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  • The Truck Stop app with the longest running data system behind it. We are first with almost every new innovation and idea in the driver space and then others try and copy us. So we keep on innovating to stay the best. See the most common help/questions here at the F.A.Q.or email apps< AT> and you will get help.
  • The Best Apps Used By Truck Drivers For Better Efficiency

    The GPS units help truck drivers build safe navigation routes but mobile applications can manage all other trucking related stuff.

    While being on the road, with a click of the button, these apps for truck drivers can find the best fuel prices, truck stops, give you the weather and traffic updates, and even manage your health. They can save you time and money, which allows you to focus on improving business operations and the quality of your life.

    Find below a list of the best apps used by CDL truck drivers.

    Seekwiz Vehicle Tracking & Location Sharing

    You should try on SeekWiz if you think you often need to share your location with your friends and family and learn about your vehicles location. When you start using this app, you will find very clear guidance from using it. You need to activate your phones GPS all the time you expect a service from this app.

    Dont worry, thinking of the whereabouts of your family and kids. This app will always be beside you will all the information about your vehicles. You can also manage multiple vehicles using just one app here.

    Important Features

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    Best Communication Apps For Truck Drivers

    Were going to tackle this one slightly differently as there are many similar free messaging apps, and many of you will already be using some or more of these. But, for the uninitiated, you can replace cumbersome email and/or expensive text messages with simple, free messaging apps, for example:

    6. WhatsApp – also includes free calls over the internet

    9. Doc Scanner

    While much is done digitally these days, many things are still on paper from receipts to bills and contracts. This app allows you to take a photo of paper documents, amend and send them immediately as PDFs. Its particularly handy for drivers when submitting receipts from the road

    Android. Not available for iPhone .

    Dont Forget About Bigroad

    Truck Stop &  GPS Trucker Path

    The BigRoad Mobile App was created with the goal of making drivers lives easier by helping create them to error-free logs and reducing the risk of violations. Now, with the electronic logging device mandate three months away, BigRoad wants to help drivers achieve ELD compliance with a simple, affordable, and flexible solution – the BigRoad DashLink ELD. Whether youre an owner-operator or a large fleet, BigRoad is here to help. Request a demo to find out how BigRoad can make your life on the road that much easier.

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    What Apps Do Truckers Use

    For many drivers, a GPS unit on its own isnt enough to give them the information they want or need. Many drivers like to use supplementary apps and Google Maps to ensure they have their location and approach nailed down. Plus, some apps offer additional information and features that GPS units simply dont have, such as more information on truck stops, best places for truckers to get food, best places to stay the night, updates on whether stops are open, and even ratings from other truck drivers on what these places are like.

    Some of the best trucker GPS apps include:

    • CoPilot Mobile Navigation/CoPilot GPS

    Earning Rewards From Travel Stops

    There are numerous free truck driver apps, including specific apps from truck stops and travel centers. Several truck stops have apps that let you earn rewards. If you have a favorite place to stop, they likely offer an app that can earn you free credits as you travel.

    Loves Connect

    Get rewarded for visits to Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores and Speedco locations across the country. Truck drivers earn shower and drink credits when they fuel up at Loves. You can also check-in for showers directly from the app.

    Cost: FreeAvailable: App Store and

    Pilot Flying J: myRewards Plus

    Fuel up at Pilot Flying J and earn points for free shower and drink credits. You can also view the available amenities at each Pilot Flying J location, check parking and reserve showers from the app.

    Cost: FreeAvailable:App Store and

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    Gps Apps For Cars Vs Trucks

    Over the years, Ive run into new drivers who didnt realize there was a difference between GPS apps made for drivers of cars versus those driving a truck. Theres actually a significant difference in the navigation apps available for these two sets of users.

    Apps for truckers are typically designed so the driver doesnt have to worry about driving on roads that may be too small for their trucks. Most apps allow drivers to enter their truck size, weight and cargo type. When it creates the driving route for the trucker, it does so by avoiding low clearance bridges, etc.

    Some apps also go a step further and allow truckers to find various amenities at truck stops along their route such as a mechanic or wifi access. Below we will cover some of the most popular apps available on the market today.

    Platforms: Android & iPhone

    Price: Free

    Description & Features: Im grouping Waze and Google Maps together in this list. They both operate similarly, but both have their limitations from a truckers perspective. The positive is that both apps are free if you have no other options.

    Waze is a mapping and direction software that Google purchased in 2013 for more than $1 billion. It operates much like Google Maps, but has several other features that make it better, especially for trucking. In addition, its free!

