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John Tillers Modern Campaigns

Top 10 Best War Games for Android and iOS | PART 1

This is a series of four operational level games, covering the Arab-Israeli wars, a hypothetical cold war in 80s Germany, and the Quang Tri offensive in 1972. These games provide a detailed order of battle, great fog of war, and a realistic tactical combat element. However, the core system is admittedly dated, the AI isnt great, and the experience doesnt provide a particularly plausible command simulation if that matters to you.

If you dont like endless drop-down menus then these games wont be for you accessibility is not a key strength here.

  • Modern Campaigns: Quang Tri 72
  • Modern Campaigns: Mideast 67
  • Modern Campaigns: North German Plain 85
  • Modern Campaigns: Fulda Gap 85

Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2 is a 3D first-person shooter that can run without the Internet.

According to the game plot, you will need to pick a side you hat to join the terrorists or the special forces that fighting against them. The game gives you absolute freedom when it comes to exploring the map. Plus, there are no limits for your movements so you can pick your shooting point on your own.

Mainly, your goal in this game is to slayer any bad guy that cross paths with you. Herewith, you can also take part in tasks to diversify the gameplay. Furthermore, the game takes place in lots of locations so you wont get annoyed seeing the same landscape over and over again. Nevertheless, it means that you will need to come up with new killing strategies for every location.

These locations cover deserts, cities, and lots of abandoned buildings. Wherein, you can also find shelters to weight for the perfect opportunity to slayer your opponent. In case youll have access to the Internet you can join the alliances to participate in group fights.

Star Wars: Force Arena

With this game, you can lead either the light side or the dark side and battle against your enemy. You will get to choose from Luke Skywalker, General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker, and some other characters. The game has modes where you will have 1vs1 arena matches. Here you can deploy various cards which will provide troops, soldiers and air support by strategizing the enemies attack.

You will earn rewards and ranks for matches you win. There will be new characters and weapons and troops in the reward which you can use later in the game. Apart from this, you can also play Arcade and Single player matches. This game also has characters from the Star Wars: The last Jedi like Kylo Ren and Ray which you will get later as you progress in the game to higher levels.

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Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal

This is an outstanding carrier-battle war game played out at the operational level in the Pacific. The excellent AI, easy interface, and accessibility, combined with its realism and plausibility, make this a must-buy if you have any vague interest in naval operations. Most of all we love how this game spares no time in confronting you with challenging decisions, while also throwing you into the thick-of-it.

A successful Kickstarter means that this game will also be coming to Android and Desktop PC in the near future.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Top War: Battle Game APK 1.136.1 Download for Android  Download Top ...

Anyone expecting the kind of free-roaming racing from the console versions of this title are going to be miffed, but Need for Speed: Most Wanted is nonetheless one of the finest games of its kind on Android. Yes, the tracks are linear, with only the odd shortcut, but the actual racing bit is superb.

You belt along the seedy streets of a drab, gray city, trying to win events that will boost your ego and reputation alike. Wins swell your coffers, enabling you to buy new vehicles for entering special events.

The game looks gorgeous on Android and has a high-octane soundtrack to urge you onwards. But mostly, this ones about the controls a slick combination of responsive tilt and effortless drifting that makes everything feel closer to OutRun 2 than typically sub-optimal mobile racing fare.

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John Tillers Civil War Battles

There are a tonne of Civil War battle games on various storefronts and most of them are a complete waste of time from a war gaming perspective. However, the JTS Civil War Battles series does provide a tactically solid game with a strong order of battle, backed-up with good combat mechanics.

However, like Modern Campaigns, the core system is dated and the overall simulation of the command experience doesnt feel right. You will be hard pushed to find a better hardcore tactical War Game out there, and with 11 games in the series, youll have plenty to play with. Its important to note that, unlike the Modern Campaign games, not every instalment in this series has been released on Android yet:

  • Civil War Battles
  • The Battles of the Peninsula
  • The Battle of Chickamauga

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit exists in a world where the police seem to think its perfectly okay to use their extremely expensive cars to ram fleeing criminals into submission. And when theyre not doing that, they belt along the streets, racing each other to decide who pays for the days doughnuts.

Its a fairly simple racer youre basically weaving your way through the landscape, smashing into other cars, and triggering the odd trap but its exhilarating, breezy fun that echoes classic racers like Chase H.Q.

And once youve had your fill of being one of the nitro-happy fuzz, you can play out a career as the pursued as well, getting stuck into the kind of cop-smashing criminal antics that totally wont be covered by your car manufacturers warranty.

