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Clear The Cache And Data Of The App

How To Set Up T-Mobile Visual Voicemail on Android Phones

The easiest fix to any application problem is usually clearing out the data and cache as it helps to rid the app of pre-existing issues. To do this, you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to your phones settings.
  • Locate Apps
  • Go through your apps until you find the Visual Voicemail app.
  • Tap on the app and then press Storage.
  • Tap on Clear Cache.
  • Go back and tap on Manage Space then Clear All Data.
  • This should help rid your app of the issues that it might currently have and itll help it to work properly.

    No Visual Voicemail On Us Cell

  • Why come no visual voicemail on Samsung Note 20 Ultra on US Cellular. I sideload is errors out when I open it, Not SupportedHow can I get visual vm on this phone? Any help is appreciated.03-05-2021 06:19 PM
  • Hi, some carrier support it and some don’t ., I know Att does but t-mobile doesn’t03-05-2021 08:53 PM
  • Faceplant15Thank you Mustang7757. That’s what I am afraid of. I called US Cellular and they didnt say it didnt work, but they couldnt get it working. Strange thing is my wifes iPhone’s visual voicemail works. Any US Cell users out there that can confirm Visual Voicemail works or doesnt work on Samsung Note?
  • Moderator Originally Posted by Faceplant15Thank you Mustang7757. That’s what I am afraid of. I called US Cellular and they didnt say it didnt work, but they couldnt get it working. Strange thing is my wifes iPhone’s visual voicemail works. Any US Cell users out there that can confirm Visual Voicemail works or doesnt work on Samsung Note?This is for the unlocked versions , but you might get a carrier Visual voicemail one to work03-06-2021 10:18 AM
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    What Is The Visual Voicemail App

    You can find the Visual Voicemail app on many Android phones it provides an easy way to receive and organize your voicemail messages. You can check your voicemail without having to make a phone call and enter your passcode or PIN. In this app, you can see all your voicemail messages, the date they came through, the number it was from, and how long the message is.

    Newer Android operating systems always include this Visual Voicemail app natively for your convenience. After you use this app, I promise you wont want to go back to the old way of dialing in to hear your voicemails.

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    Leave Yourself A Voicemail


    Sounds a little strange I know, but call yourself and then leave yourself a voicemail. Once you check your voicemail, listen to it, and then erase it. After you have erased the voicemail you just left on your own machine then check and see if your voicemail notification icon is still showing or if it is now working correctly.

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    How To Set Up Voicemail On Android

    First, youll want to open up your built-in Phone app. Get to the dial screen and press and hold the number 1 to start a call to your voicemail service. If you have already set up your voicemail, you will be prompted for your PIN you can reset your PIN if youve forgotten it, but the process varies by provider.

    If you havent set up your voicemail, you will hear a message that states, No voicemail number is stored on the card. Follow the prompts you hear to complete setting up the voicemail service on your Android phone. After you complete your voicemail setup, try pressing and holding 1 again and verify that your voicemail is working correctly with the password you chose.

    Then youre ready to receive voicemails! If you also have the Visual Voicemail app, which natively comes with most new Android devices, youll see a notification pop up for this app when you get a voicemail. Personally, I prefer to manage my voicemails in the Visual Voicemail app instead of dialing in to hear and manage my voicemails.

    Here are step-by-step instructions:

    How Do I Turn Off My Voicemail Us Cellular

    How to Disable Voicemail on Android

  • Check if you have call forwarding. Open the Phone app, select the Menu icon, then choose Settings.
  • Scroll through the settings and select Call-forwarding if its an option. You may have to open Advanced or More Settings to find this.
  • Disable all call-forwarding functions.
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    Allow Visual Voicemail Background Data Usage

    Setting background processes for an application differs from one device to another and one carrier to another. Hence, the following is a descriptive procedure to allow Visual Voicemail background data usage.

    • Lit up your phone and go to “Settings.”
    • Now, go to “Applications.” OR, “More Settings”> “App Manager.”

    • There, you will see a bunch of system applications and those you’ve downloaded to your Android phone. Scroll and search for the “Visual Voicemail” app and tap on it.
    • After that, tap on “Mobile Data.”
    • There, enable on “Allow background data usage.”

    Visual Voicemail: Iphone Setup

    Motorola Moto X: Visual Voicemail

    Setting up Visual Voicemail on an iPhone is different from Android phones. If your carrier supports the service and if you have it in your plan, you can easily set it up by following the steps below:

  • Head to your Phone app and go to the Voicemail tab.
  • Tap on Set Up Now.
  • Input your voicemail password and tap on Done. You will be asked to key in your password again for confirmation.
  • Set up your voicemail greeting.
  • Tap Save.
  • And youre all set. Take note that you will need to have a carrier that supports the service for this to work. You will not be able to access Visual Voicemail if your carrier does not support it.

