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Why The Busybusy Mobile Time Clock App Presents A Better Way Of Tracking Time For Construction Crews

Timesheet App with Shift Editing and Manager Approvals

busybusy has created a better way for the construction industry to track employee hours by making a mobile timesheet app. Learn how having access to real-time, accurate data can transform the way you do business.

The busybusy solution solves your most common challenges by providing the following:

A focus on reliable data. When employees clock in on the busybusy app, theres no more wondering about data accuracy. Those forgetful few can be reminded by a GPS-based alert that tells workers when to clock in or out. Supervisors for smaller mobile crews can clock the entire crew in or out at once. Clocking in via the app also means a solution for cutting out time clock paddingsaving companies huge dollar amounts each year. And better information also helps your employees advance at work. With concrete data, they can offer proof of productivity as evidence that its time for a pay raise.

A practical way to bring desk work into the field. Time and location data gathered by the automated busybusy app is instantly visible to your crews. Analyze data, track a projects status, and even run certain reports right there from your mobile device. Turn your Android or iOS device into a data solution when you run employee reports or rapidly send verified information off to payroll.

How Buddy Punch Helps You Run Payroll

When you use Buddy Punch to track your employees time, payroll becomes effortless. To avoid wasting time and money on the frustrations and inherent inaccuracies of manually running payroll, we offer the following easy-to-use features:

To make your payroll processing as easy and time-efficient as possible, Buddy Punch integrates with the top payroll accounting softwares in the market:

  • QuickBooks
  • WorkDay
  • PayPlus

Pairing Buddy Punch with any of these providers allows you to export a payroll summary and automatically populate your employee hours and PTO by importing the summary into your chosen accounting or payroll software. For more information tailored specifically to each software, you can go here.

Alternatively, if you lean more on the tech-savvy side, we also offer a Zapier integration, which will allow you to connect Buddy Punch to more than 2,000 applications!

Reports & Payroll Export

With Buddy Punch, theres no need to manually review and verify timesheets when its time to pay your staff. Even if we dont integrate with your chosen payroll software, with just a few clicks, Buddy Punch calculates everything you need to run payroll in the form of a payroll report which can be downloaded as an Excel file.

PTO Summary & Accruals

This feature allows you to calculate your employees PTO, on a per-employee basis, and easily export a report with all this information for you to review.

Project Tracking

Estimate Paycheck Bonuses & Deductions


Work Log is our runner-up for from timecard apps that track expenses because you don’t need to wait for your paycheck to learn what your payment is going to be! By simply logging the hours you’ve worked, your bonuses and deductions are automatically calculated for a quick estimate of your next paycheck. This is a great choice if you want an accurate paycheck estimate to plan your expenses ahead of time!

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How Buddy Punch Keeps Your Team Accountable

One of the biggest impediments to team management is a lack of accountability for your employees. This leads to wasted time and money due to inaccurate timesheets.

To prevent employees from being dishonest about when they punch in and out of work, Buddy Punch offers the following features:


Our Geofencing feature allows you to decide on a radius around a physical location to limit where your employees can clock in and out of work. Additionally, you can assign your employees multiple areas, each with a unique job code. This is especially useful for businesses where your staff might alternate between different locations on a given week.

GPS Tracking

Buddy Punch allows you to automatically record when and where your employees punch in and out. You can then use these records to generate reports and look at your teams entire activity in one place. This is particularly useful when your employees are out in the field or working multiple locations on a single day.

IP Address Locking

IP Address Locking also allows you to limit where your employees punch in and out of work. You can set up a specific IP Address , and your employees will only be able to clock in when the device theyre using is connected to that network. This makes sure that no employee punches in from the parking lot and then leaves, for example.

Webcam Photo

Cons Of Using A Timesheet App

Timesheet Calculator App or 11 Best Time Tracking Apps for ...
  • You can measure how long it takes to complete a task on the App, but that doesnt tell you everything about how a task was completed.
  • Employees may become paranoid and deem the monitoring excessive.
  • Not all the available timesheets Apps are flawless.
  • Employees usually have the option of manually entering their time manually, this may lead to manipulation

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  • Is A Free Timesheet Calculator Good Enough

    The pricing and complexity of a time tracking platform depend on your business needs. If you want a simple program that will allow you to just track time, there are many free options that do the job just fine. However, if you are looking for high-quality reports and more diverse tracking options, as well as customizability, you may need to look into a paid system.

    Fortunately, many paid platforms offer free trials or even a free version of their program for small teams .

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    Expense Tracking And Estimation

    Timesheet calculators automatically calculate the price of a working hour. This price is comprised out of two factors direct costs and overhead expenses (related to the office space lease, supplies, different utility bills, etc. Once you have this cost, the platform will allocate the costs to different clients automatically through the logged data.