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Top 20 Best War Strategy Games For Android Device

  • Finally, Insight
  • More or less, everybody loves to play war strategy games on android. As a 90s kid, you must be familiar with the pc game Starcraft, Age of the empire, Civilization II, and other strategical war games. Such games are available to play on any android device. Hundreds of army/military strategy games take a new revelation on the android gaming sectors. By the time it gets a high turnover on war strategy gaming position onto play store. Day-by-day, the users involve more and more in these war games. With lots of tactics, planning, brain streaming, facts come while you are playing such war strategy games on your android phone.

    Army Men Strike Military Strategy Simulator

    Top 5 War Games For Android!!

    You can now play a war game to build the army clan with the most efficient army force. It is Army Men Strike. This simulator war game for your Android device is designed with the best soundtrack and high definitive graphics. The strategy of this game is easy to perceive, and you will start enjoying it from the very beginning. Also, you can build your headquarter, treasury, transport resource, train, and other items on your land and train your army force in a very efficient way. If you are interested in this exciting game, Ill suggest you go through the features and learn more about it.

    Important Features

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    Gun War: Shooting Games

    If you want to try an offline war game, I will suggest you try on Gun War: Shooting Games. When it is about the offline war game, users reviews must recommend you to try this game. You can play this game by understanding some easy tactics. Furthermore, it includes awesome graphics and visual effects. If you are interested, you can have a look at its features.

    Important Features

    Supports 15 different types of languages. Offers over 124 different types of exciting shooter tasks. Provides 6 different game-play modes. Uses flexible artificial intelligence and awesome graphics. It is easy to play but hard to be the pro. Optimized for both tablets and smartphones.

    World War Heroes: Ww2 Shooter Game

    World War Heroes is also based on World War II. In it, you are placed in the battles in trenches in a totally devastated Europe. In addition to weapons, it is also possible to use tanks.

    When you start the game, you choose which army you want to belong to, among them the US, USSR or German army. The graphics are highly praised by its players, representing very well the war conflict that occurred in the war.

    It is available for Android and iOS, its size is 511 MB.

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    The 20 Best War Games For Android Device

  • Bottom Lines
  • We all know how much fun we can have from games and how they make a great impact on our moods. If its war games, who dont get along? Yes, we all, and now we can have the same excitement through a smartphone. There are many games in the play store, and you often choose and install the wrong game and then become disappointed. So, a list of the 20 best war games for Android may help you. I hope the following list handpicked by me will serve as a guide to your desired war game.

    Conflict Of Nations: World War 3

    Top War: Battle Game for Android

    Funny Tap Studios Conflict of Nations: World War 3 is a long-term free strategy game where you can play against a hundred global players. The game offers its players matches that last for several weeks. Sometimes these matches even last for months.

    Furthermore, the game provides a decent level of depth that players can play through a web browser.

    The game revolves entirely upon victory points, and the player who scores maximum points becomes the ruler of the nation. The gradual building of infrastructure and armies is fascinating. Claiming of the territories is easy, and you will enjoy this game very much.

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    Best War Games For Android

    Here, Some of the best war games for Android are reviewed, and I have tried to provide their main features and individual specifications. My taste may not be the same as yours. So, you can learn about them individually, and thus you might find the one that suits you the best. Dont get confused.

    Here, I have added 20 different war games that are very popular among gamers. So, you can rest assured. Finally, I think you should check some of them and enjoy the glory in virtual warfare that the Android platform can provide.

    Garena Free Fire: Heroes

    And of course, you cant miss everyones favorite: Free Fire. This is one of the most famous battle royale games of today, where a team of players is confined and everyone must unite to survive and find equipment to help them do so.

    While the group searches for weapons and supplies to survive, they must also confront and take down their opponents. Within the game, you can drive cars and communicate with other players.

    It is available for Android and iOS, its size varies by device but is at about 1.3 GB.

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    Fight Defend Train And Keep The Victory

    With Top War you dont have to wait long for an update, you can do it by yourself. By linking units, buildings or soldiers together you get an immediate upgrade. Sincerely a very avant-garde game.

    So, take note of the most outstanding features of Top War:

    • It has excellent and sharp graphics along with high definition animations.
    • You can play with other players in real time.
    • Create an alliance with other players and with all the military force united eliminate the dark legion.
    • Top War has a simple to use platform without complication, you just dedicate yourself to create the biggest and strongest military base.
    • In its latest version there are news such as SVS rules, now you can access from your base to the induction panel.

    In conclusion, dont wait any longer, conquer the island and build a mega military base and dont give up ground, become invincible in Top War.

