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Lifesize Desktop App And Web App | Build an Android Video Chat App in Minutes

The Lifesize app is available as a downloadable application that you can run on your PC or Mac, but you can also make and receive calls right from your browser using the Lifesize web app. The downloadable app and web app are both built from the same standards-based source code to make use of the same features. With Lifesize, anyone can join a video call right from their browser and bypass ever having to download an application just to connect.

Hangouts Free Video Conferencing Software

Android | iOS

Google Hangouts is a comprehensive communication platform created by Google to help users in using voice calls video calls and instant messaging for work. the software is very useful for one-to-one implementations as well as a group.

This cloud-based collaboration and communication tool is excellent for corporate firms looking for communication tools to handle their remote teams. it includes various additional features such as cloud storage, text documents, presentation slides, and spreadsheets.

It is integrated with various Google applications to allow conversations conveniently.

An interesting feature of this software is that chat histories are saved online as well which allows them to be synchronized between devices. Furthermore, it is designed very similarly to the social network sites which makes it very easy to handle communication between employees.

How To Use Androids Built

Depending on your device and carrier, its possible to make video calls from your phone app directly.

  • Open the Phone app.

  • Select the contact you wish to call.

  • Tap the video icon underneath the contact’s name to begin a video call.

  • Wait for your contact to answer. If your contacts phone doesnt support video chat, youll automatically be switched to an audio call.

  • The only downside to Androids built-in calling is that youll only be able to start a video call with someone who also has this functionality.

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    Which Video Conferencing App Is The Most Secure One

    We cannot particularize certain video conferencing apps to be the most secure one, as every app has their own ups and downs with security protocols. With BigBlueButton, it supports transit encryption wherein it uses standard TLS, using WebRTC for all the traffic that is moving from the users web browser to the server, and it does not support end-to-end encryption over any of its video data.

    With Microsoft Teams app, it offers end-to-end encryption but with a restriction that enables the security only for one-to-one teams video/audio call. Get to know more on other preferred apps here.

    A Corporate App With A Solid Freemium Version

    The Best 5 Video Conferencing Apps 2019 For Android

    Webex, a videoconferencing app that has been around since the 90s, has a useful free version.

    Webex is a videoconferencing app that has been around since the 90s, and was acquired by Cisco in 2007. While its been mainly known as a business application and continues to focus on serving companies, it does have a fairly generous free version thats worth checking out. During the current pandemic, it has widened the features of the freemium version from 50 to 100 participants, and you can meet for up to 50 minutes.

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    Screen Annotations And Drawing

    TrueConf for Android users can now draw over the content shared from their mobile devices. This feature allows you to highlight phrases or text paragraphs, drawing the audiences attention to what matters. With a special widget displayed during screen sharing, you can choose a color and thickness of brush, or erase the annotations made.

    All The Best Video Conferencing Apps In One Place With Shift

    As you line up all the tools you need to do your work, youll need a great way to organize it all. Shift integrates with many of the best video conferencing apps. With Shift in place, you can easily move between all the apps you use, including your email, text, social media, and productivity tools. to learn more about how Shift can help you reduce clutter and boost your efficiency.

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    Now Featured On Your Gmail Page

    Google Meet is a video calling option that requires Google accounts to use.

    Meet offers a very simple and efficient way to video chat with colleagues, friends, and family assuming they all have Google accounts, which is a requirement for both hosts and participants. In fact, Google is not only pushing people to use its Meet videoconferencing app instead of Zoom, but also instead of its own previously pushed Google Hangouts app. You can find a Meet link in the Gmail app and in every appointment you make using Google Calendar. And Meet has some neat features, including real-time captions.

    Teamviewer Best Teleconference Meeting Software

    How To Use Zoom App – Tutorial | Meeting Video conferencing for teaching & students | iPhone android

    Android | iOS

    This communication tool allows remote teams to connect to multiple workstations. With the wide array of features ranging from collaboration to desktop access and support, TeamViewer brings in incredible features to catapult your productivity and increase customer satisfaction alongside.

    As one of the top apps in the list of apps used for video conferencing, it is not only the best communication platform with enterprise-class security but also a solution that saves you from the VPN complexity as well as expense.

    With TeamViewer, you can enjoy cross-platform access and connect across multiple platforms personal computers, or mobiles. It provides a highly accessible and powerful system for individual users and large corporations.

    The best feature of TeamViewer is that you can easily share desktops, transfer files, and work behind any firewall proxy.

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    The Most Popular Video Meeting App

    Zoom is one of the most widely used video meeting apps.

