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Best Web Browser: Puffin Tv

8 Must Have Android TV Apps – 2020!

Youre probably not going to be browsing the web on your Android TV too often, but you still want a browser thats fast and easy to use, right?

When I downloaded FireFox and Chrome on my NVIDIA Shield TV, I was really disappointed how they looked on the big screen. They were almost impossible to navigate and I almost gave up.

I recently did a test of every web browser thats available on Android TV. In that test, I looked at browsers that you could download through various app stores and some youd need to sideload.

Puffin TV won easily. In the end, it wasnt even close.

Web browsers need two things to work well on a TV screen: a good interface and a lot of speed.

I love Puffin TVs layout. The main menu takes up the left side of the screen. There are only a few options and theyre all easy to see from across the room. Once you click on an option, the menu disappears and your web page fills the entire screen.

All of your menu options, including back, refresh, zoom and even adding bookmarks are just a click away. However, I really like that theyre not wasting space when you dont need them.

Lets talk about the performance.

Id heard it was fast, but I didnt expect it to be this fast. Puffin TV easily won every speed test twice as fast as most of the other browsers!

Speed is one thing, but whats most important to me is Because it was designed specifically for Android TVs, its super-easy to use. it was easy to use on a television.

Best Media Player: Vlc

Youve probably been using VLC Media Player for years. Its a completely free, no-frills media player that will play almost any audio or video file right out of the box.

If youre like me, you probably havent given it more than a passing glance lately. Even though its my default video player, there were a lot of things that VLC could do that I wasnt aware of.

Lets start with the obvious. VLC is hands-down the best free media player there is. Itll play all of the most popular audio and video file formats . There are also codec files that you can download for free that will let it play even more types of media files.

But it also gives you the essential features of a media center as well. You can browse for video or audio files, whether theyre stored on your Android TV device, on external storage, or on a shared folder elsewhere on your network.

It even automatically found my Plex server and let me play the files directly.!

Ive been using VLC for over a decade because its simple to use. It does exactly what I need it to do without adding a lot of fluff features that just get in the way.

In shortits exactly what I want from my media player.

Best Free Live Tv Streaming Apps For Android

If you are looking to stream Live TV on your Android, then you are at right place. You can easily do this by using different apps which are specially built for this purpose and there is no need to pay for such app. We are going to provide you details about various free apps to stream the online TV for you. Using the app, you can enjoy TV programs and other entertainment anytime and anywhere. It will allow you to see your favorite programs in time without the need to be present at any special place. Have a look at all of the best free live TV streaming apps for Android.

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The Best News Apps For Android And Ios

At the moment, staying up-to-date with the latest events is incredibly important, but many of us wouldnt even consider buying a daily newspaper anymore. Why? Because weve got an app for that. There are some great news apps for Android or iPhone that help you get the news you need, when you need it.

But which is the news app for you? Weve evaluated the best news apps, whether you use Android or iOS. Choose your topics and tags to stay up to date with this selection of free and paid news apps.

Best File Transfer App: Send Files To Tv


I love apps that do one thing and do it very well. The Send Files To TV app is by far the easiest way to send files from your smartphone, PC or Mac to your Android TV.

Send Files to TV needs to be installed on both the sending device and the receiving device. They also need to be on the same network. Beyond that, you can transfer any file type and any size.

All you need to do is start Send Files To TV on the sending device and navigate to the app you want to send. Once you select it, hop over to the receiving device and open the app there as well. Once you click Receive, the transfer should begin.

Thats all there is to it. If you dont want to install a specific app to download APKs on your Android TV, you can always download them on another device and use this app to send them to your TV.

Youll still need a file explorer to install it, which is where our next app comes in.

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Best News Apps For Android In 2022

Keeping informed on the go is one of the many things that our smartphones are incredible tools for. During the everyday hustle and bustle, it’s easy to ignore the world around you, but the news is everywhere, including on your phone. These are the best news apps for your Android device today!

Redbox Tv Best Streaming App

Another great live Tv app for Android is RedBox TV. It is live streaming App and you can download it for free from Google Play Store. RedBox TV supports more than 1000 live channels from 15 different countries and has a built-in support for Android player, 321 Player, MX Player and Web Player.

This app is easy to use and all you need is to select your favorite channel and to choose the media player.

You can Get the RedBox TV app for Android from Google Play

We hope that you liked our list of the best free live TV streaming apps for Android. Dont forget to like, share and leave your comments in the section below.

