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Galaxy Note 7: How to Turn On/Off Wifi Direct
  • I’ve turned on Wi-Fi Direct to view my phone’s screen on my TV. How do I switch back Wi-Fi Direct to Off ?The On/Off switch just disappeared, and there is only a message :Your phone is currently visible to nearby devices.Thank you.
  • methodman89 Originally Posted by Android Central QuestionI’ve turned on Wi-Fi Direct to view my phone’s screen on my TV. How do I switch back Wi-Fi Direct to Off ?The On/Off switch just disappeared, and there is only a message :Your phone is currently visible to nearby devices.Thank you.Go to Settings, Connections, WiFi, Tap WiFi Direct.06-16-2019 04:43 AM
  • Alfa LusoOn Samsung Galaxy A51 there’s NO TURNING OFF the Wi-Fi Direct. Just the warning that the device “is currently visible to nearby devices” as I just “see” my neighbour’s phone and TV, the same happens to him…. meaning this is abnormally UNSAFE.How can I turn it off without turning off the regular Wi-Fi ?04-07-2020 10:18 AM
  • Go into settings> in search bar on top type WiFi direct tap on it and clear Data,cache force stop it04-07-2020 10:34 AM
  • How To Send A File Through Wifi Direct On Android Phone

    To send a file through wifi direct on android phone, you will first need to connect the two phones just like I mentioned above, and after connecting the two phones, youre set to how to share via wifi direct.

    Now go to the file which you want to send to the other phone and open the file. Tap hold on the file and also tap on the share button. Right there you will see a wifi direct among the options given to you, tap on the wifi direct.

    Kindly tap on the wifi direct and tap on the phone which youre connected to through the wifi direct. Look at the top of your screen and you will see share, tap share and it will share the file to the other phone.

    This is how to send a file through wifi direct on android phone, and I used a Samsung phone for this tutorial.

    Now lets jump in on how to turn off wifi direct on android.

    How To Transfer And Send Files With Wifi Direct

    While you can use Bluetooth for file transfer, it becomes quite the hassle to transfer large amounts of files. WiFi Direct removes this factor from the equation, drastically reducing the time taken to send files between devices even if the file size is large.

    If you have an Android device, we recommend using the Feem app to handle file transfers using WiFi Direct. Feem has built-in Windows 10 and Android support and has an alternative transfer method for Apple products without native WiFi Direct support.

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    How To Use Wifi Direct On Laptop Windows 10 To Send Files

    To use WiFi Direct, you need to turn on the option on both devices before building a connection. It should be noted that WiFi Direct could be altered in mobile phones running on aftermarket OS, such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, etc. The option may be either invisible or changed to another name.

    • Step 1. On Windows 10, click Start menu, type Connect and open it.
    • Step 2. On your Android phone, go to Settings> WiFi, switch on WiFi Direct.
    • Step 3. On the available list found by your phone, tap and connect to your laptop.
    • Step 4. Send files between the two devices by following the onscreen instruction.

    Unless the manufacturers have made specific improvement, the files transferred through WiFi Direct are not properly organized. You may find all photos or videos in one folder. A few third-party tools allow users to transfer files from point to point without internet access basing on the feature of WiFi Direct, such as Shareit and Feem, but some of the functions are exclusive for paid users.

    Final Thought

    Again, WiFi Direct is far from being the best method to transfer files between two devices. It is worth of considering when you have problem transferring files by USB cable or the USB driver transfer speed is super slow. There is no universal way for file transfer, for example, you will need a special way to copy files without changing date stamp. Check out the tutorials for file transfer and share them to your friends if you find them useful.

    Turn Wifi On/off From The Taskbar

    Inside Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Transfer Files ...

    Follow the steps below to Turn WiFi ON/OFF in Windows 10 from the taskbar on your computer.

    1. Click on the WiFi icon located in the Task-bar, near the bottom right corner of your screen. In the menu that appears, click on the WiFi Action button to Turn ON WiFi and click on your WiFi Network Name to join your WiFi Network

    The WiFi Action button works like a toggle, allowing you to Turn WiFi ON/OFF by just clicking on it .

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    How Wifi Direct Works

    WiFi Direct is built upon the same WiFi technology used by most modern consumer electronic devices to communicate with wireless routers. It allows two devices to communicate with each other, provided that at least one of them is compliant with the standard to establish a peer-to-peer connection.

    Before WiFi Direct, it was possible to establish a similar connection with ad-hoc networking, a decentralized type of wireless network that doesnt rely on pre-existing infrastructure, but WiFi Direct makes decentralized wireless networking accessible even to people who are not technically inclined.

    The standard gives compatible devices a way how to discover each other and securely connect using Wi-Fi Protected Setup and Wi-Fi Protected Access .

    Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a network security standard created by the Wi-Fi Alliance to allow home users who know little of wireless security and may be intimidated by the available security options to set up WPA, a protocol and security certification program developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to secure wireless computer networks.

