What Android Phone Has The Longest Battery Life


Which Smartphone Has The Best Battery Life


The smartphone with the longest battery life used to be the Doogee BL12000, which featured the Guinness World Record-breaking 12000mAh battery.

Fast forward to 2019 and the Energizer Power Max P18K blows it out of the water with a ridiculous 18000mAh battery. All-while featuring flagship credentials such as a popup selfie camera and tiny bezels.

Phone with the best battery life = Energizer Power Max P18K

I Want To Use My Sim Card In A Tablet Do Tablets Support This Facility

There are numerous points to pick from in general, but doing so well may help you be more convenient and save time! When selecting a Tablet with longest battery life, pay close attention to the elements listed above, and don’t forget to verify the safety.

Have you picked a product like that after reading our article on how to choose and top the Tablet with longest battery life? Hopefully, the information provided will assist you in selecting the best option for you.

The Best Overall Battery Performance

Across all of our tests, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro is the standout winner in both battery life and fast charging capabilities. The OnePlus 5T is also a notable performer, particularly in the fast charging space and gaming use case. The same can also be said for the Moto Z2 Force, an all-around admirable performer both in terms of screen-on and charging times.

Of course, theres more to the being the best Android smartphone than just battery life. So check out our other in-depth tests as we whittle down the very Best of Android. Which phone do yohe u think is the phone of the year? Vote in our poll below, as your vote counts towards which device we crown Peoples Choice Phone of the Year 2017!

Remember, you could win one of the three smartphones that come placed first, second and third overall! To enter, check out all the details in the widget below and for five extra entries, use this unique code: BOAB17.

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Umidigi Power 3 6150mah

The UmiDigi Power 3 is effectively the Lite version of the UmiDigi F2 costing 20% less. But at the same time, it also packs 20% more juice battery at 6150mAh.

Now, apart from the bump in battery life, in almost everything else, the Power 3 is either similar to the F2 or offers slightly downgraded specs.

WonderingWhats the best UMiDigi Phone? Read on!

I really like that you are still getting the FHD+ 6.53 screen for viewing your content. Also, they have kept the same quad-camera module on the back which is also awesome.

However, the front-facing shooter drops to 16MPs and youll also notice a little more noise in photos.

You now get access to 4GB of RAM which is pretty much the standard in 2020 and nothing to complain about. Whereas for the processor, you now have the Helio P60, which is still an awesome and powerful chipset capable of heavy and intensive workloads. You just need to run them at slightly lower graphic settings.

  • Quick Charge: Yes
  • Weight: 218 grams

Note: All the phones below are from prior to our . Definitely worth checking out as these phones are often on sale.

Motorola One Power 5000mah

Android Phones with the Best Battery Life in 2020  Phandroid

Originally called the Motorola P30 Note, the re-named Motorola One Power has loads to offer. Made in partnership with Googles Android One program, its guaranteed to receive monthly Android security updates.

The 6.18 full HD display looks fantastic and scores an impressive pixel density score of 403. Performance-wise, the Snapdragon 636 is a solid mid-range option thats backed up by 4GBs of ultra-fast RAM. Its worth noting that its not a gaming powerhouse though, if youre a big PUBG fan.

Lets talk battery life. The 5000mAh battery is fitted with Motorolas Turbopower charging technology which promises 6 hours of use time from a 15-minute charge. The downside? Currently hard to get your hands on one in the west.

Battery Capacity: 5000mAh

Weight: 205 grams

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We Put Every Smartphone To The Test To Find Out Which Has The Longest

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When making your decision, it’s best to look at battery size to give you an indication of how long-lasting the phone should be. But other factors such as display size and resolution and power efficiency still play a massive part, too. But there’s no need to simply guess weve got you covered when it comes to the phones with the best battery life.

Every single phone that passes through our doors is faced with our in-house battery-life test. As such, we know exactly which phones you need to consider if battery life is at the top of your agenda. Below, we’ve ranked the top 20 best phone battery lives of 2021, including those pricey flagships and forgotten-about budget alternatives.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Last year, Samsung introduced its Ultra moniker with the premium Galaxy S20, but the top-of-the-line model has come into its own in 2021. It addressed most of the shortcomings of its predecessor, with a revamped camera setup, a sharp 120Hz display, and excellent battery life despite not offering a charger in the box.

The Korean OEM packed a colossal 5,000mAh battery into its premium handset, which graced David Imel with a solid two days of battery life throughout his testing. One thing that Samsung trimmed back from its previous model is that the charges at just 25W rather than 45W. The lack of a charging block in the box means you may have to drop a few extra bucks for a .

Read our review:

On the wireless charging side, youll get speeds up to 15W for the phone itself, or you can try 9W reverse wireless charging on for size. Its great if you have a pair of Galaxy Buds or a you need to get juiced back to full speed.

