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What Are The Benefits Of Using Open Source Speech Recognition

Unity Tutorial: Voice Interaction for Android and iOS

Mainly, you get few or no restrictions at all on the commercial usage for your application, as the open source speech recognition libraries will allow you to use them for whatever use case you may need.

Also, most if not all open source speech recognition toolkits in the market are also free of charge, saving you tons of money instead of using the proprietary ones.

The benefits of using open source speech recognition toolkits are indeed too many to be summarized in one article.

Create An Eclipse Project And Install The Speech Sdk

  • Start Eclipse.

  • In the Eclipse Launcher, in the Workspace field, enter the name of a new workspace directory. Then select Launch.

  • In a moment, the main window of the Eclipse IDE appears. Close the Welcome screen if one is present.

  • From the Eclipse menu bar, create a new project by choosing File> New> Project.

  • The New Project dialog box appears. Select Java Project, and select Next.

  • The New Java Project wizard starts. In the Project name field, enter quickstart, and choose JavaSE-1.8 as the execution environment. Select Finish.

  • If the Open Associated Perspective? window appears, select Open Perspective.

  • In the Package explorer, right-click the quickstart project. Choose Configure> Convert to Maven Project from the context menu.

  • The Create new POM window appears. In the Group Id field, enter com.microsoft.cognitiveservices.speech.samples, and in the Artifact Id field, enter quickstart. Then select Finish.

  • Open the pom.xml file and edit it.

  • At the end of the file, before the closing tag < /project> , create a repositories element with a reference to the Maven repository for the Speech SDK, as shown here:

    < repositories> < repository> < id> maven-cognitiveservices-speech< /id> < name> Microsoft Cognitive Services Speech Maven Repository< /name> < url> https://csspeechstorage.blob.core.windows.net/maven/< /url> < /repository> < /repositories> 
  • Save the changes.

  • The Speech SDK is compatible with Android devices having 32/64-bit ARM and Intel x86/x64 compatible processors.

    Set Up Visual Studio Development Options

    To start, make sure you’re set up correctly in Visual Studio for UWP development:

  • Open Visual Studio 2019 to display the Start window.

  • Select Continue without code to go to the Visual Studio IDE.

  • From the Visual Studio menu bar, select Tools> Get Tools and Features to open Visual Studio Installer and view the Modifying dialog box.

  • In the Workloads tab, under Windows, find the Universal Windows Platform development workload. If the check box next to that workload is already selected, close the Modifying dialog box, and go to step 6.

  • Select the Universal Windows Platform development check box, select Modify, and then in the Before we get started dialog box, select Continue to install the UWP development workload. Installation of the new feature may take a while.

  • Close Visual Studio Installer.

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    About Ios Speech Recognition

    iOS Plugin wrote PlugIn in Swift.Implementation example

        static func startLiveTranscription throws            recognitionReq.shouldReportPartialResults = false        //Audio session        let audioSession = AVAudioSession.sharedInstance        try audioSession.setCategory        try audioSession.setActive        //Status callback to Unity        VoiceRecoSwift.onCallbackStatus         recognitionTask = recognizer.recognitionTask        //Microphone input settings        let inputNode = audioEngine.inputNode        let recordingFormat = inputNode.outputFormat        inputNode.installTap         //Volume measurement        SettingVolume        audioEngine.prepare        try audioEngine.start        ...               ...

    ** Implementation features **-Language setting is recognizer = SFSpeechRecognizer )! If you have iOS13 or above, you can use it offline Since offline can be used without downloading, accuracy is high, and speed is fast, iOS adopted offline-To end the audio standby, for audioEngine, audioEngine.stop , audioEngine.inputNode.removeTap , recognitionReq? .EndAudio

    -It is necessary to specify the permission for microphone and voice recognition in the plist of Xcode.

    Unity side processing

    What Is A Speech Recognition Library/system

    Unity Android Speech Recognizer

    They are the software engines responsible for transmitting voice into the actual texts. They are not meant to be used by end users, as developers will first have to adapt these libraries and use them in order to create a program that end users may use later.

