better to use an application that records voice directly from your phone.

First of all, let’s discuss whether it is legal to record a phone call conversation, especially when you don’t have permission from second person. There is no any distinct answer for it. It depends on the country’s law where you live. The country like US federal and other state allows you to record only your side of the call. However, some countries give permission to both persons to record their phone calls. Other countries have their own laws regarding this. To legally cover yourself, take permission before recording your phone call conversation.

You can record your call by using the latest call recording apps for Android phones.

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How We Rated The Best Android Call Recorder Apps

No doubt, there is a whirlpool of apps out there claiming themselves the best Android call recording app but finding a 100% guaranteed and safest among all of them becomes a real hectic.So, before proceeding toward the topic, you must have knowledge of what criteria we used to evaluate the different applications and on which basis we declared the best call recording apps.

  • Ease of Use: Ease of use might be the first preference of everyone before getting a phone call recorder app. There are many useful apps with amazing features hence come up with a compact layout and require technical skills to run. This kind of application won’t be our choice. So, we kept this feature in mind before testing and evaluating all the apps that we mentioned below.

  • Price: Price is another perspective that significantly impacts on the usage of any application. People always want all in one at reasonable costs. So, an efficient and top call recording app must also have an attractive price so that people don’t hesitate before buying it.

  • Audio Quality: Audio quality is another flank that can’t be missed. The saved audio should be of good quality otherwise it will not work properly.

  • Security: To prevent the content of our call, containing a lot of sensitive information, from being leaked and misused by people with malicious intentions, security measures will be an important factor in evaluating best call recorder for Android.

Forus Cell Phone Call Recording Device

Automatic Call Recorder para Android

The Forus FSV-U2 call recorder supports both iPhones and Android smartphones. With a 3.2-ounce weight, the ESONIC call recorder has a 4GB built-in memory. This cell phone recording device can record a 144-hour long call log, by default format in MP3. The FSV-U2 product is designed in all its simplicity to fit along with all sorts of the phone. This cell phone recorder can work with a voice-activation mode.

The Forus call recorder is a multi-purpose product that can record calls, sessions, and lectures. With instant play mode when plugged into a computer you can play recorded files from the device easily. There is no software required to transfer media with this Cell Phone Call Recorder.

Support Phones: Android and iPhone | Connection: USB | Record Capacity: 144 hours | Battery Life: 20 hours | Buy from

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How To Record Android With Google Voice

Step 1Sign into your Google Voice account online.

Step 2Choose Settings from the three-dot More menu.

Step 3Enable Incoming Call Options under the section.

Step 4Make a phone call on your Android as usual. Tap 4 on the keypad.

Step 5Press 4 again to stop recording a call on Android.


  • Your Android phone recording will be saved to the Inbox automatically. If you want to access it in the Google Voice app, you can head to Menu and choose Recorded.
  • The moment you record an Android call with Google Voice, both two sides can hear the message saying that the recording is underway. So you cannot record phone calls secretly here.
  • Here Are The 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android

    Revs recorder app is a simple but full-featured audio recording, dictation, and transcription app.

    What we like about it

    • Syncs with cloud services
    • Continues recording even in sleep mode

    Whats lacking

    • External storage to cloud account

    Revs app is built according to user feedback so you can expect really nice features. Whats more, we guarantee that itll always be free. Should you need immediate 99% accurate transcription, you can send your recording to us and pay only $1.25/audio minute.

    Price: Free

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    Search Address By Cell Phone Number For Free Best Android Anti Spyware 2015

    Best android app for tracking iphone. 9 Hoverwatch., best android app for tracking iphone. If you are wondering how to monitor your Android phone, we would introduce Hoverwatch to do the talking. It records SMS, audio, call history, locations, audio, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, contacts, calendars, internet activities etc. Price: $ 99.95 , $ 199.95 and $ 499.95 10. Flexispy.

    Iphone tracking apple NEXSPY is the best SMS spy app to read the data of the target phone without physical access to it Through the control panel, you can monitor every activity such as messages, calls, photos, etc. You can also block any app if you find it suspicious. It has many features. Some of them are:, best android app for tracking iphone.