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Best Android Tv Apps You Should Be Using

Android TV was first announced as a Smart TV platform back in 2014, and weve come a long way since then. Where Android TVs were originally only made by TV manufacturers choosing to add the Android TV operating system to their flagship TVs, now we can buy Android TV boxes and convert any TV with an HDMI port into an Android TV complete with features like HDMI CEC. These TV boxes have made Android TVs a lot more accessible and affordable to a lot more people. So, if youve purchased an Android TV box, or if youre using an Android TV, here are the 20 best Android TV apps you should be using in 2022.

Notifications For Android Tv

Top 10 FREE Channels for Android TV | You Should Download These

Notifications for Android TV does exactly what it says forwards notifications from your mobile device to your Android TV screen.

The app lets you scroll through every notified message on the Android TV in fullscreen mode.

It also lets you can change the settings individually for all your applications. The app not only forwards the contents of the notifications, but also the images and application logo.

It is a handy app that will save you some time.

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Sling: Live Tv Shows & Movies

Sling is an amazing app that provides a vast range of live TV channels.

They include news both local and international, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, etc.

If you want a working cable alternative, then SlingTV is the absolute pick.

BBC, CNBC, ESPEN, NFL, The Food Network, etc. are some of the well-known offerings of SlingTV.

Even though the app is a free install, youll have to pay for the live TV service. That is an okay price to pay if you want reputable channels on your Android TV.

Other Notable Android Tv Apps

  • Steam Link
  • If you have a powerful or not-so-powerful gaming PC at home and want to be able to play some of your favorite titles on your TV, then you should definitely try Steam Link. With this app and another installed upon your PC, youre able to stream the game from your computer to your Android TV box, smartphone, or tablet. This relies heavily upon your internal network conditions and can be spotty the further you are from your actual gaming PC.
  • VPN
  • A good VPN is almost an essential regardless of what web-connected device you happen to use. There are hundreds to choose from with varying prices and features. Wed suggest shopping around, but there are numerous options that can even be used to access geo-restricted content on your Android TV system.
  • Kodi
  • Similar to Plex but with a heavy reliance on plug-ins and channels. Kodi is great if you want to create a one-stop shop for all of your streaming needs, but it can be daunting for first-time users or those just wanting access to a few key streaming platforms.
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    Exodus Live Tv App Free Live Tv App

    It is another app which has its amazing features and you can download it right now. You should know that its user interface is very friendly and its a love to use it again and again. There is no need to sign-up and the live streaming rate is fast than other apps and you can quickly get access to all of your searched media.

    As a result, you can enjoy this app anytime and can see HD quality TV programs and other TV stuff on your Android without any cost. However, there are ads in this app when you are using it for free. If you want to remove ads, you can purchase its paid version by spending few dollars.

    Many Music Streaming Sites


    Price: Free / Varies

    Most people stream music these days and a lot of popular services are available on Android TV. The list is much shorter than for video , but it does include some heavy hitters like Spotify, Pandora, Vevo, and iHeartRadio. These function much the same as video streaming sites. You download one, get the subscription , and use your TV to blast some tunes. Each app has its ups and downs, but it generally comes down to what you prefer rather than any objective comparison. Each one plays tens of millions of songs. Spotify is the heaviest hitter and you can still use Google Play Music until .

    Price: Free / Varies

    Live TV apps hit the world in a big way a couple of years ago. Naturally, most of them are available on Android TV. The list includes Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu TV, and a few others. There are also some individual channel apps from stations like SYFY, E!, Oxygen, Brave, USA, and many others. These are great for Android TV owners for the same reason as video streaming sites. Its even more content you can watch while bored. The prices vary for each one but if a particular channel has a lot of content you want, its an easy price to pay. Google also has a Live Channels app to aid in your live TV discovery even further.

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    Mobdro Free Video Streams For Android

    It may consider the best app for live TV experience. There are various categories in this app which will help you to stream the right category according to your interest. It comes with the categories of Entertainment, Sports, Movies, Animals, gaming, anime, Music, Tech, spiritual, and science fiction programs.

    This amazing app has the capacity to provide you with all programs in more than 10 languages. It means you can use this popular app in your own native language. Additionally, its interface is very friendly and it takes TV programs from more than 30 countries to ensure the presence of your searched programs for live streaming. You just need to download it and start enjoying live TV.

