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Is It Safe To Use A Vpn On Android

Top 5 Free and Best VPN Apps for Android | Guiding Tech

Yes, I even highly recommend you use a VPN on Android as itll improve your devices security. If youre worried about whether its legal to use a VPN, dont worry VPNs are completely legal in most countries. However, countries like China, Turkey, Iraq, and Russia heavily censor content and ban the use of VPNs. If you want to use your service abroad, always check the laws before you go to avoid trouble and download the apps on your device prior to arriving in the country.

In the case of China, they have a specific list of approved VPNs that are usually monitored by the government. The use of any other VPN can result in a fine for China citizens. However, for foreigners, its a legal gray area and Ive never heard of foreigners being fined for using non-approved VPNs. If you want a VPN that consistently works in China, or similar countries, I recommend you try ExpressVPN.

What Is A Vpn Anyway

If you already know what a VPN is, how it works, and why you should use it, feel free to skip this section and scroll down to check out the list of the best providers. Everyone else, keep reading.

A VPN short for virtual private network routes your data through its servers and encrypts it before sending it to the website you are visiting. To put it simply, a VPN changes your IP address, making it seem like youre located somewhere else than you really are. For example, if you live in Germany and connect to the internet via a VPN server located in the US, the website youre visiting will think youre based in the US.

This has a lot of advantages. One of them is that you can bypass geo-restrictions put in place by various streaming services. For example, Netflix offers way more content to its US subscribers than those in most other places around the globe. So by connecting online via a US VPN, you can get access to a lot more movies and TV shows.

A VPN also gives you access to popular services like BBC iPlayer, a free streaming service with loads of great content that is only available in the UK. Just connect online via a UK VPN server, visit, and start binge-watching your favorite shows and movies.

This is a brief overview of what a VPN is. If you want more details on how it works, check out our dedicated post by , or just watch our very own Gary Sims explain it in the video below.

Protonvpn A Speedy And Secure Free Vpn

Based in:

ProtonVPN has an excellent free application for Android, which offers an unlimited amount of data. This means youll be able to browse the web as much as you want, without having to think about what to do when the free GBs inevitably end.

But thats not the only appeal of the free Android version of ProtonVPN. It also shows no ads, unlike many other free VPNs. Its as if its creators felt super generous and gave us a tool that will help us stay safe no matter what without demanding anything in return.

However, keep in mind that the free version still has its limits. Youll only be able to connect to 24 servers in three countries. Youre also less likely to unblock Netflix and other streaming platforms.

In addition, the speeds wont be as good as with the paid version. Which is a shame, as, in its full potential, Proton VPN is incredibly fast with only 6.5% speed reduction at times.

The full Android version also has split tunneling, alternate routing, and a great selection of tunneling protocols including WireGuard.

For more information, read our detailed ProtonVPN review.

Atlas VPN is yet another amazing free VPN for Android devices. However, keep in mind that it sets a 10GB monthly limit, so if you want to stream or download lots of files, you might want to think about the paid version.

Meanwhile, the full Android version offers a data breach checker, a tracker blocker, and access in 700+ servers in 31 regions.

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How To Set Up Vpn On Android

Setting up a VPN on your device is effortless as most providers provide a native Android VPN app. Just follow the steps below to get started.

  • Use the link provided in your VPN account dashboard or simply search your selected VPN service by its name on Google Play Store. Our number one recommendation for Android users is NordVPN.
  • Accept the apps permission. Be careful with the permissions the app requests. Most apps will ask permission to access WiFi settings. You shouldnt allow any other permission to maintain your privacy.
  • Select your desired plan and subscribe .
  • Sign in and connect to the server of your choice. Thats it you now have a VPN connection active on your Android device.
  • Are There Android Vpn Browsers

    Top VPN

    Yes, but they are not the most secure. This includes Opera and Aloha, which dont have the best reputations as they collect and sell tons of user data.

    The best way to protect your browsing traffic is with a reliable and trusted VPN. A good VPN will protect you with strong encryption, a kill switch, a no-logs policy, and DNS/IP leak protection. Android VPN browsers simply do not offer most, if any, of these features.

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    Cyberghost Fast Secure Protection

    This is another best Android VPN app with a rating of 4.3. Its also one of the longest running with over 40,000 reviews and growing. CyberGhost has also improved the app in recent times, making it simple to access most of its features.

    The primary difference between the Android and desktop version of these apps is that the former doesnt provide users with access to all 6 modes. Options like unlock basic websites and torrent anonymously are no present. These features were removed because the developers wanted to make a simpler app for Android devices.

    In terms of speed, youll only experience a 25% reduction in browsing quickness. This isnt bad at all. With that said, make sure to connect to a server that is near the place of your residence to get the best speed. 4G users are unlikely to experience significant drops in speed.