    Zoom has become one of the most well-known videoconferencing apps in fact, its name is quickly becoming synonymous with video meetings. Before the pandemic hit, the company pushed Zoom mostly for corporate use, but it also provides a free basic version for individuals. At first, because Zoom didnt expect its sudden popularity among non-business users, there were several missteps involving privacy and security the company quickly instituted a number of changes and updates to address these issues.

    The free version of Zoom allows up to 100 users to meet, but there is a 40-minute limit on meetings of more than two people, which can be pretty limiting. At the time of publication, Zoom was not offering any special deals for those now working at home, but it does have a page offering help and advice to new users.

    How Much Does Video Conferencing App Development Costs

    Video conferencing platforms are in use everywhere nowadays, from the free-to-use Zoom to premium-tagged apps that only enterprises can afford. Video conferencing is a unique collaborative communication solution that spun out of the darkness of 2020-pandemics need for remote conferencing.

    • 95% users of video conferencing solutions find it reliable to use.
    • 115% increase in workforce preferring to work remotely.
    • 85% prefer to use video conferencing over other communication alternatives.

    As the use and need for secure online video conferencing functionality expands, one cannot ignore the business of developing these video conferencing apps. At the same time not all apps have made a million download milestones. This implies that there is a science to making a video conferencing app a top performer and profitable!

    Therefore, to build a video conferencing app you should use the right features and the right tech stack to make yours a popular app!

    Read on to learn more on how thats done!

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      What Is The Easiest Video Conferencing Software To Use

      After you have found a list of packages that meet your budget, it is equally important for you to question the ease of use of the business video conferencing software. For example the ease of signing up, creating a meeting, inviting participants, and setting up audio and video controls.

      The user experience from the meeting invitees point of view is just as important because it can make or break a meeting. It is up to the user to decide whether they prefer or need dial-in numbers, VoIP support, or both options for your audio, and video calls in addition to screen sharing.

      There are also many other services, such as teleconferencing with dial-in numbers and VoIP calling, while some offer both or just one or the other. There are some international dial-in numbers offers as well. Most of the products allow video calls via webcam.

      Our top five easiest video conferencing apps to use are:

    • Google Hangouts
    • GoToMeeting
    • The Best Video Conferencing App For A Lightweight Option

      Free Android Video Conferencing Software App

      There are many browser-based video conferencing services out there. Most of them aim to make it easy for anyone to quickly create a meeting link, share it, and start a meeting. Simplicity is the point.

      Whereby is the best app in this sub-category. If you want to quickly start a meeting, Whereby is perfect. Starting and sharing a link could not be much easier, and in our tests, no one had trouble joining. There’s support for up to 100 people, a prominent record button, a chat function, and screen sharing.

      There’s also an integration feature, which works differently from anything else we tested. Most video conferencing apps rely on some version of screen sharing for collaboration. Whereby actually embeds productivity apps right on the page. For example: open the Google Docs integration, and a document will be loaded right there in meeting. Everyone can edit the document right there, after logging into Google Docs, because this isn’t a video of the documentit’s the actual document, in the window, alongside your video chat. You could argue that Whereby integrates with Google Docs better than Google Meet does. The YouTube integration also works better in Whereby than in Meet, which tells us Google could learn a few things from this app.

      If you’re looking for a browser-based video conferencing appone that doesn’t require accounts for participantscheck out Whereby first.

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      Whats The Best Video Conferencing App For You

      Investing in the right software for your team will depend on a whole host of factors.

      Do you want to use it for training? Are you hoping to host in-depth virtual meetings using online whiteboards and presentations? Or do you just want a tool thatll let you have one free video call with one person at a time?

      In our humble opinion:

      • RingCentral is the best video conferencing option for teams and businesses that do quite a bit of their collaboration online, which entails them needing features like screen sharing, file sharing, and task management.
      • Google Hangouts is better if the most important thing for you is having something free, and you just want the basics.
      • ClickMeeting is the best option if you do need those bells and whistles, but you have a very small team.

      And, while wed love to be the perfect video conferencing tool for every team out there, we have to be honesttheres no one tool thats a perfect fit for every businesses.

      Whatever software you decide to invest in, make sure it fits your goals and the way your team works. Dont just go with the option with the most features or the cheapest price tag. The right video conferencing software can boost collaboration and dramatically cut your onboarding training times, so choose wisely!

      Up next

      The Best Video Conferencing App For Reliable Large Video Calls

      You already know about Zoom. People who literally live under rocks know about Zoom. It’s the most popular video conferencing app out there, and for good reason: it just works.