    To put it differently you can use a time clock calculator as a powerful tool for cost management. If you use this option, you will make cost calculation much simpler, and be able to dedicate your time to other pressing matters. Or, simply put you will raise the overall productivity of your organization.

    Best Free Age Calculator App For Android

    Timesheet Tutorial – android work time tracking

    Here is a list of the best free age calculator app for Android. An age calculate can help you determine the age of humans, objects, or anything. You can simply enter the date of origin along with the date at which you want to calculate the age. Such apps instantly tell you the exact age within seconds. You no longer have to calculate the age yourself.

    In this post, Im covering 6 free apps that you can use to find the age. All these apps are present on the Play Store from where you can install them on your Android device. All these apps tell you the age in years-months-days. These apps also show the time remaining on the next birthday. This way, you will know when you have to wish someone. Along with that, you also get a breakdown of the age in years, age in months, age in weeks, age in days, age in hours, age in minutes, and age in seconds. You can go through the article to check out these apps and then pick the one that you like.

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    How To Calculate Overtime In California

    First, confirm with your employer that they follow these same overtime rules.

    The general summary of the overtime law in California can be found on their website under Overtime FAQ’s from California Department of Industrial Relations.

    In summary of our time card calculations we calculate this overtime as follows:


    You can enter your regular pay rate, also known as straight time pay, into the calculator. Overtime rate is calculated as one and one-half times your regular rate of pay, also called time and a half, and, double time rate is two times your regular rate of pay.

    Hour & Limits

    Time Card Calculator .net calculates

    • Overtime for hours worked after 8 hours per day and up to and including 12 hours per day, and
    • Double time for hours worked after 12 hours per day, and
    • Overtime for hours worked after 40 straight time hours per week, and
    • Applying 7th day rules, on the seventh consecutive day of work in a single work week, we calculate
    • Overtime for the first 8 hours worked, and
    • Double time for any additional hours more than 8 on the 7th day.

    Set overtime choice under Settings.

    Gleeo Time Tracker Timesheet

    Gleeo Time Tracker is very easy to use and smart thats why its no. 1 on this list of best time tracking apps for Android on the market. It lets you track your time and make your timesheet easily. Its totally ad-free, a simple project and task based time recording tool that allows efficient and exact time recording or time tracking.

    The user interface is optimized for devices with Touch-Screen and differs in a considerable manner from conventional PC programs. Just jump with a single touch from one project to another and track time with minimal effort. As well as, access the on-the-fly statistics and keep your recording times at a glance. Overall, its a fantastic time tracker time sheet app with no excuse!

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    How We Choose The Best Apps

    • Broad Search

      Our unique algorithm scoured the App Store and Google Play Store by searchingemployee time clock, employee time sheet app, employee time tracking and 12 other keywords. From there, we retrieved a total of 2,317 unique apps as potential candidates.

    • Additional Review by Editorial Team

      Finally, our editorial team checks all apps in ourbest 10 list one by one to make sure these apps are of the highest quality.

    • Filter only high-quality apps

      We then selected the highest quality apps fromthe 2,317 apps listed. We compared the number of stars,downloads, and reviews along with the velocity of these apps to create a list of the Best Timecard Apps for both Android & iOS.

    If you are interested in learning more about our process, find out here.

    Timesheet Calculators And Security

    25 Best Timesheet Calculator Apps in 2021 + Free templates

    Time tracking platforms get access to a lot of crucial information about a business. The platforms may ask users for personal information, but if you want to get all the benefits, you will have to trust it with large quantities of business information. That is why security is a big concern when it comes to choosing a platform youll use.

    Time Analytics understands the importance of data safety. We have invested a lot of time and effort into making sure all our users are completely safe, and their data is only used for the purposes of time tracking and generating reports. You can find out more details on our Privacy Policy page.

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    Hours Tracker: Keep Work Log Workday Timesheet

    This app will allow you to track your work time. It is suitable for self-employed. You can calculate your invoice, earnings and free time. This app automatically calculates free time every day.

    You will save time avoiding routine work. You can stay organized and productive. Enter check-in and out time. The app itself will do all the calculations. You can get daily, weekly, monthly or annual statistics.

    You will find out what period of the day is the busiest. Try a time calculator that calculates your salary.

    You can add a widget to the home screen. You will need one glance to find out how long you work. You can use this app in 3 ways. This is an automatic mode, manual mode, and start and end mode.

    The app has been downloaded over 50 thousand times. It weighs only 3.4MB. This hours tracker is suitable for freelancers, business owners and self-employed.

    Optional Remote Employee Monitoring

    Remote Track is one the key features of Apploye Time Tracker which offers you the most advanced solution for tracking remote workers & work from home employees. Apploye time tracking app takes a screenshot every 10 minutes at random, which you can see as an owner or as an employee.