    How To Share Apps Through Wifi Direct Android

    Honestly, the truth here is that you cant use the wifi direct to share apps from one phone to another phone unless you want to share an apk file right from your phone internal storage.

    If you want to share apps from one android phone to another, you better use shareit or xender or any other file sharing app.

    You can download superbeam app for android and share apk from one phone to another. It works similar like shareIt, xender, and Im sure you will love the application.

    DONT MISS!!!

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    How To Activate Wifi Direct On Android

    November 5, 2020 | Connecter, Tutorial

    You have the possibility, with your Android smartphone, to use the direct WiFi technology. What is that ? Just one Wi-Fi sharing mode, directly between two devices, without going through a modem or a box.

    So imagine a Bluetooth sharing between two phones, but faster, and more stable. It is the ideal choice if you cannot necessarily transfer your data by memory card, or other faster transfer.

    The objective of this article is therefore to explain to you how to activate direct Wifi on your Android smartphone, in order to connect two devices.

    At first, we will quickly explain how direct WiFi works, and how it differs from the classic WiFi of your internet modem.

    Where Are Wifi Direct Files Stored On Android

    002 : Enable / Disable Wifi Programmatically | Android WiFi Direct Tutorial

    If you share files via wifi direct on your android phone, the files are stored in the download folder of your phone internal storage. This is the location where all files sent through wifi direct are stored or saved.

    So after sending a file via wifi direct, on the other phone kindly open the file app and tap on internal storage. Scroll down to download folder and tap to open, right there you will see the file or files.

    Once again the download folder is where all files sent through wifi direct are stored on android phone.

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    Is Wifi Direct Supported On My Windows 10 Pc

    WiFi Direct is supported on Windows 10 IoT Core devices through the use of a WiFi Direct enabled USB WiFi adapter. To make sure that WiFi Direct is enabled two things need to happen:

  • The hardware of the USB WiFi adapter has to support WiFi Direct, and
  • The corresponding driver of the USB WiFi adapter needs to support WiFi Direct.
  • WiFi Direct offers a service for WiFi device-to-device connection that doesnt require a Wireless Access Point to set up the connection.

    WiFi Direct on Windows 10 lets users experience the same WiFi connectivity that many other devices are using. With it, you can connect your computer to the TV, or use it for internet connectivity with much better security. In fact, WiFi Direct lets you connect to any other device with your PC much better and easier than even Bluetooth.

    Connecting To A Device Via Wi

  • 1Open your Android’s Apps list. This is the list of all apps installed on your device.
  • 2Find and tap the icon. It will open your Settings app.Advertisement
  • 3Tap Wi-Fi on your Settings menu. Here you can change your Wi-Fi settings, and connect to other devices.
  • 4Slide the Wi-Fi switch to the position. You have to enable your device’s Wi-Fi before you can use Wi-Fi Direct.
  • 5Tap the three vertical dots icon. This button is in the upper-right corner of your screen. It will open a drop-down menu.
  • 6Tap Wi-Fi Direct on the drop-down menu. This will scan your surroundings, and list all devices around you available for a Wi-Fi Direct connection.
  • Depending on your device and current software, the Wi-Fi Direct button may be located at the bottom of your screen on the Wi-Fi page, instead of a drop-down menu.
  • 7Tap a device to connect. Tapping will send an invitation to the device you’ve selected. Your contact will have 30 seconds to accept the invitation and connect with you via Wi-Fi Direct.Advertisement
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    How To Use Wifi Direct

    There are billions of smartphone users around the world. However, only a few are aware of the technology of Wi-Fi Direct that helps you communicate with other devices even without a Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth had been the dominant way to communicate between devices without an internet connection even Wi-Fi became widespread. However, users demanded a connectivity option at higher speeds that you can achieve with Bluetooth.

    Wi-Fi Direct is the solution that has garnered the attention of the users and gained popularity. In this article, well take a deep dive into this technology.

  • Final Thought
  • How To Use Wifi Direct On An Android Phone

    Change Android Device Name

    WiFi Direct works on any Android phone with version 4.0 or higher. You may require a third-party app for using the WiFi Direct function. Using Wi-Fi on an Android phone is simple and only involves a few steps. You dont need to specifically enable WiFi Direct as it turns on automatically when you switch on the WiFi functionality of your phone. You only need to do a few things to connect to another device.

    Heres what you need to do:

    1. On your Android phone, go to Settings.

    2. Select the Network and Internet submenu.

    3. You will see the WiFi option. Click on it.

    4. Click on WiFi Preferences and then WiFi Direct.

    5. Your phone will start searching for available devices it can connect to through WiFi Direct. Once found, it will list those available devices. Next, tap on the device you wish to link to using Wi-Fi Direct.

    6. The other device will receive an invitation to connect. You will have around 30 seconds for your device to connect with WiFi Direct.

    Remember, WiFi Direct on the other phone also has to be switched on. So if you want to connect to a device other than a smartphone, such as a television or PC, you need to go to the relevant menu on this device to review the WiFi settings and activate the WiFi Direct option.

