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Chess: Really Bad Chess

Top 15 Best OFFLINE Games for Android & iOS 2021 | Top 10 Offline Games for Android 2021 #5

Forget about the classic version of chess you’re used to. When you’re offline, fire up Really Bad Chess and challenge yourself to think differently.

In this game, while the chess board remains standard, the pieces are completely random. You might start with three queens and a single pawn, while the computer could have a series of six rooks. It makes you discard everything you know about chess, and think out of the box.

As you raise your ranking, the AI’s level stays the same, but it gets better pieces to start. This might be my favorite non-chess chess game ever.

Really Bad Chess for Android

Board Game : Sea Battle 2

Remember the good old game of Battleship? You and your opponent plot your ships on a grid map and shoot missiles at coordinates, trying to sink them all. This digital recreation, Sea Battle 2, is as much fun as the original.

Offline, you can play against the AI and keep getting better. But you can also play this game in multiplayer over Bluetooth. That’s right this is the only game on the list to allow two-player without needing an internet connection. In fact, two people can play it over a single phone, taking turns. So even if your co-passenger doesn’t have it installed, you two can have a good time on the flight.

Smartphones let you play other board games, but nothing comes close to Sea Battle 2.

Sea Battle 2 for Android

Blackmoor : Action Platformer

Another hack-and-slash platformer made for an audience that mostly plays games offline, Blackmoor 2: Action Platformer was released in 2018 by Four Fats Limited. The game is a fast-paced side-scroller, with plenty of action and tons of content for you to blaze through. The prime enemy is the boss at the end of each level, but getting there means having to slay hordes of enemies of various sorts, dodging things, jumping over obstacles, etc. Killing enemies also provides you with loot, a standard hack-and-slash element and the loot in Blackmoor 2 is worth collecting. Along with this, progressing through the game means learning new moves and offensive skills that will be immensely helpful against stronger enemies and bosses. You also have many options when it comes to choosing your hero since you not only have the warrior, the default hero given to you by the game, but also Bolo, Gax, and Clementine, all different characters with different abilities and skillsets.

With over one million downloads, Blackmoor 2: The Traitor King is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

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Sky: Children Of The Light

Sky: Children of the Light is an Award-winning Adventure game published by that game company. It is available on Android, IOS, and iPad.

It is a multiplayer game released on 7th April 2020. This game has new adventure heartfelt stories with new characters.

This best offline android game is best known for its unique musical experience.

The Best Android Games You Can Play Offline

Top 10 offline games for android and ios

Even in our increasingly connected world, you may find yourself without Wi-Fi or data access throughout your day-to-day life. What better way to pass the time than to play a mobile game? Many of the most popular mobile games require an internet connection. Trying to open your favorite game while on a plane only to realize it wont work can be a drag. To help you avoid that unfortunate dilemma, we compiled a list of the best offline games for Android that dont require Wi-Fi or data access to enjoy.

You may also want to check out our picks of the best Android games, some of which do require internet access.

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Mekorama: Monument Valley For Robot Friends

If you’ve ever played Monument Valley, you’ll also find pure joy in Mekorama for both Android and iOS. In this offline game, you control a small nameless robot by navigating it through carefully crafted 3D worlds. Using the “tap-to-move” mechanism, you indicate the direction in which the little robot should wander.

The difficulty of this game lies in the towers on which the robot moves – these are 3D towers. In higher levels, you will have to turn a lot and consider both elevators and tunnels along the way to ensure your little robot arrives at its destination safely. To make matters more challenging, the robot can also fall off – in which case you’ll have to start the level all over again.

The nice thing about Mekorama is that you not only have 50 levels to indulge in, but you can also create your own levels. Self-created worlds can then be shared with your friends around the world via QR code. But even the existing 50 levels are challenging enough for most. If you have VR glasses, you can even play Mekorama as a VR version, but this version will set you back by $3.99.

  • In-App Purchases: Yes.

Road Rampage: Racing & Shooting To Revenge

Compatibility: Android 4.4 and up

Cost: Free

Installs: 1,000,000+

Ratings: 4.5/5

Anyone who wants to become the ultimate champion of intergalactic racing events should install this free car racing game of OneSoft. Whats great about this Android game is that its completely free and offers much more than just a few race tracks.

The game has its own garage where players can unlock new cars and upgrade their artilleries, wheels, engines, and armor to make your vehicles immune to shooting and collisions.

So, people who are obsessed with thrilling combat racing games, Road Rampage is highly recommended!