      You can share a link to a Zoom meeting and feel confident that everyone will be able to join it. There are apps for every major platform, and at this point, you can assume everyone already installed them. Joining a meeting is as simple as clicking the link. It’s hard to overstate how valuable that is: nothing drags a meeting down quite like someone not being able to join.

      Zoom is also extremely reliable. It will typically keep your video going even through a weak internet connection, just at a reduced quality level. You can record any call as a full-length video, and participants can also use text chat to talk with each other, either as a group or as individual private messages. And you can share your screen, an individual app, or just one section of your screen. You can even share audio from your computer, if you want.

      Zoom lets you schedule calls in advance, chat anytime with any of your contacts, or connect to room conferencing hardware. All in all, it’s a nearly perfect team video app.

      You can do even more with Zoom by connecting it to Zapier, taking the busywork out of meeting prep and follow-up. For example, you can automatically add Zoom calls to your calendar, schedule video conferences when someone books an appointment, or get notifications for upcoming meetings.

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      Which Software Is The Best

      There aren’t a lot of options out there for someone who is seeking a free web conferencing app that includes screen sharing. However, the ones that are available do a good job at meeting the needs of most teams. With options like Google Hangouts, Apache’s OnlineMeeting, and TeamViewer, most companies may not have to spend any money on web conferencing.

      Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing With 365 Integration

      How to Create a Video Conference App for Free in 8 Minutes | Open Source

      Microsoft Teams is a team management tool thats meant for web and mobile devices. It builds a hybrid work strategy, letting you collaborate with your team members to stay connected in the most organized and focused manner all in a single place. It provides high-end security and privacy protocols with no compromise in quality.

      You can find a wide range of video conferencing features with Microsoft Team including screen sharing, call recording, live captions, background blur technology and more. Moreover, its integration with Microsoft 365 makes this platform stand out in the market as a leader in the field of video conferencing and digital workspace integration.

      Key Features

      • Host audio, video and web conference effortlessly
      • One-to-one and group meet across the world
      • Permits up to 100 participants in a video conferencing
      • Enables the host to invite external guest to the meeting
      • File transfer, screen sharing, recording option

      Compatible Platforms iOS and Android


      • Only Monthly subscription

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      How To Choose The Right Video Conferencing App For You

      The right video conferencing app for you will depend on your main use cases. How many people will you be video calling, and how often? Do you need features such as call recording for training purposes, or is it more important to have an app that’s easy for anyone to use on iPhone or Android devices? Consider what aspects are most important to you now, and which might come in handy over the next year or so, to allow for business growth.

      Price is another crucial factor- which option offers you the best cost efficiency? You can compare the best price deals your business can get using our quote comparison tool.

      What Is The Best Video Conferencing Platform For Webinars

      Zoom is not only the best for business video conferences, but it’s also the best platform for hosting webinars.

      Zoom has a plan that allows you to meet with 500 meeting participants for only $20 per month.

      In comparison, Zoho charges $105 per month for 500 meeting participants, and charges $18 per month for 250.

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      Recap: What Are The Best Video Conferencing Apps

      Video conferencing apps are here to stay, and as it stands right now, these are our picks for the best conferencing apps.

      View Plans
      • Best performance: Zoom is the most popular video conferencing platform for a reason. Its the most reliable conferencing app for a smooth stream.
      • Best free video conferencing app: Skype was built to offer free video conferencing. It lets you talk for hours on end and it wont cost you a penny.
      • Best integration: is a natural fit with your Google account. Its incredibly easy to start up a video conference with your Google contacts or anyone who uses Microsoft Office.
      • Best bundle: Microsoft Teams comes included with the Microsoft Suite of programs. If youre already planning on using Microsoft programs, you should commit to Microsoft Teams as your video conferencing app of choice.
      • Most accessible: Zoho makes it as easy as possible to start a conference call with anybody, regardless of what device theyre using. Folks can call in to meetings, or just click on a link to join. It also has really impressive webinar hosting features.

      Whats your choice for the best video conferencing platform? Have you had any bad experiences with any video conferencing youd like to share? Oh, and please feel free to include any embarrassing video-conference-related stories. We love those.

      Oovoo Video Calls Messaging & Stories

      Best video conference apps for Android devices

      ooVoo is another great video calling application which lets you have a 1 to 1 video call or you could also place a group video call with up to 8 people. ooVoo now also lets you send messages and videos to friends and is a multi-platform video calling app hence you could also place a video call to users who have the application installed on their PC.

      The video call quality is on power with WhatsApp and Google Duo hence you wont be disappointed in that area.

      Download: ooVoo Video Calls, Messaging & Stories

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