What Android Phone Should I Get


Enjoy Double The Standard Refresh Rate

First 5 Things You Should Do After Buying An Android Smartphone

The best Android phones, including the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G or Galaxy Z Flip3 5G and Android tablets such as the Galaxy Tab S7 & S7+, all come with a 120Hz refresh rate. This is double the 60Hz found on standard displays. This high refresh rate provides noticeably smoother transitions, animations, and scrolling, and causes less eye fatigue that devices with lower refresh rates. Isnt that refreshing.

Its So Easy To Switch To Iphone

Coming from an Android phone? Youll see how easy it is to switch from the moment you turn on your new iPhone. Theres a walk-through to get you started and an app that transfers your photos, contacts, and more. You can even trade in your old smartphone for credit.

Coming from an Android phone? Get ready for stunning photos, the fastest chips, and incredible battery life. Youll also love how easy it is to switch. Theres a walk-through to get you started and an app that transfers your photos, contacts, and more. You can even trade in your old smartphone for credit.

Apple Iphone Se Iphone 8 Or Higher

Lets be honest there is no option beyond the iPhone for many teens. Ive seen this with my older nephew he lives and breathes iPhones because it makes him seem cooler. While your preteen probably wont care what phone you get them as long as it works, older teens will be pickier. And lets face it, teenagers love their iPhones. Our pick, the iPhone SE, is pretty highly recommended even by Android sites like this.

If youre looking for a cheaper iPhone, you wont want to get anything much older than an iPhone 8. This is mainly because carriers are retiring their older networks, so you could have to update twice in short order. You dont need to look beyond the $400 iPhone SE, which packs the latest Apple hardware in a small, trusty package. However, you dont need to give in to the peer pressure for a brand-new iPhone 12 either.

Whats interesting about older iPhones is the price. Apple has stopped selling the iPhone 8 and replaced it with the $400 iPhone SE. But, sellers on eBay and Swappa offer phones like the iPhone 8 for great discounts, now around $175-$300, so do take a look. Dont forget to get a case, too. The front and back glass of the iPhone 8 dont do well against concrete, and you dont want to upgrade your kids phone before youve paid for the last one.

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The Best Android Phones

  • The is the best Android phone overall, with a revamped camera system, Tensor chip, and unbeatable price tag.
  • The is our top gaming device thanks to its brilliant display, fast refresh rate, and snappy processor.
  • The is a true killer flagship, and the dual-SIM functionality is only the tip of the iceberg.
  • The is the best foldable phone you can buy, and it keeps pushing the limits despite its cost.
  • The is an excellent way to get 5G speeds on a mid-range phone at just $449.99.
  • The is our battery king with a 5,000mAh cell and 67W wired or wireless charging.
  • The is our camera king with a flexible setup and great overall specs.
  • The is a creators dream, and it keeps the headphone jack alive on premium devices in 2021.

The Cheap Android Phone With Versatile Cameras

What Android Phone Should I Get A Quiz 2021

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

An excellent camera package, regardless of price

Samsung went all out with the Galaxy A32’s cameras, giving you a 48MP primary lens and three other ones to play around with.

  • Display is only HD+
  • No wireless charging

Nokia makes solid Android phones that don’t cost too much, and the Nokia G50 5G continues that tradition of high-quality hardware with clean Android One-based software. The phone’s design is striking, too, with a tall-and-thin 19.5:9 aspect ratio that makes the metallic-looking body easy to grasp and use in one hand. And because the Nokia G50 5G runs Android One, it will get platform updates until the end of 2023 and security patches until 2024.

On the hardware front, the Nokia G50 5G packs some serious power. The 5G-enabled Snapdragon 480 processor and 4/6GB of RAM allow for reliable performance, the 5,000 mAh battery easily provides two days of use per charge, and you get a total of four cameras for endless picture-taking possibilities, including an excellent 48MP primary sensor and an 8MP wide front camera. Throw in smaller features like NFC, expandable storage, and a headphone jack, and you end up with a really complete package.

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Your Buying Guide For The Best Android Phones In 2021

While you only get to choose from a handful of Apple handsets, there’s something for everyone when it comes to Android.

They come from a variety of different manufacturers – in all manner of shapes, sizes and colours – and each has unique selling points, whether it’s a sleek, waterproof design, a huge display or an abundance of cameras. Sometimes, you can even find all of those attributes on one phone.

We’ve done our best to rank the phones in order, taking into account build, value, performance and features. However, make sure you get a phone that’s right for your needs it might not simply be the phone in the top spot.

Important specs to look for are:

How Can I Tell If My Phone Has Been Hacked

Whether you’d ever notice if your phone’s security was compromised is difficult to say. Cybercriminals don’t exactly make it known they’ve accessed your device, so you’ll need to look for signs. Popups that might appear on the phone are a big giveaway, as are any apps that suddenly appear that you didn’t download.