    When it comes to CyberGhosts features, IP leak and DNS protection are included. Combined with the VPN kill switch, they make good sense because youll be continuously logging out and into web connection zones. It also contains options to choose several encryption protocols and has a zero logging policy.

    Another great feature is app protection it serves the purpose of stopping apps from transferring unencrypted data. You also get unique servers for streaming and P2P.

    When you pick CyberGhost, you get a 7-day free trial for the Android version of the App. Theres also a 30-day money back guarantee for all forms of the software.


    Can I Use A Free Vpn For Netflix

    Sure, you can, but you have to keep data limits in mind. If you want to watch an hour or more of Netflix or any other video streaming service per day, a free VPN likely isnt for you. As explained in our How much data does Netflix use post, youll burn through around 300MB of data per hour when streaming at just 480p. When watching 4K content, the data usage per hour jumps to as much as 11.5GB. If you go down the middle and opt for Full HD streaming, expect to use around 3GB per hour.

    Netflix can use as much as 11.5GB of data per hour.

    You also have to consider that many free VPNs will automatically select your location, which means they are more or less useless for Netflix. You would have to opt for a provider that offers manual server selection like Windscribe, for example so you can connect to a US server to get access to a larger library of content.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that Netflix doesnt like it when people visit its website via a VPN. The service constantly blocks VPN servers once it identifies them, so the one you go with may not work. This applies to both free as well as paid VPN providers, however.

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    Is An Android Vpn Safe

    If you choose one of the five Android VPNs on this list , you can be sure that they are a reputable, secure provider. Heading to the provider websites through the links on this page will ensure you’re in the right place, or you could search for them on the Play Store.

    However, a VPN doesn’t give you absolute immunity if you enter details on a bogus site or download malware, your VPN won’t be able to protect you. You still have to be savvy online, but if you’re smart, a VPN will boost your protection to the next level, and stop your data from leaking when it’s not your fault.

    • Got an iPhone too? Read about the best iOS VPNs.
    • Wondering what else VPNs are good for? Check out all the VPN uses

    Free Vpn For Android Rating: 59/10

    Best VPN for Android 2022 | Find out our TOP 5 picks

    This overall rating is calculated based on the following subcategory ratings. To learn more, read our testing process.

    • Data Cap:
    • 6.86.8/10

    TunnelBears free VPN service for Android is ideal for beginners only looking to do a bit of light mobile browsing.

    Its not as fast as the very top free VPNs for Android, but its very reliable across its server network. Its almost as quick as TunnelBears paid version, in fact.

    Cheapest Price

    Based on 100Mbps local test connection

  • +more
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    How Does A Vpn Work On Your Android Device

    When you access the internet all your data passes over a local network before going through an ISP’s gateway servers. This path to getting online creates two potential opportunities for your web visits and data to be tracked and potentially harvested and sold on. Once on the local network, and when you pass through your ISPs gateway.

    What a VPN does is it encrypts your data before it leaves your Android device, before routing it to a VPN server. This ensures that nobody can see what you are doing online and prevents websites and online services from detecting your actual IP address. Check out the video below for further explanation of how a VPN works.

    The Best Android Vpn In 2021

    Youre not being paranoid if strangers really are snooping for your sensitive online information. Theres a good reason for wanting to shield your location and personal data from prying eyes and nosy corporations, especially since the U.S. government now allows your ISP to sell anonymized user data to third parties. A virtual private network or VPN can put a stop to that nefarious activity by letting you camouflage yourself on the internet. A VPN lets your data flow through an encrypted tunnel to a VPN server, so anyone monitoring your connection sees unintelligible data the VPN servers IP address instead of your device.

    However, not all Android VPN apps are of equal quality and trustworthiness. In choosing a VPN, consider the business models of VPN companies, especially those offering their services for free. Make sure you understand their privacy policies before signing on. Weve identified all the options for the best VPN for Android you can install today, and all of them support the OpenVPN protocol the most secure option for Android.

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    Best Vpns For Android

    Here are the 7 top picks for the best VPN app for Android. The below-listed good Android VPN apps are not only affordable but also secure. We have shortlisted these seven best VPN service after thoroughly testing 150+ virtual private networks on various criteria like servers, compatibility, performance, and privacy.

    Hotspot Shield The Safest Fastest And Most Secure Vpn Service

    Top 5 Best Free Reliable VPN For Android

    Hotspot Shields Android VPN is relatively new compared to its counterparts on the list. It has just over 1,000 reviews but a great 4.6- rating. Incredibly, Hotspot Shield VPN gets several things on spot compared to its alternatives which is why it is present on our list.

    However, the app isnt the quickest VPNs around. During testing, its speed diminished by 40%. Even if you connect it to servers near your locality, its unlikely to deliver high speeds. However, finding a server is easy as it has over 600 servers in more than 100 locations worldwide. Also, the companys partnership with the National Cyber Security Alliance means its high on online privacy.