    Platforms: Android & iPhone

    Price: Free Trial $99 per year

    Platforms: Android & iPhone

    Price: Free Trial $59 for 1 year or $129 for 3 years

    Garmin 580LMT-S

    The 12 Best Trucker Apps

    What Is Trucker Tools? | The Best iPhone and Android App For Owner-Operators and Truck Drivers

    By The Schneider Guy

    Technology continues to help make truck driving more efficient. The old saying, work smarter not harder can be demonstrated by truck drivers who use apps on their smartphones each day for truck driving purposes .

    We wanted to answer the question, What is the best app for truck drivers? so we asked our drivers on and what trucker apps they use and received over 100 comments in return.

    Based on the opinions of those who commented on our posts, we compiled a list of the 12 best trucker apps we think every driver should download.

    Remember though, the apps that will work best for you also depend on what kind of truck driver you are, what kind of freight you haul and who you work for.

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    Search Our Load Board Try Before You Buy

    5. Dock411

    Want to know the details about a particular location Are there restrooms? Are they dog friendly? Are you looking for a wait time? Maybe you need a place to rest for the night. Save time by letting Dock411 do the work for you! Find out what other drivers are saying about the places youre going in one convenient app. With 70+ dock attributes, Dock411 will make your trip smoother.

    6. Drivewyze

    Drivewyze detects weigh stations and inspection sites and automatically alerts the driver when the truck is two miles away from one. It allows you to spend less time waiting by sending weigh station bypass requests in participating states. The app will then reset so youre ready for the next weigh station or inspection site.

    8. Pay

    Pay makes it easy to run your business from anywhere in a secure payment platform to control when and how you get paid. Manage cash flow, load payments, and take advantage of a flat fee of 2.99% quick pay option.

    9. Lose It! Calorie Counter

    With Lose it!, you can set a goal and youll be matched with a personalized daily calorie budget to help you lose weight. You can track food and exercise and connect to a weight loss community for support in reaching your fitness goals. Theres also a barcode scanner so you can easily upload nutritional information on food labels.

    10. NOAA Weather Radar
    11. Truckstop Mobile
    13. Weather Channel
    14. Weigh My Truck

    Technology And The Modern Truck Driver

    When Apple first introduced the iPhone in 2007, we could not have predicted how significantly smartphones would change our world. Of course as the technology has improved over the years, so has the number and quality of mobile applications on both iOS and Android operations systems. But did you know there exists a large subculture of apps for truckers? Below, well outline some of the popular apps designed specifically for truckers.

    Note: Munley Law does not encourage truck drivers to use their smartphones while they are driving there is no room for error on the road and distractions already abound. It is a way to endanger your life and the lives of others. If you do use one or more of the apps described here, please be sure to access them before you hit the road or at a rest stop that way you can keep your eyes on the road while already having a plan in place.

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    Find The Best Trucking Gps Navigation Unit

    Now that you know that answer to What is the best GPS for truckers? and What is the best trucker GPS app?, youre ready to try them out and find the best one that works for you. Using trucking GPS navigation units and apps is important because it keeps you and others safe on the road.

    Even if you have a great GPS unit and app, you should always keep a good physical map on handjust in case. Finding the right trucking GPS navigation unit or app also helps you save money on gas and avoid unnecessary fines. Stay on the right road, no matter what type of trucking job you do.

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    The Top 14 Apps For Truckers

    Truck Stop &  GPS Trucker Path

    Having difficulty trying to figure out the best apps to use when youre on the road trucking? Theres so many to choose from, its hard to know where to start. Read on for some of the top apps for truckers!

    1. AllStays Truck & Travel

    The AllStays Truck & Travel app has over 35,000 data points so all kinds of helpful information is at your fingertips. There are too many features to list, but some of the most beneficial to drivers include truck stops, weigh stations, rest areas, truck ramps, steep road grades, Walmarts, truck dealers, and on and on. You can also filter for truck stop details, so if you need laundry facilities, a shower, a dump station, road service, or more, you can find a place that fits your needs. AllStays also lets you compare hotels when youre looking for a room at the last minute.


    The app offers over 125,000 titles and 8,000 of them are completely FREE. Titles can be downloaded so you can listen at any time, regardless of whether you have a cell signal or wi-fi.

    3. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

    Diet and exercise are a huge concern for truck drivers since most of the day is spent behind the wheel. An app like Calorie Counter makes it easier to keep track of the foods youre eating and the amount of exercise youre getting so you can do your best to stay healthy. This one has tons of nutritional information for pretty much any food you can think of , and everything can be tracked in the food diary.

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    The Best Gps Truck Apps To Navigate While On The Road

    Navigating the roads in a semi-truck has changed significantly over the past 20 or so years due to the use of GPS technologies. Up to around the middle of 2000, truckers were forced to use road atlases and maps to figure out their routes between each destination. This was incredibility inefficient but at that time it was the best option available.

    Many people dont realize it, but GPS technology was developed by the United States military in 1973. Ten years later, the technology was made available to the general public, however the satellite signals were scrambled so that users could only achieve accurate readings to within about 100 yards of their location.