Look out for unexplained high data usage too, as it could be that malicious apps are using a lot of data in the background. Other indicators can also include unusually high battery usage and sluggish performance, but both of these can also be attributed to using older hardware that degrades over time.

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A Big Phone With Lots Of Features


One phone, so many features

Whether you want a vibrant display, lots of cameras, or Google Pay support on a budget? The TCL 20S does it all.

  • No NFC
  • Only one promised OS update

It can be challenging to keep track of all the value phones Motorola has in its lineup, but one that manages to stand out is the Moto G Stylus . Along with being one of the few Android phones that comes with a built-in stylus, it’s also just a perfect combination of specs, features, and value.

You’re getting a large 6.8-inch display for housing all of your media, and thanks to a Full HD+ resolution, everything looks excellent. There’s also ample performance thanks to the Snapdragon 678 processor, along with 128GB of built-in storage and a large 4,000 mAh battery. Given the low price of the G Stylus, these are all powerful specifications.

As the name implies, the main draw to the Moto G Stylus is its built-in stylus experience. It’s certainly not the most premium stylus we’ve ever used, but it works well enough for drawing, note-taking, etc. It can also be stored seamlessly at the bottom of the phone when you aren’t using it, which is a nice touch that ties the whole experience together.

Just like the Moto G Power , you’re still missing NFC on the Moto G Stylus and need to put up with Motorola’s disappointing software updates. However, if those aren’t deal-breakers for you, there’s a lot to like here.

What Are The Best Android Phones

What Smartphone should you buy?

There are many contenders for the best Android phones, but we think the Pixel 6 is the best option for most people. The phone is available in limited countries around the world, and it isn’t the most premium you can buy today that honor would probably go to the Galaxy S21 Ultra or Galaxy Z Fold 3. That said, it has a unique design that allows it to stand out, the latest hardware, and cameras that are better than just about any phone today.

But what makes the Pixel 6 truly stand out is that it costs significantly less than rivals like the Galaxy S21 and OnePlus 9 Pro. The phone is also the first to run Android 12 out of the box, and it will get three years of Android version updates and five years of security updates.

If you have a few more dollars to spend and want something even more impressive, our next pick is the Pixel 6 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The S21 Ultra is one of the most powerful Android phones currently available, and that’s evident with virtually every facet of the S21 Ultra. It has Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 chipset, and it comes with a Quad HD+ display that can run at 120Hz and a camera system that’s practically guaranteed to make your jaw drop.

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What Is The Best Phone Plan For Kids

Before we talk about the best phone for kids, you might wonder whats the best phone plan for a kid. I highly recommend you dont just rush out and add them to your family plan. For one, kids arent responsible. They are likely to do things that can drive up a traditional bill, and its almost inevitable they will break or lose at least one phone. My teen daughter hasnt seen her phone in at least a month or so, and Ive shut off the line for the time being and likely wont turn it back on for a while.

If you are locked into a traditional plan, its not always easy to cancel. While theres no right plan, I highly recommend going with a prepaid option such as , , or one of the countless other options. These make for the best kids phone plans because they are typically very affordable, and you can usually customize the plan to meet your kids needs.

We started my daughter out with FreedomPop since it had a free base plan. Eventually, we upgraded to a paid plan , but we only paid around $100 a year for it, and it was more than good enough for her basic needs.

What Are The Best Phones For Kids

Okay, now we are finally ready for the central question: what are the best phones for kids? The answer to this depends, once again.

Unless you have a very young child, its probably unnecessary to get a specialty phone designed for kids, which is good because most of these options require a traditional plan, are overpriced, or will be something your kids grow out of fast. That said, one unconventional device we recommend might be useful for those with very young kids who might need a basic tracking or communication system.

Before we move on to the actual best list, its worth repeating: your kid is probably going to break or lose whatever phone you give them eventually. If you have a teen willing to save up and buy the device themselves, its up to them if they want one of the best Android phones or even an iPhone. We recommend a cheap phone for everyone else, such as one of the options youll find below.

While we wont list them here, another option is simply getting a flip or feature phone. The model doesnt matter at this point, as just about any modern feature phone will get the job done. These devices will be cheaper and have limited functionality, so your kids will basically only be able to call or text with them. Of course, most feature phones dont have parental controls, so you wont have an easy way to monitor the phone or who they are communicating with.

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The Best Smartphones For 202: Which Should You Buy

We fully test every phone we can get our hands on here at Digital Trends, and after conducting hundreds of reviews, we’re confident in recommending whether a particular phone is a good buy for you.

After much debate and soul searching, we landed on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro as our top pick for the best phone available right now. One phone doesn’t fit everyone’s needs, so we have plenty of other great picks depending on what you’re looking for. Android fans will love the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and those looking to save money, or get a smaller phone, have lots of choices as well. Heres why the iPhone 13 Pro ultimately triumphed, and our picks for other smartphone categories.