    Speaking about Hotspot Shield VPNs features, users get a kill switch that stops data leakage if theres an intermittent connection. This is the same feature that other VPN providers implement on Android handsets. You also get to select from various types of encryption, including OpenVPN, IKEv2 and IPsec.

    Another noteworthy feature is split-tunneling. It enables you to select what apps connect to the internet when you switch the VPN on. So, for instance, you may want to encrypt your browsing on Safari but use Google Chrome via your local internet service provider.

    Hotspot Shield VPN provides you with a free trial, after which you can get a yearly or a monthly subscription. A lot of savings can be made if you get the 2+ years subscription package.

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    Set Up A Vpn On An Android Mobile Device Chromebook And Android Tv Box

  • Get a VPN subscription. You can try ExpressVPN risk-free to see how simple it is to use.
  • Install the VPN app from the Google Play store. You can also download it directly from the vendors website in your browser.
  • Sign in to the app with your username and password. Start streaming and torrenting securely on your Android device!
  • Will These Apps Work On All Android Devices

    Probably not. Unfortunately, many Android-based devices are not updated to the latest Android releases and have no update path. Sadly, some vendors even ship brand-new devices running older versions of Android. Generally, VPN vendors make sure their clients run on the most recent and a few previous versions of Android, but since there are still a tremendous number of devices in service running very out-of-date Android, it’s unlikely those will be able to run these apps. That’s why it’s good to take advantage of the money-back offerings and test your download shortly after purchase.

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    How To Choose The Best Android Vpn App

    There are loooooooads of VPN apps on the Play Store, and many of them are… well, just awful. The ones we’ve selected for this countdown combine tight security and watertight privacy policies. Some providers have now started verifying their apps with the ioXt Alliance, too, giving even more peace of mind.

    A dedicated Android VPN app should of course be as user-friendly as possible. Ensure it supports your version of Android, with most going back at least to Pie and usually beyond. And below we’ve also explained which ones are best for accessing overseas Netflix and other streaming content.

    Also note: while you’ll find all the below VPN services nestled in your Google Play Store, we’ve definitely recommend looking into them more closely and signing up directly as you’ll likely secure a far better offer on each provider’s website. Keep reading to find out more about best prices and features.

    Today’s top 3 best Android VPNs:

    Best Android VPN 2021Get 3 months free with an annual plan

    There are so many things to like about ExpressVPN and its Android offering. The dedicated app is extremely user-friendly and straightforward, but also offers lots of advanced options.

    If the main reason you’re downloading an Android VPN app is for streaming, then once again Express excels. It flew through our tests with ease when we used it for watching Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more, as well as letting us watch our domestic sports coverage when abroad.

    Hotspot Shield Free Vpn For Android

    Top 5 Best FREE & SECURE Android VPN Apps in 2021 | Latest and Best | Guiding Tech

    A few things make Hotspot Shield one of the best free VPN services for Android you can get. It offers 500MB of data per day or around 15GB per month. Thats not enough for heavy usage, but it is more than what you get with most other free virtual private networks.

    Its also super easy to get started, as you dont have to share your email address or your credit card info with the provider. Just download the app on your device, tap Connect, and youre ready to go. The major drawback is that you cant select the server you want to connect to the app will do that for you automatically. There are also ads present in the Android app, which is annoying.

    Like the rest of the services on this list, Hotspot Shield has a no-logging policy. It also offers paid plans starting at $7.99 per month that get rid of the ads and the rest of the limitations.

    The nitty-gritty:

    • Paid plans: Start at $10 per month

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    1 Expressvpn Best Vpn For Android In 2022

    ExpressVPN is my favorite Android VPN in 2022 it maintains blazing-fast speeds, provides good streaming and torrenting support, includes excellent security features, and offers a very user-friendly Android app.

    During my tests, I had an average speed decrease of only 18%, so I was able to watch videos, download files, and play games as if I wasnt connected to a VPN. Because ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN on this list, you can engage in virtually any online activity with minimal speed loss.

    ExpressVPN is also my top choice for Netflix and other streaming services, it supports P2P traffic on all of its 3,000+ servers, and it successfully bypasses firewalls in restrictive countries.

    The ExpressVPN Android app also has top-notch security features, like:

    • TrustedServer Technology ExpressVPNs servers only save data to the RAM memory, and all your information is wiped clean each time the server gets rebooted.
    • Perfect forward secrecy Regularly changes your encryption key each time you connect to a server to make sure hackers cant compromise your data on past or future encryption keys.
    • Split-tunneling Allows you to route some apps through the VPN tunnel and some apps through your internet service providers network.

    ExpressVPNs plans are a little expensive, but it still offers the best overall value it starts at CA$8.50 / month, provides up to 5 simultaneous connections, and backs each purchase with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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