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Best For Budgeting: Mint

Mint is one of the most popular budgeting and expense tracking tools. You can have the software pull in your bank and credit card information to analyze your spending and pinpoint areas where you can cut back to improve your finances. For more accountability, Mint allows you to set up alerts for things like due dates and low balances to keep you on track. These features help you avoid expensive fees on late payments and overdrafts from your bank account. If youve set up budget categories, Mint will give you real-time information about the amount you can spend on things like food and gas. Mint is free to download and use on iOS and Android devices, as well as desktop.

Financial Calculators Expense Management App

Best for: One of the best finance management apps in India for analysing different finance schemes

Financial Calculators money management app is ideal for managing both personal and business finances. From tracking your finance and investment to loan and mortgage, stock, auto loan and lease, this free money management app provides quick calculations for all these.

Businesses use this money management app for Android to calculate the return on investment, loan management analysis and investment income analysis.

Special Features of Money Management App

  • Retirement calculators

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Best For: People Who Hate Thinking About Money

Purchased by Intuit a few years ago, Mint is the most complete and mature free financial app available. Its also the easiest to use for newbies. When you sign up, Mint presents you with a straightforward list of accounts to track, from credit cards and bank accounts to loans and insurance. It also includes those handy monthly bills like internet, TV, phone, electricity, and rent. Link them all to Mint and it can send you reminders as well as build a detailed budget.

Mint also gives you more fine-grained options when it comes to access to your data. For example, rather than just opening up all your accounts at a particular bank to the app, you can choose specific accounts at your bank to allow or block . The program can create automatic budgets, based on previous patterns, such as looking at all your grocery spending from last month, and then telling you what you have left to spend this month. Mint allows you to add goals, such as paying off a credit card, saving for retirement, buying a home, or taking a vacation .

If youre looking to reduce credit card debt, for example, Mint will spell out explicitly how long it will take to pay it off by just paying the minimum, how much interest youll end up paying , and offer suggestions like using your debit card more to make purchases . An easy sliding graphic shows you that just adding a few dollars a month can shave years off repayment and save you thousands in interest.

Are These Apps Trustworthy

34 Best personal finance tracker apps for Android as of 2020

Normally, we compare companies’ Better Business grades. But two of our favorite budgeting apps haven’t been graded by the BBB, so we aren’t factoring scores into our trustworthiness review.

Trim and Zeta do not have any recent scandals.

Mint’s parent company, Intuit, does have some public issues surrounding its tax-filing software, TurboTax. The city of Los Angeles sued Intuit in 2019, claiming it made free tax filing hard to access for people who qualified. This scandal pertains to Intuit’s TurboTax, not Mint. But if it makes you nervous, you may decide to go with one of our other favorite budgeting apps instead.

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Best For Building Wealth: Personal Capital

Personal Capital

  • Price: Free, Paid Investment Service Available
  • Bank Sync: Yes

Personal Capital scores high because the company offers the best free tools for wealth building. You can sync your financial accounts in one place to track your net worth, plan for the future with the Retirement Planner, and use the Fee Analyzer to check portfolio fees.

  • Fee Analyzer tool for your portfolio

  • No option to manually add transactions for budgeting

  • Sales calls for wealth management services

Personal Capital lands at the top of our list with the best app for building wealth. You can use the products dashboards to sync accounts for a complete picture of your finances. The companys primary app is free, with the option to add investment management services for 0.89% of your money for accounts under $1 million.

Unfortunately, Personal Capital doesnt allow you to add budgeting transactions manually, but you can manually add investments without syncing those accounts. You can use Personal Capitals budgeting tools to see your total income and expenses every month. While you cant create specific goals, you can add a budget, compare to previous months, and see your spending by categories.

Personal Capital protects your data with encryption, fraud protection, and robust authentication. No one has access to your individual login credentials, and the companys partnership with Yodlee, a veteran financial technology company, offers another layer of security.

Cnbc Stock Market And Business

Play Store Rating: 3.7/5

Compatible Android OS: Android 4.16.0 or higher

Compatible iOS OS: iOS 13.0 or higher

Number of Users: 1,000,000+

Price: Free with in-app purchase

The CNBC Stock Market and Business app brings the entire Wall Street into your pocket. You can get live updates, news, watchlists, global market data, radio, and CNBC TV with this one app. You can also personalize new sections based on your preferences, so you wont miss out on any new business or financial trends. Plus, you will get all CNBC TV content on your smartphone to watch anytime for free.