    Best android app for tracking iphone. Spyier doesnt ask you to root the target Android phone in order to work This is unlike most Android spy apps that you will find where rooting the target phone is the first step., best android call recorder no ads.

    Line monitoring for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2SMS spy for iPhone 7Skype monitoring for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2GPS location tracking for iPhone XRParents monitor for social media for OnePlus 8 Pro

    Voice Recorder By Splend Apps

    Best Call Recording Apps For Android Phone

    Price: Free / $1.99

    Voice Recorder by Splend Apps is yet another voice recorder with call recording functionality. Most of its features are for voice recording so the call recording stuff is a bit light. Some of the features include variable bitrate settings, background recording, and, of course, call recording. Its a cheap and effective voice recorder and not a bad way to go if you want to kill two birds with one stone. This one is also available on Google Play Pass if you use that.

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    How Long Can You Record On The Voice Recorder App

    The app you use can determine the length of time you can capture and how quickly you are able to sync or process more audio files. Indigenous apps like Voice Recorder and Voice Memo are reported by several customers since quitting after Thirty Minutes or having issues in processing the recorded files that were one hour long.

    Best Call Recorder Apps For Android In 2021

    Check out the best apps to record calls on Android!

    Lets admit, call recording on smartphones is the most underrated feature. Lots of people like to keep phone calls recorded for personal and security reasons. To record phone calls, smartphone manufacturers like OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. already offer the call recording feature on their smartphones.

    However, the call recording option is not available on every Android smartphone. So, if your smartphone doesnt have a call recorder, and if call recording is essential for you, then you need to install third-party apps. There are tons of Android call recording apps available on the Google Play Store which can help you to record calls.

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    Radrecorder Digital Voice Recorders And Landline Call Recorder

    This landline call recorder built with a high capacity rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery offers 20 hours of recording hours. This metal body packed Digital call Recorder is offering 50 Years of Warranty.

    The 8GB internal memory is providing 550 hours of recording for incoming and outgoing calls. The audio quality can set on the device with three options of 384KBPS , 192KBPS , and 192KBPS .

    Support Phones: Landline Phone Recorder | Connection: USB, Bluetooth | Record Capacity: 550 hours | Battery Life: 20 hours | Buy from

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    The Best Apps To Record Phone Calls

    10 Best Call Recorder Apps For Android

    The Rev Call Recorder is available in the iPhone and Android app stores. Revs app simplifies the process of recording incoming and outgoing phone calls on your smartphone. You can make limitless recordings of incoming and outgoing calls at no cost. The Rev Call Recorder is free with no in-app purchases and no ads.

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    How To Record Calls On Samsung Galaxy S21

    However, a majority of Android smartphones offer a native call recording feature. In other words, you dont need to depend on third-party apps or services for the call recording. This article will explain how you can record calls on Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Call recording is subject to local laws.

    All Call Recorder Best App For Call Recording

    It is the best app for automatic call recording. This app has a simple interface. You can use this app without cluttering applications. It is a freeware app, and you do not have to pay for its extra features. The features of this app include the following.

    • You can record all incoming and outgoing calls
    • can save the recorded call in 3gp
    • The recorded calls can be sent by email, cloud storage, Bluetooth, or Whatsapp.
    • You can send or delete the calls by long-pressing the context menu.

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    Best Call Recorder Apps

    Imagine this: You get an incoming call from a customer whos ready to buy. They provide their billing information to seal the deal, and you manually put their credit card on file. But when you go to run the charge later, you get an error. You entered an invalid number. While you dont want to lose revenue, you dont want to create a poor customer experience by calling back either. The best call recorder apps can offer a third option: Simply listening to your call again.

    This is just one of the many ways that call recorder apps can help you out and allow you to breathe a sigh of relief when you run into roadblocks. But with popular phone apps like and Grasshopper disallowing recorded calls for business use, how exactly do you find apps that let you record phone calls, much less good ones?

    Well dive into how you can use call recorder apps , then list out five of the best call recording apps for businesses.