Notable Features

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Best Offline Android Games No Internet Required

Smartphones are a big part of our day-to-day living essential in both our work and personal lives. But aside from that, it is also a huge part of our entertainment, especially when theres an internet connection available. You can access just about any social media app and connect with friends all over the globeor play just about every game online!

But in this increasingly connected world, you will be shocked to find some places that are still beyond the reach of the internet gods! So, what if theres no internet? Let these best offline Android games entertain you.

May it be on a long commute, in the middle of a boring wait, or just killing time rest assured time will pass quickly!

In this article, we have listed the best offline Android games from all categories that you can easily get caught up in if you find yourself without an internet connection. Lets get right into it!

Best Offline Arcade Games For Ios And Android

Top 10 Best OFFLINE Games For Android 2021 | 10 Free High Graphics Games For Android

It is safe to say that as a genre, arcade has found its home on the mobile platform better than it has on PC, or consoles. Arcades are all about fun on the go, and that is exactly what smartphones are about, isnt it?

There are some amazing arcade games available on the mobile platform, regardless of operating system, you are talking about. I am listing all the best no wifi games for Android as well as iOS in the list below.

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Best Offline Android Games To Play In 2020

Playing PUBG Mobile can be a challenging task when youre traveling, so download these best offline Android games on the go instead. These free games are amazing to play and best of all dont require any type of internet connection.

Pro Tip: Turn your internet off manually when you play these offline games on your Android smartphone. This will prevent any unnecessary ads from popping up in the middle of your gameplay.

Dead Rain : Tree Virus

Watch Gameplay

In this game, a tree grows in your body. In this dystopian world, you have to fight hard to survive. Easy to play offline on your mobile, this game will ensure you dont have a boring moment. It is full of combats and manipulation.

There are numerous levels which test different skills. You have to fight with zombies and bosses as well as explore hidden elements in each stage. The graphics are superb and keep your attention engaged in the game.

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Odd World: Strangers Wrath

Odd World is another famous and exciting open-world action game on our list. The game features the adventures of a Stranger, who is a brave and courageous bounty hunter. During the course of the game, Stranger tracks and incarcerates outlaws in order to receive bounties. The main aim of the game is to ultimately earn enough moolah in order to pay for a mysterious life-saving operation in the game which will be the final destination of the player. In the game, there are two status bars for players including health and stamina.

The most captivating feature of the game is the live ammunition system, which is ammunition composed of living animals like fictional insects and small mammals, each with distinct uses and effects against opponents. The game is re-released as a sequel of the Oddboxx, a series that encompasses all the Oddworld games released.

Brain It On Physics Puzzles

Top 10 offline games for android

The good thing about playing games on a smartphone is that most games are well suited for puzzle maniacs. Brain It On! Physics Puzzles is just the game for you combining both physics, and puzzles, this free to play game can challenge even the smartest minds out there.

Although the game will ask you to build simple structures, and the structures will look simple for the most part, you do need to know that physics is something that is definitely going to play a part in how your structures stand.

Make one move that does not bode well with the laws of physics, and your structures will come crumbling down. The game is challenging, but extremely fun to play. Theres no reason why this shouldnt be considered among the top offline games for iOS or Android.

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All The Other Apps You Can Take Offline

There are a number of other games like Truck Simulator, R.I.P, Dragon Hills 2 and many more that you can take offline and enjoy. I have tried to include not just simple arcade games but also adventure and RPG games on this list so you can have a healthy variety of titles when you go offline during a trip.

Also, check out our collection of the best fighting games and best racing games on Android. If I have missed any new offline games for Android then do let me know in the comments and Ill update the list as soon as possible.

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Yetnesh Dubey

Into The Dead : Zombie Survival

Into the Dead is the best offline shooting game for Zombie movies and game lovers.Unlike regular FPS games, it provides an array of FPS elements.

The game is built to offer a world of zombies in which the player has to protect itself from being attacked.

The player has to face numerous challenges and missions during the game and can access powerful weapons to win the fight. Earn bonus points, run and hunt down as many zombies as you can.

The game offers:

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Top 18 Best Offline Android Games Of 2021

Looking for the best offline android games but doesnt know where to look for them? or maybe there are too many android games out there and doesnt know what to choose? looking at all the android games available and trying all of those might not be worth your precious time, and in order to save your time, I already did the work for you Im a gamer and game reviewer and its my job to find and review some games that are worth to try.