    It wasnt until May of 2000, that President Bill Clinton signed an order allowing the US military to unscramble these signals which increased the accuracy of civilian GPS signals from 100 or so yards to about 3 yards on average. This was the beginning of turn by turn navigation.

    Today, GPS navigation is used by almost everyone on a daily basis. Now, its as easy as downloading Google Maps to your iPhone or Android and off you go with real time traffic updates that will reroute you if a quicker route appears.

    Examples Of Popular Trucker Apps

    EZLogz trucking app

    Ezlogz- ELD Logbook & Social free :

    • -Made by Truckers, for Truckers fully compliant with FMCSA & CCMTA rules and regulations
    • -Hours of Service violation form & alerts: avoid violations, set 15/30 minute alerts
    • -Multilingual: English, Spanish, French, Russian
    • -Scan and email a variety of industry documents: Driver Vehicle Registration Reports , Bills of Lading , inspection reports, accident photos, fuel receipts, scale tickets, insurance card, etc.
    • -DVIRs: Add/remove truck or trailer verify DVIR check list get mechanic and driver electronic signature enable back-end alerts for satisfactory compliance
    • -Comprehensive electronic logging features: Sign electronically Change duty status Set ELD automatic driving mode timer Attach BOLs and diesel receipts to logbook Enable Inspector mode to share logs

    Reminder: Do not use apps while driving only before the trip, while parked or at a rest stop.

    Rules, laws, regulations? Were off to a good start this is our wheelhouse. At Munley Law, we pride ourselves on providing you the best resources to inform your decision making. If you have any additional questions, contact our truck accident lawyers.

    AllStays Truck & Travel$9.99 :

    Reminder: Do not use apps while driving only before the trip, while parked or at a rest stop.

    Reminder: Do not use apps while driving only before the trip, while parked or at a rest stop.

    Weigh My Truck by CAT Scale free :

    Pilot Flying J free :

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    Best Truck Parking Apps To Make Your Life On The Road Easier

    Right now, theres a shortage of truckparking spaces. Youve likely had to deal with this problem as you search foran empty space to park up for the night.

    Searching for safe parking can ruinefficiency, burn fuel, and tire out a driver. In fact, research says that parking is one of the top 10 issues fortruckers across the nation.

    Luckily, technology is here to help usonce again. Truckers are now using parking apps that can help them find a placeto rest without needing to waste time.

    Continue reading below to see the fivebest truck parking apps that will revolutionize how you find parking spaces.

    Best Entertainment For Truck Drivers

    Best Apps For Truckers

    10. Spotify

    Spotify is a streaming app with music and podcasts. While it is free, many features only come with a subscription. For many, Spotify IS their music collection, with access to almost every piece of recorded music ever. It also allows playlist creation and sharing, as well as algorithmic playlists tailored for you. A paid subscription unlocks features and removes ads.

    11. BBC Sounds

    The UKs British Broadcasting Corporation have made all of their stations and shows available for various periods, giving listeners access to live shows and archive broadcasts alike. Whether you want the latest pop or niche sounds from metal to jazz, classical to drum and bass, its all here.

    12. Audible

    Books on tape have been around for decades, but audiobooks have enjoyed a revival in the mobile-connected world as people want something meaty to listen to while doing other things. So, whether youre in the gym or in the cab, Audible allows you to choose and listen to a wide range of books fiction and non-fiction. While the app is free, there is a monthly subscription and/or books can be purchased on-demand.

    For those of us with long periods to fill, podcasts make for cost-effective entertainment. You will find podcasts Spotify and Audible but for the best choice, we recommend a dedicated podcast app. Head to one of the links below and search for things youre interested in: sport, comedy, music, cars

    13. Castbox

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    Best Navigation Apps For Truckers

    2. Google Maps

    While the basics arent much different from other satnav solutions, Googles wider business feeds into Google Maps to give it a competitive edge. For example, using users device data to deliver up-to-the-minute information on traffic and real-time ETAs. You can also download detailed maps using wi-fi before your trip to reduce mobile data usage. Google Maps can also provide automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents and road closures.

    3. CoPilot

    Unlike satnav and Google Maps, CoPilot knows that youre driving an HGV and plans your route based on truck-restricted or prohibited roads, automatically calculating the routes using your vehicles size, weight and width and load type. With more than 16 million users, the app also boasts clear voice directions, live traffic updates and speed trap alerts. Maps can be used offline. *Some features involve in-app purchase.*

    4. Waze Navigation & Traffic

    Waze is a great all-round navigation app. As well as its core use, it allows truck drivers to communicate with the local driving community where millions of drivers can report hazards and incidents and receive alerts to avoid traffic congestion.

    Android. iPhone.

    5. Bans For Trucks

    Android. Not available for iPhone.

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