While Samsung may not have gone for the fastest charging options in the world, the 5,000mAh battery and widespread availability more than make up for it. You can grab it on all major US carriers or go for the unlocked model and bring it anywhere you please.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra specs:

  • Display: 6.8-inch, WQHD+

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What Does My Smartphone Battery Life Get Worse Over Time

There used to be a time when all smartphone batteries were removable. The shops were stacked with replacement batteries and it wasnt uncommon to carry a spare, swapping out the dead battery when needed.

If you understand how batteries work, then youll know that they come with a limited lifetime, also called cycle count, before they start deteriorating. After around 100-200 cycles youll be losing anywhere between 10 & 25% of your battery life depending on the quality of the battery.

The reason for this battery life decline is down to chemistry. Lithium-ion batteries use a cathode and anode to move the charged ions. Eventually, charging begins to wear out the cathode which gives you less overall charge capacity.

Now that a lot of batteries are sealed inside phones, youll want to do everything you can prolong the life of your battery. Theres actually an easy way to do this on any phone using an app called AccuBattery.

The most damaging part of any charge cycle is when the battery drops below 20% and above 80%. These two extremes are where most of the battery-life wear is caused.

This app helps by automatically setting up alerts to remind you to unplug your phone when it hits 80% and not letting the charge drop below 20%. By doing this you can effectively double the usable lifespan of your device.


Gaming Phone With 6000 Mah Battery

15.5 Hours! Moto G7 Has Longest Battery Life of Any Phone

Large battery phones are surely a plus for extensive gamers. They want uninterrupted fun and what could be a better solution other than the MOQI I7S Game Phone. Yes, the name is hard to remember!

The MOQI I7S has got a 6-inch touchscreen game console and runs on Snapdragon 710 SoC with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB Storage. With the fast-charging & Android 8.1 Oreo version, it’s an ideal solution for gamers.

The MOQI 6000 mAh replaceable battery games you all day. Furthermore, it comes with liquid cool heat pipe conduction technology which keeps your required cool in any environment. What more do you want?

Price: $389.99

However high battery capacity doesn’t always mean that it provides the highest duration of usage i.e., milliampere-hours doesn’t determine how long a phone battery will actually last. It should be efficient enough and display size, resolution plays a big role in determining phones with long-lasting batteries.

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What Affects Your Phone Battery Life

Smartphone battery life is affected by many factors including your phone usage, age and temperature. Above all, what affects how long your battery can last the most is your battery capacity. When it comes to having the best phone battery life, size matters. Not all smartphones have the same size battery, or the same charging capabilities. If you want the phone with the longest battery life, look for smartphones with the most mAh like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy A52 and A52s, and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. The more mAh a mobile phone has, the longer a phone can last between charges.

Its As If Thor Himself Swung His Giant Hammer And Demanded More Power More Power And The Mobile Manufacturers Answered

Since everybody already knows that phones with giant-sized batteries are created in dark underground labs, by a bunch of mad scientists who constantly pray to the god of Milliamp Hours I thought it was about time that I share this complete list ofWhich smartphones have the best battery life?.

Top Tip: Check out our Best Tough & Rugged Smartphones List for more Big Battery Phones with added drop-protection & waterproofing.

You know the feeling, you leave work, reach into your pocket and pull out your phone, excited to catch up on season 3 of Stranger Things and bam! Your stupid phone, with its stupid battery life, only has 8% battery left.

I know your pain, so thats why I vow that all phones henceforth will have at least a 5000mAh battery. That means enough battery life to keep you off-grid well into your second and even third day.

Spoiler: Theres a phone on the list that promises 10 days of battery life!

Dont know your Milliamps from your Millipedes? Or wondering why your smartphone battery gets worse over time? Check out our Smartphone Battery Life FAQ at the end.

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The Best Of Android: Mid

Battery life is integral to a smartphones user experience. Devices in 2020 are coming with big, high-resolution displays, many cameras, and high-powered processors. There are more features to power than ever before. You cant play with all the cool stuff if the battery dies early!

As part of our Best of Android: Mid-2020 awards, today were analyzing the smartphones with the best battery life according to our objective testing. Well compare and analyze the finalists and announce the battery life king!

Editors note: If youre wondering why your favorite phone isnt on this list, keep in mind only phones released in the first half of 2020 are here. 2019 phones and phones released after H1 2020 are not eligible.

Tips To Extend Battery Life

Best Android Phone For Long Battery Life

If your phone has a low-power mode, you might not need to do each of these. The feature automatically makes some of the adjustments when the battery drops below a certain level.