So sit back, relax, and have some sip of Coffee, Tea, or whatever since we will now start our list of the best offline game to play at this very moment.

Best Offline Strategy Games On Android

Top 15 Best OFFLINE Games for Android & iOS 2021 | Top 10 Offline Games for Android 2021 #7

Plague Inc by Miniclip SA

As one of the most well-known mobile games, Plague Inc. is definitely worth playing. Its inexpensive, endlessly replayable, and reasonably educationalits creator was invited to the CDC in 2013 to talk about using games as an education tool. Plague Inc. tasks you with designing and evolving a disease in an attempt to wipe out humanity.

XCOM: Enemy Within by 2K, Inc./Take-Two Interactive

Another popular PC game ported to mobile is XCOM: Enemy Within. Take charge of XCOM, the Earths last line of defense against an invasion. You respond to UFO sightings and alien attacks, research materials acquired from enemies, and command and upgrade a squad of soldiers as they face ever-growing threats. The gameplay is addictive and intuitive, remaining hard enough to stay engaged without being too tricky.

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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions

If you excel in tactical role-playing games, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions might become one of your favorite games. After all, this enhanced PSP remake is arguably one of the best turn-based strategy games ever created.

Participants will appreciate the medieval and extensive world map in this game. Youre bound to get into a few fights throughout your travels, but the games battle system will enable you to face any challenge that awaits your character. This video game is immersive its full of quality, lovable character, and exciting storylines. You may find yourself giving over dozens of hours of your free time to play.

Best Offline Android Adventure Games

Ark: Survival Evolved by Studio Wildcard/War Drum Studios

Ark: Survival Evolved, a dinosaur-themed survival game, is one of the most enjoyable Android gaming experiences you can have where you play offline solo or connect and play with others. Its the best of both worlds! Ark is a blend of first-person survival and exploration, placing you on a large island full of dinosaurs.

To survive, you must collect resources and craft structures, clothing, weapons, and gear. Theres also a story hidden away in there too. Be warned that its a rather hefty app, so youll need Android 7.0 or higher to run it.

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Endless Runner: Crossy Road

Crossy Road is way more addictive than you’d think, and is impressively available for free despite the amount of work that went into it.

The 8-bit pixel art style is gorgeous. You control a chicken who simply wants to cross the road. Tap to go ahead one lane swipe in any direction to move that side. Avoid the cars on the highways, the streams in your path, and make it to the safe green grass as often as you can. And you need to move fast!

You’ll drive yourself nuts trying to beat your own high score. Most importantly, even though it’s repetitive, it never gets boring, so you can play it for hours.

Crossy Road for Android

Infinity Loop No Wifi Needed Game

Top 22 Best Offline Games For Android 2016 #6

There comes a time when we just get tired of the fast-paced action games and want to test our minds against a bit more technical endeavors. The perfect way to do that is through Infinity Loop a brilliant puzzle game that you can download on your Android and play for free.

Players will have to connect several curved shapes, and keep doing that until they form a shape. You also have to make sure that there no breaks in the shape. The game also has a dark mode in which you will have to break the entire shape into individual parts.

Infinity Loop is fun, relaxing, and challenging for your brain, and it is one of the great offline games for free.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Availability: $6.99

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the perfect example of a large-scale console-style experience on mobile. The mobile version of the PlayStation 2 classic works well, and the open-world third-person shooting action measures up to modern standards. San Andreas is a standout Grand Theft Auto title. Additionally, it is one of the greatest Android games.

Shadow Of Death: Dark Knight Stickman Fighting

Watch Gameplay

This dark fantasy action game can be played just the way you like it. There can be a choice among four unique shadow warriors, multiple weapons, customized self and surroundings. You can slash, batter, shock and hammer your opponents in this thrilling adventure. All this happens so you can save a lost kingdom from foes.

The game supports endless combats and experimentation. There are cool suits of armor, massive weapons and several other challenges that you will love to overcome. Magic and weapons come together in this game of fantasy and warfare. Save the prosperous kingdom Aurora and fight with the living and the dead.

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The Best Offline Android Games To Play When There’s No Internet

No wifi, no problem

One of the more significant complaints about mobile games is that many can’t be played offline. Not only is this detrimental to those who commute frequently, but it also means you can’t play your games when your internet goes out. This is why I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite titles to play when my home network goes down, all games that you can indeed play offline in 2021. So if you’re looking for a console-quality game to sink your teeth into that doesn’t rely on a constant internet connection, this is the roundup for you.

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