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    Why Did Gethuman Write How Do I Setup My Voicemail On Us Cellular

    After thousands of US Cellular customers came to GetHuman in search of an answer to this problem , we decided it was time to publish instructions. So we put together How Do I Setup My Voicemail on Us Cellular? to try to help. It takes time to get through these steps according to other users, including time spent working through each step and contacting US Cellular if necessary. Best of luck and please let us know if you successfully resolve your issue with guidance from this page.

    Turn Visual Voicemail On/off

    Toggling between Visual Voicemail can also assure to fix the software glitches.

    • Launch the “Phone” from the application drawer.
    • On the top-right hand corner, tap on three vertical dots, as shown in the image below.

    • From the dropped menu, tap on “Settings.”

    • Now, click on the “Voicemail” tab on call settings.

    • Now, toggle the Visual Voicemail ON if it’s turned OFF.

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    What Is Visual Voicemail

    Visual Voicemail provides you with an easier way to access your voicemail visually. The messages can be transcribed and stored longer so you can read through them anytime at your leisure. They also provide you with important information about the caller and how long the voicemail is.

    This not only helps users save time but also gives them more flexibility over their messages. They can prioritize responses and even forward transcriptions. With this, users can scan through their messages quickly without having to listen to every message that they receive. It saves time more than the traditional voicemail. Its something that people should consider getting especially if they have a business because it saves time.

    The best thing about this is that you have the option to add a PIN. This keeps your messages private even when you have multiple phones connected to the same number. Its a functional and flexible way to manage your calls even when youre out.

    You Cannot Recover Deleted Voicemails

    YouMail Visual Voicemail
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    Can i retrieve a deleted voicemail for us cellular?

    Add Your AnswerUs cellular how do i retrieve a message that was deleted because it was 30 days old

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    How To Access Your Saved Voicemails After The Update

    AppleAfter the update, all your previously saved voicemails will still be available within Apple Visual Voicemail.

    AndroidAfter the update, you may still access your previously saved messages for a short period of time. Press Option 4 from the new main menu, then press “*” to interrupt your previous greeting.

    Note that you will need your old voicemail PIN to access these saved voicemails.

    Visual Voicemail: Availing Of The Service

    The service is not free on most carriers. Contrary to the traditional voicemail that you can easily set up and access through your phones settings, you will have to avail of the service from your carrier. It usually either comes with a prepaid plan or you can get it as an upgrade to an already existing plan. It usually doesnt cost much and you can get the service without having to add too much to your phone bill.

    Heres how you can avail of the service from top mobile carriers:

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    Allow Background Data Usage

    Depending on the courier and device that you have, the process of allowing background data usage might be different. Nonetheless, if youre on an Android phone, the process should be similar to the one below.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Depending on your device, locate Applications or find More Settings > App Manager.
  • Scroll down the list of apps that you have until you find the Visual Voicemail app.
  • Tap on the app and then Mobile Data.
  • Once there, simply toggle the switch to enable Allow background data usage.
  • How To Set Up Your Voicemail

    LG G Flex2 : Visual Voicemail

    AppleAfter you have been updated, please follow these simple steps to set up your Voicemail box.

  • Open your Voicemail App.
  • On the Voicemail main menu and click on the Set Up button.
  • Type in your new password twice and click Done after each time. The password will be autosaved after the second time.
  • You will be transitioned to the Greetings menu. The default standard greeting will be auto selected. If you wish to keep the standard greeting, click Save and move to step 6. If you wish to record your own personal greeting, click Custom and move to step 5.
  • You will now see all your visual voicemail messages.
  • AndroidAfter you have been updated, please follow these simple steps to set up your Voicemail box.

  • Access your Voicemail box by dialing “*86”, your 10-digit number or long press “1”.
  • Follow these prompts to set up your Voicemail box:
  • Choose English or Spanish as your language preference
  • Set your 4-15 digit password
  • Record your name
  • Record or select your greeting
  • Your Voicemail box is now ready to use.
  • For more detailed step-by-step instructions,

    Choosing a secure password: To protect your privacy, the Voicemail system doesnt allow easy-to-guess passwords, including 4 or more repeating digits , 4 or more consecutive digits , or pair even or odd numbers together . Your choice of a unique password will be an important step in protecting your Voicemail messages.