  • Set the screen brightness to Auto so that the device can adjust to indoor and outdoor conditions.
  • Lower the baseline brightness. In most phones, you can do this by using a sliding switch in the Display menu.
  • Set the screen to go to sleep after 15 or 30 seconds of inactivity.
  • Turn on airplane mode when youre in a location with no WiFi or cellular-data signal.
  • Reduce the frequency of updates for email, social network feeds, and other apps to once every hour.
  • If youre streaming content over a WiFi network to stretch your data allowance , keep a power adapter handy. Our tests have found that performing tasks over WiFi can drain batteries significantly faster than using cellular-data connections.
  • And if you need to quickly top off your battery before hitting the road, use a traditional charger instead of a wireless one. Though wireless chargers have come a long way, you generally get more juice faster by just plugging in your phone.

Choose the right cell phone plan for your family, and see our review of the best cell phone carriers.

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How Is Battery Life Measured

Before we dive into the best phones with the longest battery lives, its helpful to know exactly how battery life is measured in electronic devices.

The longevity of a battery is measured in mAh . The higher the mAh, the more power the battery can hold, and the longer it can last before needing to be recharged.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5g

A large 5,000 mAh battery and 67W fast charging makes the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G a formidable phone. The bright and color-accurate Full HD+ AMOLED display has a high refresh rate, and makes the overall usage a lot better.

With 5G support and super fast charge speeds, this device is definitely worth investing in for people who need a long-lasting battery life on a single quick charge.

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Huawei Phones With The Best Batteries



Another 2019 phone, the Mi Note 10 Pro has a massive battery to go with its high-resolution 108MP main camera and incredible affordability.

Redmi Note 9 / 9 Pro


The Note 9, and its upgraded sibling, were both released in summer 2020, and share the same impressive battery size.

Xiaomi 11T Pro


This September 2021 model is the newest release from Xiaomi as of October 2021, with a 5,000mAh battery that claims to last for 16 hours.

Mi 10T Pro 5G


A predecessor to the 11T Pro, the 10T Pro was released in October 2020 alongside the whole 10T range.

Xiaomi Mi 10


Released in February 2020, the Mi 10 doesnt lack anything despite having a slightly smaller battery capacity.

Xiaomi are well-known for producing high-end, yet affordable, smartphones with huge battery capacities and equally large displays and cameras. For a slightly cheaper high-end phone, Xiaomi is one of your best bets.

If youre interested in this brand, check out our guide on the best Xiaomi phones available right now.

Best Iphone With Long Battery Life: Apple Iphone 13 Pro Max

The longest battery life for android phone Evo 4g

The latest iPhones are here, and they pack a heck of a punch in terms of battery life. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most impressive, lasting up to 28 hours of continuous use. Yes, you read that correctly.

This is, by a huge measure, the best battery life ever offered in an iPhone. The 13 Pro Maxs 4352mAh battery is nearly 20% larger than the one in the 12 Pro Max, and it shows in real-world performance. When it does go flat, half an hour on a 20W+ wall charger will get it back up to 50%. Magsafe and Qi wireless charging is also available.

Other highlights of this model include up to a terabyte of storage capacity a new cinematic mode that shifts focus automatically in videos, and an improved camera system that takes even better photos than the already highly-impressive iPhone 12 Pro range.

The Pro Max is powered by Apples new A15 chip, which offers lightning-fast performance even by flagship smartphone standards. The 120Hz ProMotion screen refresh rate is a welcome upgrade from the previous model, visibly improving everything from scrolling and swiping to fast-action gaming.

Durability has had an upgrade as well, with a new type of screen glass dubbed Ceramic Shield that offers 4x more drop resistance than earlier models. Theres also IP68 dust and water resistance, with the phone is certified to handle submersion in up to 19 feet of water for half an hour.


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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsungs lavish S20 Ultra may look the part with its 7-inch display and 120Hz refresh rate, but its battery life wont fail to impress either. Its huge 5,000mAh battery lasts for around 11 hours 58 minutes in 60Hz mode, but this drops rather dramatically to just over 9 hours in 120Hz mode. In comparison, the S20 Plus will see you through around 10 hours and 30 minutes in 60Hz mode, and just shy of 9 hours with 120Hz mode turned on, while the S20s 4,000mAh battery lasted for around 9 hours 30 minutes in our tests. So the Ultra is still the best of the bunch when it comes to battery life just stick to 60Hz mode, however tempting that smoother refresh rate may seem. Heavy users should easily get a full day out of the S20 Ultra, while with light usage the battery should last around a day and a half.

When its time to recharge, the Galaxy S20 Ultra comes bundled with a 25W charger that fully charges the phones battery from empty in an hour. Theres also the option to pick up a 45W charger, although the difference in charging speeds is negligible. The S20 Ultra also supports 15W fast wireless charging 2.0. Despite its extravagant $1,400 price tag, the S20 Ultras stunning screen, zoom lens, beefy battery, and 5G compatibility with all the major networks ensure it offers plenty of bang for your buck.

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