    Modern Combat : Blackout

    Top 16 Best WAR Games For Android & iOS!

    Although it was released in 2014, Modern Combat 5: Blackout still holds up as one of the best war games and one of the best first-person shooter games for mobile. Before Call of Duty: Mobile, it was Modern Combat that was revered as the best war game of all time, and although over time, its appeal has decreased due to new games flooding the market, most critics still agree that the Modern Combat series is still incredible and worth playing. Offering both single and multiplayer modes, the game closely resembles both Call of Duty and Battlefield and tries to bring to mobile devices what the games mentioned above brought to the table for the PC and console. Although it cannot offer as vivid an experience as a Call of Duty game for PC due to specification differences and limitations, it still does a great job in engrossing the player with a great storyline and even better gameplay. However, one thing to keep in mind when playing this game is that it does not work offline. You must always be connected to the internet when playing this game, or else you wont be able to play the single-player mode of the game either.

    Created by Gameloft and with almost 35 million downloads, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is rated 4.2 stars out of 5 on .

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    The Escapists 1 And 2

    Price: $6.49-$6.99 each

    The Escapist series are two excellent strategy games. Players collect and craft various items and plan their escape from prison. Until then, you must play the role and be a model prisoner to not attract attention. The first and second games dont differ by all that much. However, the second game has more and larger prisons to break out of along with more scenarios overall. Theyre a bit expensive, but they are pay-once games with no in-app purchases or ads. These games are also available through Google Play Pass for free.

    More games here:

    Fantasy Realm Td: Tower Defense Game

    Fantasy Realm TD: Tower Defense Game is another game that encourages you to test your strategic skills protecting the kingdom from waves of monsters.

    As it was already mentioned, this is a fantasy styled game with more than 50 levels. The game has a wide range of towers and castle types with its unique abilities and protecting values. There are also more than ten types of enemies from orcs and goblins to dark wizards and dragons. At that, the game includes both grounded and air battles so remember to improve your equipment from both sides.

    As for the heroes, there are also lots to choose from. You can choose to recruit different types of soldiers according to their skills and fighting techniques. There are elves, archers, magicians, witches, and lots of other characters to chose from. What is more, you can change your strategy during the battle if you feel that youre losing. The sound effects and music is also quite nice and it goes with the atmosphere of the game.

    In the long run, if youre in search of a good-old medieval fantasy war game, be sure to try the Fantasy Realm TD out.

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    Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

    This game is for those who want to have the next level of Star Wars gaming experience. You will require three additional hardware, a Bluetooth remote for a lightsaber, VR headset and small Beacon which will work as a Holocron. Without these, you can not play this game. It can be purchased via their website provided in the game.

    It is an AR based game. Here with help of all those accessories, you can play as in real life. This game has two modes, where you can play a 1 Player match and explore the galaxy to master the Force. Or you can have a 2 Player match and battle against friends to see who has a more strong connection with the Force or the Dark side.

    Shadow Of Death: Fighting Game

    Top War: Battle Game APK 1.47.1 Download for Android  Download Top War ...

    This is a fantastic pocket size offline fighting game for iPhone users. In this game, you can select four unique shadow knights in multiple gameplay modes and a variety of different weapons to conquer the world. The intuitive touch screen interface helps you in winning over numerous deadly enemies and satisfy all the needs of the hardcore RPG fan. There are different dramatic and dark levels present which makes this game stood proudly in the list of the best fighting and war games for iPhone.

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    World At War: Ww2 Strategy Mmo

    Lets meet World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO. Game strategies are easy to perceive and addictive. Also, it is fast and with awesome graphics that will give a real feeling. Furthermore, it is presented with a number of amazing features. The most important features are given below.

    Important Features

    Assign your duty and tasks for World War 2. Create a social group of a team, and you can chat with your team members. Let you complete hundreds of Missions to win exclusive rewards. Provide an expanded map for you to explore. You can invite your friend to join your team. Let you level up your rank by involving with progression.

    Heroes Of War: Ww2 Idle Rpg

    World War II caused a lot of destruction as they used heavy weapons and highly trained troops. Although everyone in the world experienced extreme terror, yet the skilled warriors helped in saving the world. In this game, you can build your military base, and together you can attack against your enemies.

    Besides, you can play with more than 80 types of actual WW2 troops. Here, you can build your squad and can climb on the leaderboard when you win the game. The players can make their squad fight fast and in spectacular battles. You can access over 80 types of real WW2 troops, who would surely make you win the game.

    It provides an easy-to-play interface, and you will love to play the game. Hence, players having little knowledge can easily play and win the game.

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