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    Visual Voicemail For Android

    Visual voicemail is a system that will allow a user to view and/or listen to their messages without calling their voicemail box and offers a visual interface to view and navigate through the messages. Visual voicemail is a service that will work with most newer phones. While we do not offer a Ting specific visual voicemail app we can support visual voicemail on some phones that come with the software pre-loaded. Note: Cellular data is required for visual voicemail.

    Verdict On The Best Visual Voicemail Apps

    As you can see, there are a lot of excellent voicemail apps that you can use today. Most of these will bring you the functionality that youre after, but its worth noting that they are generally pricier than the stock voicemail function that comes with your phone. Most postpaid plans already bundle Visual Voicemail in with the data, or its an inexpensive $0.99 per month to keep it active.

    And Android is only seeing more and more improvements, improving even the built-in Visual Voicemail function. Its seen some major improvements over the years, to the point where you dont need to rely on a 3rd party.

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    Why Is Visual Voicemail Not Working On Iphone

    If you cant set up Visual Voicemail, contact your carrier to make sure that your plan supports the feature. Make sure that you set up your voicemail. To check, dial your own phone number from your iPhone and leave yourself a message. Call your iPhone from another phone and try to leave yourself a voicemail.

    Visual Voicemail: A Rundown

    Google adds T

    Visual Voicemail is a handy interface where users can access their recorded voicemail. With this, theyll be able to view the callers number, message length, time, and date. Visual Voicemail transcribes the voicemail so that the user can easily read through them. This allows users to also prioritize their replies and manage their messages accordingly.

    You can typically access your Visual Voicemail through a desktop or an app from your phone or network provider. Typically, most phones from a provider will have the app on the phone already. However, if you prefer the traditional voicemail, you can always learn how to set up voicemail to use it instead of the Visual Voicemail.

    Visual Voicemail was made to be convenient for the users but that isnt always the case. Like other apps, you ought to expect a few road bumps when using it. Errors can range from failing to receive notifications to not being able to access your voicemail properly.

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    How To Fix Us Cellular Voicemail Not Working

  • Restart Device
  • If the voicemail option is not working on your device. Then the most common reason for this can be that your device is having problems trying to connect to the network. You can easily get rid of this bug by rebooting your device. First of all, make sure that you close all the applications on your mobile phone so that you do not lose any data.

    After this, hold down the power button on your phone and then a pop up will appear. Select the option for the restart and press it twice to restart your phone. Wait for a few seconds for your device to completely restart. This will delete all the temporary data stored on your device and your voicemail should now work without any problem.

  • Setup Your Mailbox
  • Your mailbox might not have been set correctly. In order to use this service, you need to set up your mailbox first. Start by dialing *86 and then sending it to your mailbox. Alternatively, you can call the 10-digit phone number that you own and then send it. Afterward, select the language you prefer to start the procedure.

    You will get the option to set up your own pin for your account. Enter it and then record the voice message you want as your voicemail. You can also select an option from the given default ones. After saving your data, you can start using your voicemail.

  • Reset Password
  • In case these steps mentioned above do not fix your problem, US Cellular should be able to identify the reason and fix the error for you as well.

    Why Does Gethuman Write How

    GetHuman has been working for over 10 years on sourcing information about big organizations like US Cellular in order to help customers resolve customer service issues faster. We started with contact information and fastest ways to reach a human at big companies. Particularly ones with slow or complicated IVR or phone menu systems. Or companies that have self-serve help forums instead of a customer service department. From there, we realized that consumers still needed more detailed help solving the most common problems, so we expanded to this set of guides, which grows every day. And if you spot any issues with our How Do I Setup My Voicemail on Us Cellular? guide, please let us know by sending us feedback. We want to be as helpful as possible. If you appreciated this guide, please share it with your favorite people. Our free information and tools is powered by you, the customer. The more people that use it, the better it gets.

    US Cellular

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    How Does Visual Voicemail Work

    Contrary to traditional voicemail, you will need an app or a website to access your messages with Visual Voicemail. Once you have access to the website or the app, youll be able to view your messages on a visual interface. Whenever you receive a voicemail, the app will store it temporarily for a certain number of days until you choose to save it.

    Youll be able to store and manage your voicemails easier once you get the service. Youll be able to see a list of messages that you can either read or listen to. The list provides you with details like the callers number and the duration of the call so you can easily see who left the message. Additionally, depending on the app or the service that youre using, it will automatically transcribe the message for you so you can breeze through it without having to listen to the recording. Its a relatively new technology, however, so the accuracy of transcription will depend on the quality of voicemail recording.

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