    Some of them come with a preloaded and trained dataset to recognize the given voices in one language and generate the corresponding texts, while others give just the engine without the dataset and developers will have to build the training models by them selves .

    You can think of them as the underlying engines of speech recognition programs.

    If you are an ordinary user looking for speech recognition, then none of these will be suitable for you, as they are meant for programmers use only.

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    Specify The Desired Keywords

    A speech recognition engine works best when you feed it with as few words as possible. Instead of searching the whole spectrum of the English language, we shall limit it to a small range. For our game, we need only four keywords: up, down, left, and right.

    We can also specify the confidence level of the speech recognition engine. The confidence level is a value that indicates how ambiguous words should be treated. Use Medium or High for native English speakers, and Low for non-native speakers.

    The third variable is the speed of the object.

    All of these members are declared public, so you can edit them right into the Unity Editor.

    public string keywords = new string  public ConfidenceLevel confidence = ConfidenceLevel.Medium public float speed = 1.0f 

    Finally, we declare a variable for the word that was recognized:

    protected string word = "right" 

    Install The Speech Sdk

    To install the Speech SDK for Unity, follow these steps:

  • Download and open the Speech SDK for Unity, which is packaged as a Unity asset package , and should already be associated with Unity. When the asset package is opened, the Import Unity Package dialog box appears. You may need to create and open an empty project for this step to work.

  • Ensure that all files are selected, and select Import. After a few moments, the Unity asset package is imported into your project.

  • For more information about importing asset packages into Unity, see the Unity documentation.

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    Unpack The Speech Sdk For Javascript Into That Folder

    Download the Speech SDK as a .zip package and unpack it into the newly created folder.This results in five files being unpacked:

    • microsoft.cognitiveservices.speech.sdk.bundle.js A human readable version of the Speech SDK.
    • microsoft.cognitiveservices.speech.sdk.bundle.js.map A map file used for debugging SDK code.
    • microsoft.cognitiveservices.speech.sdk.bundle.d.ts Object definitions for use with TypeScript
    • microsoft.cognitiveservices.speech.sdk.bundle-min.js A minified version of the Speech SDK.
    • speech-processor.js Code to improve performance on some browsers.

    Speech To Text And Text To Speech For Foreign Languages

    UNITY 2017 – Text To Speech Android – [C#][Tutorial][Android] Part 1

    I’m considering porting a speech 2D HTML5 web game I’ve built to Unity2D for iPhone and Android. I’m a full-stack web developer, and not a Unity developer, so an agency would help me build the Unity app. Before signing with them, I need to be sure both Speech to Text and Text to Speech services are available for Mandarin, Spanish, and English, otherwise I’d waste a lot of money up front.

    For Web, Webkit Speech is easily accessible via the browser. I’ve found that IBM Watson has an API available, and has demos for STT and TTS, and I’ve found that they have a Unity SDK here, but I don’t have the skillsets to test the Unity SDK.

    I’m looking for guidance on great STT and TTS APIs that the agency can use for those three foreign languages.

  • Does the Unity SDK provide support for frontend STT and TTS audio streaming? STT needs to capture users’ voice input and transcribe it quickly. Likewise, TTS needs to allow the user to hover over a target language word and listen to a near-native pronunciation.
  • Does it offer both STT and TTS for Spanish, Mandarin, and English?
  • What other NLP APIs are there which meet my requirements?
  • Apologies, I’m completely new to Unity/phone development so any guidance here would be extremely helpful. If no APIs exist that meet these requirements then Unity won’t work for my app since STT and TTS is critical.

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    About Voice Recognition Engine

    The voice recognition engine is software that listens to voice from a microphone and converts it into text.There are multiple functions whose APIs are open to developers, and they can be used from smartphones, PCs, browsers, etc.