Lucrative Features

  • Multiple news categories such as Technology, Economic, and many more.
  • Insightful stock market and business data to make the right investments.
  • You can add over 100 news articles, TV shows, and radio programs to your watchlist.
  • You can listen to podcasts and radio programs by connecting the app with your cars music system.
  • Free live streaming is available in the US.


  • Twenty-four hours of global news coverage.
  • Easy to use.
  • Hard to adjust text size.
  • Not mobile-friendly interface.
  • Required more watchlists.

Sort your Finances Now!

So, people, you see how easy it is to manage your finances today. Just download the best personal finance app on your mobile phone and manage all your financial assets from one place.

We hope that now you know which finance app you will be downloading on your Android or iOS phones. But, if you have any doubts or questions, you are welcome to comment.

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Best Android Expense Tracker Apps In 2021

Money management is important. Period.

Most of us have seen our parents keeping a book record of household expenses. At month-end, they will do a manual reconciliation to verify the cash flow. And no matter how tedious and boring it seems, we cant disagree it helps.

A quick Google search will return a plethora of resources on the logical and psychological aspects of money management and why it is so important in todays ever-changing world.

While this may seem too overwhelming when all you wanted was a list of the best expense tracker apps, trust me, a strong foundation makes the structure above stronger.

Times have changed. And so have the ways we do stuff now.

Most of us cannot afford the time to sit down every day to manually record expenses. Even if we can, we as a generation have become way too lazy.

We need better solutions. Solutions that are quick and efficient. And reliable .

Now, if youre reading this post, allow me the liberty to assume that you already have a smartphone. And statistically, theres a healthy probability its powered by Android .

Android has a massive app database. There are apps that can do things that you wouldnt have imagined a few years ago.

So, its obvious there must be a few solutions for budget management as well, right?

In this blog post, Ill share a list of the Best Expense Tracker apps for Android devices that can simplify your money management like never before.

Is Personal Finance Software Safe

BUDGET AndroMoney ‘Expense Track’ App for Android [Personal Finance]

As youve probably already gathered, different personal finance apps offer different services as well and most of them are about ensuring that your details remain safe. For example, our favorite Mint sends push notifications if youre about to go over budget, reminds you to pay your bills and, if you add on Mint Bills, can even pay them for you automatically. YNAB offers plenty of advice and counseling for users to help you learn better financial habits, while Wally also notifies you if youre at risk of going over budget as well as reminding you to pay bills and encouraging you to meet your financial goals. When you look for a personal finance app, think about which of these services are going to be most useful to you in the long run.

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How To Build A Personal Finance App Like Mint

Listen to our podcast in which tech founders reflect on their journey of building a successful startup and reveal their secrets to success.

Lets be honest, nobody wants to track their expenses by digging through piles of receipts. Still, keeping a record of personal finances is vital, since saving has become a matter of survival.

Today, personal finance management apps are a real remedy for inefficient budgeting and impulsive spending. Because they deliver substantial value to users and are high on demand, developing a money management app is a good investment. Lets discover the benefits and pitfalls of budget planner and tracking app development by looking at one up close.

Read further to find out what personal finance apps, such as Mint, have to offer.

Best For Habit Building: Ynab


You Need a Budget, or YNAB, is a personal finance software thats aimed to help you improve your financial literacy as you manage your monthly budget. As you create your budget and manage your daily finances, the software provides you with tutorials that will help you tackle some of the tougher financial topics. If youve been struggling with bad financial habits, YNAB can help you break those through a few basic financial management rules.

The software automatically links to your bank account, integrating your spending information for analysis and budgeting tracking. You can keep tabs on how youre tracking toward your monthly budget and take action if youre overspending. It doesnt include any investment tracking capabilities. YNAB offers a 34-day free trial that allows you to use the software while you decide whether its right for your personal finance goals. The full software is $11.99 per month or $84 a year.

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How To Choose The Best Personal Finance Software

Picking which personal finance software package to use is pretty straightforward. The main thing is to consider what you’ll need it for, and how much you’ll be using it. After all, there’s little point in purchasing a premium personal finance package if it has got lots of features you’ll never use.