    Plex: Stream Free Movies & Watch Live Tv Shows Now

    Many might argue that Plex isnt as comparable to Kodi, but Plex is a robust media center application.

    Plexs strength lies in its user interface everything just works.

    But first, youll have to figure out how the app works.

    To use Plex, youll need to use a Plex server on another computer that can be accessed by your Android TV over WiFi.

    After you have set it up, you can playback any media file on your Plex server, directly on your Android TV. This eliminates transferring files without any wires.

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    Best Way To Download Apks: Downloader

    As I mentioned, the one drawback to Puffin TV is that you cant directly download APK files to your Android TV device anymore.

    Thats where comes in.

    The Downloader app has one simple job to do, and it does it very well. Point it at an APK file, and it downloads it on your device. Then it even gives you the option of installing it without having to go to a file manager.

    Over the years, the developers have added a few new features including Google Search and even an integrated web browser, complete with favorites.

    They added Google Search in 2020, which is a great time-saver. Before, youd need to type in the complete URL for the APK file you wanted to download, which led to a lot of errors and frustration.

    Now, its a simple search, in most cases.

    The integrated web browser isnt full-featured by any means. So dont expect to be navigating around the web for the fun of it. Still, its a great way to browse through your favorite APK repository to see whats new.

    If you want to read more about the Downloader app, .

    Best Vpn For Android Tv: Ipvanish

    Top Apps You Must Try On Android TV

    If youve been following this site or my old one , youll probably have heard me singing the praises of NordVPN.

    NordVPN used to be my favorite VPN service until they were hacked in 2018. Getting hacked is bad enough, but what turned me off NordVPN was their response to it. They kept it secret for months until it leaked to the public.

    I cancelled NordVPN right away and started looking for another VPN service.

    After a lot of research and talking to several experts, eventually, I found IPVanish.

    No VPN service is perfect. I always say if a government agency really wants to see what youre doing online, theyre going to be able to.

    The best VPN is just going to make it harder for hackers, thieves and companies wanting to sell your data to get it.

    IPVanish makes it really easy for new users to connect to a VPN in just one click. Theyve also got a lot of features and options that experienced users can really customize their experience to get more security.

    I highly recommend you check out my review of the IPVanish app for Android TV. It goes into a lot of detail about every setting and even offers my suggestions so you can get set up and running quickly.

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    Best Free Live Tv Apps For Android In 2022

    The media streaming industry is on the constant rise, especially after the arrival of Netflix. Media streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., do allow you to watch endless hours of videos, but they dont offer live TV features.

    With Live TV apps, you can watch Live TV on the go, thats too, without paying the television charges. There are plenty of Free Live TV apps available on the Google Play Store that allows users to watch Television content without extra cost.

    The 20 Best Android Tv Apps Worth Installing Asap

    Just bought an Android TV device? Here are the must-have Android TV apps to install on your device today!

    So, you’ve bought an Android TV device. Congratulations! But now what?

    A few appslike YouTube and Netflixmight come pre-installed. For the rest, it’s up to you. For the best experience, you need a mix of videos, music, productivity, and system apps.

    With that in mind, here are the essential Android TV apps you need to install right away.

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    Free Tv Apps That Will Help You Cut Cable

    With so many free streaming options out there, its easier than ever to cut the cord and save big. Whether youre looking to keep up with the news, find a good movie for date night or entertain your kids with educational content, a streaming service exists to ensure you can do so without paying a dime.

    Try these free TV apps out and see which works best for you.

    Android Tv Remote \ Nvidia Shield Remote


    If youve ever lost your remote control in your couch or had the batteries die in the middle of a movie, a remote control app may be the solution.

    No matter what Android TV device you have, theres an official remote control app for it. Google created the official Android TV Remote Control app that will work on any device running the official Android TV operating system.

    Its a fairly basic app that allows you to navigate the screen using a D-pad emulator or you can switch to a touchpad emulator.

    The official NVIDIA Shield TV Remote Control app takes things a step further. You navigate around the app by swiping around your phones screen like a touchpad. However, you can also directly launch apps or games on your Shield TV by clicking on the icons, as seen above.

    You can also do voice searches, change the volume and restart your device directly from your smartphone. Theres even an app for Apple iPhones too.

    If you have an NVIDIA Shield TV, the official remote control app is a must-have. But even if you dont, you can still get the basic functionality with the official Google app.

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