    Best Android Call Recorder No Ads

    Best call recorder app for Android 11.â¡ï¸?â¡ï¸?â¡ï¸?

    Popular apps for phones:

    Cell phone location tracker for iPad Air 3iMessage monitoring for iPhone 5sSMS spy for iPhone XSMS spy for iPhone 11 Pro MaxViber monitoring for Motorola Moto XSkype monitoring for iPad 7Kids monitoring for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2Kids monitoring for iPhone 8Line monitoring for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2Text messages, MMS monitoring for iPad 6

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    Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android In 2021

    Have an iPhone? Check out our favorite voice recorder apps for iPhone.

    Computer-based voice recorders are awesome. However, in a lot of ways, they can be very limiting. For instance, you cant take one outdoors and continue recording while hiking with the influencer youre featuring on your website.

    Portable recorders , however, make voice recordings completely limitless. As a matter of fact, a lot of people these days are using them to increase productivity, get the work done, and save a great deal of time.

    Voice recording is just one of the many conveniences an Android phone has. While it may not gift you with studio-quality audio despite still producing exceptional quality recordings it does reward you with the ability to record sounds, no matter the time and place.

    Do you need to record your voice now? Check out our online voice recorder that you can use straight from your browser.

    There is a myriad of voice recording apps for Android. Some are basic, while others offer full features of a digital audio workstation . In this guide, were going to look at 10 of the best recorder apps for Android.

    Best Call Recorder Apps For Android Phone In 2022

    Having a call recording app on your Android phone can serve many purposes, jotting down point if the call was important and you dont have a pen and paper handy while on the call, it may concern some legal issues or maybe a meeting. Recording such calls with the best call recorder for Android is the best option when such situations arise.

    Lets look have the best call recording apps for Android:

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    What Is The Best Call Recording App For Android

    An app that your Android phone already comes with is Google Voice. is a virtual phone number that you can access with your Google account. It allows you to make calls via their app. When youre in a Voice call, you can press 4 which starts the recording . This is useful, but its frustrating because you have to do it through the Google Voice app and press buttons before every single conversation you want recorded. While Google Voice is an app that works for individual purposes , its not worth the trouble for business since the call recording process isnt automatic.

    All Call Recorder Lite 2019

    Top 10 Best Call Recorder For Android

    All Call Recorder Lite 2022 is a call recorder for your android device. It’s one of the simpler apps on the list and only packs the basic functions. The app records incoming and outgoing calls and has a built-in audio player that you can use to play your recordings. Extra features like search and sort, cloud storage support, and moving files to SD card are not supported. If you are looking for a slim and light app to record your phone calls, I highly recommend it.

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    Openphone: The Best Call Recorder App

    Most leading call recorder apps are only available on either iOS or Android and rarely are seamlessly compatible with desktop and web apps. But OpenPhone allows you to take advantage of high-quality call recording no matter what device youre on and whether youre calling someone or answering the phone. Its also equipped with an auto-record feature that allows for hands-free recording.

    Since OpenPhone allows you to share phone numbers with members of your team, youll also be able to share recordings with ease to take full advantage of all the benefits of call recording.

    For small businesses, OpenPhone is an affordable solution, too. Reliable call recording is included in every plan and you can try it out today with a seven-day free trial.

    Recording Calls With An External Recorder

    The last method to record a phone conversation can be overcomplicated and expensive. Rather than using an app, you can buy a separate phone recorder some plug it into your phones 3.5mm headphone jack, but most use Bluetooth to connect to your phone. There are also call-recording headsets that connect via Bluetooth, like the Waytronic Mobile Call Recording Headset, which will set you back $49 on Amazon.Wed also recommend the RecorderGear PR200. This recorder is easy to use, connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and has a built-in speaker, so you can listen to recorded calls directly from the device. Its available for $109 from Amazon. True, its more expensive than the apps we mentioned earlier, but overall, you are spending money for a more user-friendly and consistently more dependable option great if you regularly record calls. At the end of the day, go for the method that matches up with the quality level youre seeking from your phone recordings and the amount of money youre OK with spending to acquire those results.

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