If you have reasonably basic budgeting needs to cater for, such as managing personal finances along with tracking your spending, then keep it simple. the great thing with many packages is that they can be configured to work as much or as little as you need them to.

For example, you may be a little disorganised when it comes to budgeting, so having software that can help with setting goals can be really useful. Setting up your personal finance package to assist with reach goals, and ensuring it lets you know if you’re slipping behind schedule can be invaluable.

If you’re fairly good with your money and feel confident about how you manage cash then it may be that you’ll want a more sophisticated personal finance package. Some of the more advanced options allow you to take on investments, offering a sophisticated range of tools for making your money work more efficiently.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to managing personal finances. That means the range and choice of best personal finance software packages is expansive, which is great for us, the consumers.

Youre Our First Priorityevery Time

Alzex Finance for Android is an elegant, super easy financial planning app

We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. And while our site doesnt feature every company or financial product available on the market, were proud that the guidance we offer, the information we provide and the tools we create are objective, independent, straightforward and free.

So how do we make money? Our partners compensate us. This may influence which products we review and write about , but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services.Here is a list of our partners.

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Mint Personal Finances App

Best for: Personal finances app for managing personal finances

Mint Free budget tracker for personal use helps manageeverything that added up to your financial health. You can manage your billsand balances from one place even when you dont have much knowledge ofaccounting. It also allows checking for your credit score as many times as yourequire.

With this free money management app for Android phones, you will no longer have to worry about updating your bank accounts and credit card balances.

Those will be automatically updated to help you know your financial strength. Based on your current financial health, Mint financial management app will suggest the best saving tips and options.

Special Features

What Is A Personal Finance App

A personal finance app is an app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet that helps you manage all aspects of your personal finances. These apps can help track your spending, saving, and investing. They can also track bill payments and keep you up to date on credit score changes. You can connect personal finance apps to your financial institution so you can see where the money from your bank account is being spent.

A personal finance app makes it easy to keep track of your finances on the go. Typically, a personal finance app will have different features such as a shared wallet, bill reminders, auto bill pay, and even managing subscriptions.

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What Is A Budget

A budget is a financial plan for your income and expenses over a particular period of time.

Consider the following example – suppose your net monthly income is £2,000. You need to ensure that at the end of each month, you have spent less than £2,000 as spending more could lead to severe financial and mental health problems.

A budget helps you make a spending plan for that £2,000. A plan that ensures you never run out of money before your next payday. If you do it right, you might even have some money left over for long-term saving and investing.

Best Audio Mixer Software In 2022

Personal Finance Tracker App | Best personal finance tracking software | App DNA

Introduction The process of music production does not only revolve around recording instruments and vocals before releasing them. It is important to mix and master them carefully, adjusting the range and pitch of each clip and combining multiple instrumental tracks. Furthermore, one should rectify flaws, stabilize shaky sections, and remove unnecessary audio in the background.

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How To Choose The Best Budgeting App For You

Weve tapped Mint as the best budgeting app for 2021 partially due to its mass appeal, but, candidly, the best budgeting app for you will vary, depending on your financial portfolio, desired price point and personal preferences.

For instance, people who dont have investment accounts or a working knowledge of how they work might not find the retirement planning tools and financial advisory services available through Personal Capital particularly useful. Similarly, while many people might consider automatic bank sync a must-have, users looking to limit data-sharing might favor a manual app like Goodbudget.

To determine which budgeting app is right for you, consider both the short-term and long-term financial goals youre hoping to achieve and which features or resources are necessary to do so. Most paid budgeting apps offer a free trial, usually between 14 and 30 days, so you can test-drive a number of options before making a monetary commitment.

Enjoy A More Organized Financial Life

Whether you’re in the market for an app to track your spending, help you meet financial goals, or support you in increasing your savings, you should find this list of what to look for in a personal finance app useful. Now, choose the app that works for you and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-organized financial life.

Best ofTop10

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Best For Bill Payment: Prism


Prism shows all your bills and financial accounts in a single app, giving you a complete picture of your finances. The app touts more than 11,000 billers, including larger banks and even smaller utility companies. Add your bills to the app and Prism automatically tracks your bills and sends due date reminders to help you prevent late payments. You can use the app itself to pay your bills by scheduling payments to be made the same day or several days in advance. Prism eliminates the need to login to multiple accounts paying bills.

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