    The voice recognition engine API is provided by various companies.This time I will use it in the Unity application, so I evaluated it on that assumption

    Web API provided by GoogleHigh accuracy, but slow with Web API
    Speech RecognizerAPIs available from Android native appsThe speed is high and the accuracy is high. Predictive conversion is a little strong
    Speech RecognitionAPIs available from iOS native appsHigh speed and high accuracy. Faithful conversion
    Azure Speech to TextIt can be used on various platforms. Made by MicroSoftDid not work well on iOS
    Watson Speech to TextIt can be used on various platforms. Made by IBM
    Web API. Made by Amazon×Slow response with Web API
    Web Speech APIWeb API. Made by MDN×Slow response with Web API

    From the above evaluation, using Speech Recognizer , Speech Recognition ,I decided to use it in the form of Android Plugin and iOS Plugin calls from Unity.

    Install The Speech Sdk Using Android Studio

  • Launch Android Studio, and select Start a new Android Studio project in the Welcome window.

  • The Choose your project wizard appears. Select Phone and Tablet and Empty Activity in the activity selection box. Select Next.

  • On the Configure your project screen, enter Quickstart as Name and enter samples.speech.cognitiveservices.microsoft.com as Package name. Then select a project directory. For Minimum API level, select API 23: Android 6.0 . Leave all other check boxes clear, and select Finish.

  • Android Studio takes a moment to prepare your new Android project. Next, configure the project to know about the Azure Cognitive Services Speech SDK and to use Java 8.


    The current version of the Cognitive Services Speech SDK is 1.19.0.

    The Speech SDK for Android is packaged as an AAR , which includes the necessary libraries and required Android permissions.It’s hosted in a Maven repository at https://csspeechstorage.blob.core.windows.net/maven/.

    Set up your project to use the Speech SDK. Open the Project Structure window by selecting File> Project Structure from the Android Studio menu bar. In the Project Structure window, make the following changes:

  • In the list on the left side of the window, select Project. Edit the Default Library Repositorysettings by appending a comma and our Maven repository URL enclosed in single quotation marks: ‘https://csspeechstorage.blob.core.windows.net/maven/’

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    Use Nuget Package Manager To Install The Speech Sdk

  • In the Solution Explorer, right-click the helloworld project, and then select Manage NuGet Packages to show the NuGet Package Manager.

  • In the upper-right corner, find the Package Source drop-down box, and make sure that nuget.org is selected.

  • In the upper-left corner, select Browse.

  • In the search box, type Microsoft.CognitiveServices.Speech and select Enter.

  • From the search results, select the Microsoft.CognitiveServices.Speech package, and then select Install to install the latest stable version.

  • Accept all agreements and licenses to start the installation.

    After the package is installed, a confirmation appears in the Package Manager Console window.

  • How To Add Google Speech To Text In Unity 2019

    Implement Partial Results for iOS · Issue #29 · j1mmyto9 ...

    This is a very straightforward tutorial

    There is little available on the Internet regarding API integrations in small game projects. Indie games are pushing the envelope every day, changing the paradigm of gaming. Its only a matter of time before your next game project requires some form of data ingress/egress via API.

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    Android Speech Recognition For Unity3d

    Adding voice commands to your Android games has never been easier!

    This plugin allows you to integrate the powerful Android Speech Recognition technology in your Unity3D project.

    You can choose to listen to the events of the RecognizerIntent directly or you can use the SpeechDictionary class from this plugin to listen to a limited number of commands.

    The plugin allows you to listen continuously , or you can choose to start and stop listening manually. The latter can be done from code or by defining a touch to listen rectangle.

    The plugin supports Unity 4.3+ . Android 2.3+ is supported when the device is connected to the internet. Devices running Android 4.1+ have the possibility to install languages for offline speech recognition.

    Demo APK:A build of the demo application can be downloaded here.Its a simple 3×3 grid where you can move the cross around, using the following commands: go up, go down, go left, go right. The word go is optional if you are using touch to detect.


    Insert the SpeechRecognition prefab into your first scene and adapt the settings to handle your needs.

    These are all the options you have on SpeechRecognition prefab, they can also be changed in code:

    To connect the plugin with your code you should call the static methods from the SpeechRecognition class.

    You can change the following settings on the SpeechRecognition.instance object:

    public int maxResults = 5

    Android Speech To Text Tutorial

    Android comes with an inbuilt feature speech to text through which you can provide speech input to your app. With this you can add some of the cool features to your app like adding voice navigation, filling a form with voice input etc.,

    In the background how voice input works is, the speech input will be streamed to a server, on the server voice will be converted to text and finally text will be sent back to our app.