Of course, picking the best smartphone is only part of the battle once you’ve decided which one is for you, you also need to buy it.

  • No USB-C
  • Not all third-party apps are optimized for higher refresh screen

Why you should buy this: It’s the best smartphone around, with zippy performance, a great camera suite, and some gorgeous good looks.

Who its for: Anyone who wants the best smartphone money can buy.

Why we picked the iPhone 13 Pro:

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro is perhaps the best all-around smartphone you’ll find, though it doesn’t come cheap. Prices start from $999, but you can also find it on every major U.S. carrier, and from a big range of retailers too. 5G is also included, making this a strong future-proof option. Truly, the iPhone 13 Pro is the best smartphone you can buy right now.

Apple Iphone 13 Pro: Best For Video

Why should I get rooting on Android Phone?

Price: £949 l

Apples iPhone 13 Pro is one of the most expensive phones on the list but it does a mighty fine job of taking reliable photos and crisp, steady 4K video at 60fps.

The 13 Pro Max has three cameras on the rear. The main camera yet again delivers sensor-shift stabilisation on a smartphone keeping your videos as steady as can be and consists of a 12MP camera unit with a wide f/1.5 aperture. The other two cameras are similar to last year: theres a 12MP 3x telephoto zoom camera with optical image stabilisation and a field of view equivalent to a 77mm lens on a camera with a full-frame sensor and an ultra-wide camera, also with a resolution of 12MP, but with an aperture of f/1.8 and a field of view equivalent to a 13mm lens on a camera with a full-frame sensor.

While still image quality is excellent with the 13 Pro building on Apples excellent portrait mode the best thing is the iPhone 13 Pro’s video capabilities. Yet again capturing footage at 4K resolution at a maximum framerate of 60fps with support for Dolby Vision, no other smartphones video efforts come close when it comes to this level of quality. Its an expensive choice, no doubt, but thats the sky-high price you pay for excellent-quality video on the go.

Read our full iPhone 13 Pro review for more details

Key specs – Rear camera: 12MP, 12MP , 12MP Aperture: f/1.5, f/2.8, f/1.8 Stabilisation: sensor and optical Video resolution: 4K at 60fps with Dolby Vision Front camera: 12MP

Price: £389 l

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Apps Talk To Each Other

Have you ever tried to open a YouTube link from the iPhone Twitter app? It will open the link in the default Safari or Twitter browser. Not a desirable experience from a user perspective. Try to open an Amazon link from the WhatsApp chat, and it will use the default browser and not the Amazon app. No such issue on the Android side. Apps talk to each other on the Android side, and you will have a seamless experience switching among apps.

Which Phone Should I Buy

What is the #1 phone in the world? It’s Samsung! But is the most popular phone the best one for you? Take our Which Phone Should I Buy Quiz to find out which hot new piece of mobile tech you should really spend your money on.

Know What to Look For Before Buying a Phone

The questions in our phone quiz will help you narrow down what kind of smartphone you need. Tell us if you’re looking for the best phone camera or the best gaming phone and we’ll tell you which of the top 10 smartphones is the right match for you.

Have Fun Shopping for a New Phone

No consumer research went into this best phone for me quiz, but it can be a great starting point as you research which phone plan works for you. From Android to Apple, Samsung and Nokia, you have a lot of options, just don’t forget to have fun while you shop!

How To Know Which Smartphone is Best

Your phone is an extension of you so answer these questions as intuitively as possible. We want to know how you use your smartphone so we can pair you up with the perfect match. Tell us what you need your phone to do and we’ll tell you which smartphone will deliver.

Text Your Friends and Share This Phone Quiz

Before your friends ask you ‘which phone should I buy?’ – share this quiz! We can help the whole crew get on the right plan with the right phone. If you need a better camera or more pixels, we’ve got the answer in our What Phone Should I Get Quiz.

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Which Phone Has The Best Camera We Put The Best Android And Apple Phones To The Test To Crown The Ultimate Champion

Here at Expert Reviews, we test hundreds of smartphones every year. From the most expensive flagships to the budget handsets you buy out of sheer necessity, we run a series of pretty rigorous benchmarks to make sure we’re as informed as possible. As a result, weve snapped test pictures with every single phone that comes through our doors, so we know exactly which phones have the best cameras for your Instagram food/pet/holiday pics.

If youre keen on taking pictures or video with your phone, or you simply want to know that youve got a smartphone thats great for taking holiday snaps, then youre in the right place. Below, youll find our regularly updated list of the best phone cameras on the market, and a helpful camera buying guide so you know exactly what to look for when youre browsing the Carphone Warehouse website.

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