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    How To Use Wifi Direct On Android

    This article was co-authored by wikiHow Staff. Our trained team of editors and researchers validate articles for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. This article has been viewed 181,551 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to connect to other mobile and desktop devices via Wi-Fi Direct, using Android.

    Why A Better File Transfer Method Is Required

    When it comes to file transfer from or to a Windows computer, using USB flash drive is the best answer in several years ago. However, there is a limit of files too large for USB in FAT32 format, and it has been so long a time since people suffer from the unstable yet tedious performance of pen drives, there are actually many more methods to share files in Windows 10 without USB.

    Furthermore, the need of file transfer has generally moved to Windows to mobile phone and in reverse, or to be more specific and realistic, people mostly want to transfer files between Android devices and Windows computers.

    Given the conditions above, Bluetooth and MTP are still two candidates for moving data between laptop and mobile phone. A lot of people love Bluetooth, but Bluetooth is not satisfying enough in many cases, such as large file or massive transfer. As for MPT, just have a search and see how many people are stuck at Android USB device not recognized but charging only.

    Tips: These methods are still widely used by many people. In addition to the problems mentioned above, there is also risk of losing important files during the transfer. In case you also lose the original copies, dont hesitate to recover permanently deleted files from your laptop with the best data recovery software iReparo for PC.

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    How To Enable Wi

    Wi-Fi Direct not only supports Android devices running 4.0 or higher operating system but also supports your Mac devices as well. Here are the steps in details for you to enable Wi-Fi Direct on your Mac.

    Step 1. Open System Preferences on your Mac first.

    Step 2. Next, choose Sharing.

    Step 3. Then, choose Internet Sharing.

    Step 4. Finally, select to use the AirPort.

    Plus, you can connect your Mac device to some other device through Wi-Fi Direct. For instance, you can create a connection between your Mac and your TV. Follow the steps below and complete the connection.

    Note: If you are not successful in connection, please check and confirm whether both devices can support Wi-Fi Direct or not.

    Step 1. Turn on your Wi-Fi.

    Step 2. Click on the icon again and search the options listed later.

    Step 3. Choose Create Network.

    Step 4. Follow the prompt.

    Step 5. Then, a Wi-Fi network appears around your Mac, up to 25 feet.

    Step 6. Find the network of your Mac device on the TV.

    This is the way how you can realize the connection between your Mac device and other devices supporting Wi-Fi Direct. What you need to remember is that you are supposed to turn on Screen Sharing on your Mac at the same time along with the following steps:

    Step 1. First of all, open System Preferences on your Mac.

    Step 2. Next, select Sharing.

    Step 3. Then, choose Screen Sharing on the left side of your screen.

    Step 4. Enter your password and unlock the padlock if the padlock icon is LOCKED.

    How To Troubleshoot Wifi Direct Connectivity Issues

    How to Turn Off Wi-Fi Direct – Samsung [Android 11 – One UI 3]

    Because WiFi Direct relies on the same underlying technology that allows modern laptops, smartphones, TVs, or even appliances to wirelessly connect to the internet, devices with WiFi Direct also suffer from the same connectivity issues as wireless routers do.

    NetSpot is the easiest way how to diagnose and solve any WiFi-related problems. This professional app for wireless site surveys, WiFi analysis, and troubleshooting runs on macOS and Windows operating systems, and it works with any 802.11 network.

    With NetSpot, you can visualize, manage, and troubleshoot wireless networks with a click of a button and understanding the cause of your wireless woes right at the spot. It doesnt matter if a neighborhood kid is learning how to hack wireless networks and using your router for practice or if data packets have trouble making it to their destination because of excessive interference NetSpot can reveal the problem and give you the information you need to solve it.

    To see how NetSpot works, you dont even need to pay any money as this professional WiFi troubleshooting app for macOS and Windows can be downloaded for free.

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    How To Configure Direct Wifi On Android

    In order to configure on your smartphone, it’s very simple:

    We do the demonstration here between two smartphones of different brandss, , as well as two different Android version to show you different options.

    For Android 10:

    • Go to settings from your smartphone
    • In the search bar, type ” WiFi direct«
    • When it appears, open the ” WiFi direct«

    For Android 9:

    • Go to Wifi devices from your smartphone
    • You can see Direct wifi at the top right of your screen, press it

    If you do not not find Wifi direct in your settings, or in WiFi devices, then your smartphone may not have this technology. Usually, it is automatically available from version 4 of Android. All smartphones above this version should have the Direct wifi.

    If that is the case, refer to the last section of this article, where you will find alternatives.

    Like a Bluetooth connection, place a device in ” research“, And the other in” reception“. You should see the two smartphones appear on each respective screen. Tap each device respectively. The first one you click will go to send mode, and will cause the reception mode the other.

    When it’s done you will receive a confirmation message on the second phone, validating the connection. From there your two phones are thus connected, and can communicate!

    As you can see, it is very simple.

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