    If you want to do the other way i.e converting text to speech, follow my previous tutorial Android Text to Speech

    I have created a simple app to demonstrate this tutorial. Below is the screenshot of the app which contains a simple button to invoke speech input and a TextView to display the converted speech text.

    So lets start by creating simple app.

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    Speed To Text In Unity Ios Use Native Speech Recognition

    5 months ago1620 css-unity

    CSS Unity is a utility that combines a stylesheet’s external resources, such as images, into the stylesheet itself as base64 encoded text by using data URIs and MHTML.

    A wrapper for popular TTS services to create a more simple & uniform API. Currently, only AWS Polly is supported.

    Got any useful tips about j1mmyto9/Speech-And-Text-Unity-iOS-Android?

    How To Add Text To Speech To Unity Project

    UNITY 2017 – Text To Speech Android – [C#][Tutorial][Android] Part 2

    I am looking for System.speech to work in unity? Is there any way how to include this DLL in unity and MonoDevelop?

    Because I’m trying to make a sound text to speech without spend the money from asset store. If System.Speech Library DLL could handle this why not. Just how to make it work with unity 5.3.5 ?

    Also I have already try speechLib.dll. It is work while in editor but when Build to APK it is error and can’t build.

    • Sebastian LMar 3 ’17 at 7:46
    • Hi @SebastianL I have try looking at Mono Project-> Edit References-> packages and i can see there is a System.Speech at there. It is at mono, why i can’t use it even system.speech is microsoft.net ? Is there any speech DLL version for unity to work with ? Dennis LiuMar 3 ’17 at 7:58
    • no there isn’t if you want it to work on android/iOS, for this you need a third party libMar 3 ’17 at 8:42
    • I have bought Android Speech TTS plugin at asset store unity. Hope it work.

    Dlls files don’t work on Android or iOS unless it is an unmanaged dll file without Windows specified API. If it is a Windows API or a managed dll then it won’t work on Android or iOS.

    You have two options: Buy a plugin or make your own. If you are only targeting Android and iOS then go for thisEasy TTS which cost $5.


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    What Is An Open Source Speech Recognition Library

    The difference between proprietary speech recognition and open source speech recognition, is that the library used to process the voices should be licensed under one of the known open source licenses, such as GPL, MIT and others.

    Microsoft and IBM for example have their own speech recognition toolkits that they offer for developers, but they are not open source. Simply because they are not licensed under one of the open source licenses in the market.

    What Is The Best Open Source Speech Recognition System

    If you are building a small application which you want to be portable everywhere, then Vosk is your best option, as it is written in Python and works on iOS, android and Raspberry pi too, and supports up to 10 languages. It also provides a huge training dataset if you shall need it, and a smaller one for portable applications.

    If, however, you want to train and build your own models for much complex tasks, then any of Fairseq, OpenSeq2Seq, Athena and ESPnet should be more than enough for your needs, and they are the most modern state-of-the-art toolkits.

    As for Mozillas DeepSpeech, it lacks a lot of features behind its other competitors in this list, and isnt really cited a lot in speech recognition academic research like the others. And its future is concerning after the recent Mozilla restructure, so one would want to stay away from it for now.

    Traditionally, are also very much cited in the academic literature.

    Alternatively, you may try these open source speech recognition libraries to see how they work for you in your use case.

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    About Android Speech Recognizer

    Android Plugin wrote PlugIn in Android StudioImplementation example

            intent = new Intent         intent.putExtra         intent.putExtra)         //Language setting        intent.putExtra         recognizer = SpeechRecognizer.createSpeechRecognizer         recognizer.setRecognitionListener                           str += s                 }               UnitySendMessage                ...

    ** Implementation features **-Language setting is intent.putExtra -Offline usage settings are also possible )However, it is difficult to use because it is necessary to download the language data in advance from the terminal Android is assumed to be online-To put the audio in standby, recognizer.startListening -To end the audio standby, recognizer.stopListening

    Unity side processing

     if )

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