    You will be able to see the ratio between activity and non-activity hours in percentage terms as employees’ productivity. You can filter to see specific logged times for one particular project, task, or member.

    Apps and URL tracking are two of the most intuitive features of Apploye Remote track as they record time spent on the visited websites and used apps.

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    What Do Customers Say About Desktime

    With 135 reviews on Capterra , customers find Desktime particularly helpful when dealing with team monitoring.

    Paymo is our sixth pick for best time-tracking app in 2021. Their features include:

    • Time tracking: With Paymo you can register, monitor and analyze all time spent at work.
    • Kanban Board: With Paymos Kanban Board, you can easily visualize how tasks move throughout projects.
    • Team Collaboration: Paymo allows you to collaborate with teams across different locations and time-zones, and keep track of the time spent on each project at all times.
    • Gantt Chart: Paymos Gantt Chart functionally helps you plan projects and tasks on a timeline so you can hit deadlines reliably.
    • Invoicing & Estimates: With Paymo, you can create invoices, manage expenses and automate payments, all from one simple platform.

    Forget About Excel And Paper Timesheets

    Atto · Timesheet app for teams

    Using paper timesheets or Excel spreads have been a time tracking method for many businesses. However, they have proven to be less than perfect when it comes to reliability. That is why many companies started looking for a more convenient solution. That is why the work hour calculator app market has grown as much as it has.

    Most timesheet calculator platforms offer a variety of additional options besides simple time tracking. Here are some other benefits:

    • Tracking time per client, task, and project
    • Calculating different metrics that indicate how your business is doing
    • Helping create detailed invoices and payroll slips
    • Increasing productivity

    The efficiency of timesheet calculators is another important characteristic of these platforms. It comes from the ability for users to fill their timesheets in only a couple of minutes at the end of their day. You may think this quickness wont allow for a great deal of information, but the opposite is true.

    The data employees enter into their timesheets is enough to generate reports on all important aspects of a business. It is also used to allocate time and expenses per task, client, project, etc.

    If you are afraid that your employees wont remember to complete their timesheets in time, most systems also offer the option of sending weekly reminders for forgetful users.

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    California Overtime Law Calculations

    Set your calculator overtime choice under Settings.

    The US government Department of Labor overtime law of after “40 hours per week” applies to many states. See Fact Sheet #23: Overtime Pay Requirements of the FLSA. Some states however, such as California, have their own overtime laws see other state labor offices.

    The time card calculations allow you to choose overtime rates according to United States Federal overtime law or California laws. Overtime for Canada can be done by choosing Calculate OT : Standard and setting to 44 hours per week and a rate of 1.5 x regular pay “time and a half.”

    Your Work Is On Site So Why Are You Tied To A Desk

    Ever stop and wonder the amount of time thats spent moving employee time data between the job site and the office? Then once that information is in the office, what kind of time it takes to verify and organize data? These manual processes, and their disconnect from the field, do more than waste your time with unnecessary travelthey leave the door open for forgotten paperwork, human error and missed opportunities to provide impactful management on the job site. Investing in the right software means construction daily reports, time cards, e-signatures, documented progress and more can all be kept in the same place.

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    How Much Does Time Spent On Each Project Vary

    The answer to this question should form the basis for the next jobs cost calculations. Manually collecting error-riddled time data makes it difficult to get a true handle on project costs. By using a mobile construction time clock app, you can more accurately track time spent on the job between your employees in order to improve job costing and make more accurate bids in the future.

    How Do Users Track Their Time With Apploye Hours Tracker

    Timesheet App for android and iPhone  Tangseshihtzu.se

    Apploye hours tracker, being one of the most intelligent and intuitive solutions in the time tracking industry offers you features that should suffice your requirement of tracking the performance of the employees.

    Following are the ways Apploye hours tracker can track users time:

    • Timer – Automatic & Manual: Track your work hours with the Apploye, which has simple “start” and “stop” buttons, or manually enter your time when necessary.
    • Timesheets – customized views: In the Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, and Custom RangeTimesheet calculatorviews, you can see your employees’ recorded time at a glimpse.
    • Clock-In, Clock-out: Clocking in and out is as simple as “one-click” on the desktop and mobile applications.
    • Time entry notes: When you manually enter your time, your employees have to put a note that would show the rationale behind the entry.
    • Pomodoro Timer: To increase your efficiency, use the “Pomodoro” method.
    • Time Off: Apploye Time Tracker allows you to manage your leaves and time off, as well as view an interactive annual report.
    • Track time on projects & tasks: To keep track of your work efficiently, track time on particular projects and tasks.
    • Billable and non-billable hours: When you invoice your client, you can include or remove particular projects from the billable amount computation.
    • Idle time: To increase productivity, erase inactive time from your timesheet.
    • Timesheet export: Export the timesheet report in Excel or PDF format for extensive analysis.

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