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Other Reasons We Like Onedrive

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Microsoft OneDrive has a feature called personal vault that allows you to store files in a space within OneDrive that includes added security and requires 2FA.

With the free plan, you are limited to how many files you can store in your personal vault, though you can store unlimited files, up to your storage limit, with an Office 365 plan. The personal vault works just like a folder and can be found with the rest of your files.

Though Google Drive and OneDrive offer similar features in most areas, OneDrive offers a far superior storage option for families and groups because each user gets their own terabyte of storage. Read more about OneDrive in our OneDrive review.


What Apps Should I Get

This is totally up to you. There are, however, some basic apps you should consider. Here are some possibilities:

  • Social: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram
  • Music: Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Apple Music
  • Video: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Vudu
  • Work: Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Asana, Grammarly Keyboard
  • Cloud: OneDrive, Dropbox, Box
  • Shopping: Walmart, Amazon, Sams Club, Target

Of course, you might want to get a few good games to play on those long flights. Additionally, Microsoft and Sony provide apps for streaming their consoles to your Android device along with other console-related related apps:

  • Xbox

If you subscribe to a game streaming service, there are apps for those too:

  • Stadia
  • Shadow
  • and more

For more suggestions on some great apps, check out our guide on the best apps available on Android.

Google Drive 15gb Free

I recommend this cloud service to most people, provided they dont need more than 15GB of storage. Its super easy to use, is available on all the major platforms, and doesnt contain ads. Keep in mind that the 15GB of storage is shared between all Google services, including Drive, Gmail, and .

Read also:

Google Drive is well integrated with Gmail, allowing you to save email attachments to Drive quickly. The service also lets you share files with ease and allows you to back up your devices. This is by far my favorite cloud storage service, and its easy to upgrade with a relatively inexpensive subscription.

The nitty-gritty:

  • File size limit: 5TB
  • Based in: USA
  • Founded: 2012

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Manage Cloud Storage From A Web Browser

Note: All data stored in Samsung Cloud will be deleted if it has not been used for more than 12 months. This includes data stored in its respective category, such as contacts, calendar, photos, and more. You will not be able to recover that specific data however, Samsung will provide an advanced notice prior to deletion.

You can also manage your Cloud storage from a web browser we recommend using Chrome. When using a web browser, you may encounter 2-step verification if you have any trouble signing in or accessing your data, please see the section about 2-step verification.

You cannot download your backups individually, if you need to recover data in Samsung Cloud you must sync your data to a compatible device.

Here is the data you can see from the Samsung Cloud portal:

What Is Cloud Storage Android

Best Cloud Based Storage Apps You Could Use For Your Android Device ...

Nowadays, average computer users are beginning to use cloud storage on a daily basis. Many people host their websites on cloud servers, and cloud storage is perfect for storing documents, files, pictures and more. Business owners also use the cloud as a means of storing important documents that can be easily accessed from anywhere in the case of an emergency.

Although a lot of people use cloud storage on their computers, however, many people dont realize that they can also use it on their cell phones and other devices. However, cloud storage apps for Android make it easy for cell phone and tablet users to safely store their files with just a few touches of their screens.

Cloud storage allows people to store files on an online server that can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world, and its easy and very affordable to use. In fact, some cloud storage options are completely free.

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Protect Your Data: Back Your Android Phone To The Cloud

In this digital age, we keep so much information in our phones. This includes files that are rather sensitive or confidential. With this, its important to store them somewhere too outside our phones memory or SD card. While you can store them locally in a hard drive, you can better protect your data if you upload them to the cloud. You can easily access, transfer and share it from anywhere too if you choose this method.

With this in mind, another imperative thing to do if you chose to back up your files to the cloud is to whether opt to set up your own cloud system or subscribe to the best cloud storage services available for you.

Backup to your Google Account will do. This is especially true if you only want to backup certain documents, photos, videos, apps, and other files. However, if you want a more comprehensive alternative, something with more specific features to cater to your needs, you can choose 1 from our list of third-party Android cloud backup apps.

If you have any other questions regarding Android cloud backup, feel free to leave us a comment.

Saving Space And File Backup

If you offload files to the cloud rather than storing them locally, your hard drive wont fill up as quickly, which usually translates into better performance, especially for solid-state drives. Even if your hard drive is of the spinning variety, though, its always good to be able to clear up some space. For example, if your photo collection is taking up space youd prefer to use for a new video game.

Alternatively, instead of moving files from your hard drive to the cloud, you can also duplicate them and create a backup. There are dedicated companies that offer this serviceIDrive and Backblaze, to name but twobut you can also set it up yourself using no-code automation software like Zapier. Either way, if something happens to your computer, your files will be safe.

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Backing Up Standard Data To Google Cloud

  • Android cloud back up using third party apps
  • Android cloud backup is easily doable with Google. No need to install an app since Android phones are already equipped with this. You can backup documents, chrome data, app data, contacts and other standard data from your phone to the Google cloud by simply following easy steps:

    Yes Android Phones Have Cloud Storage

    Using FFmpeg with Android-NDK – Android

    You may have thought about cloud storage in the past but mistakenly assumed that was something only afforded to Apple users. But according to Tyrone Pike, CEO and founder of FileShadow, Android users actually have several options available to them, whether theyre looking for the best cloud storage for photos or other types of data. Individual apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box access the cloud through an Android device, providing direct management of those accounts through the phone, he explains. While youre learning more about your smartphone, you should also check out these hidden Android features you probably never knew about.

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    Top 2 Samsung Backup And Restore

    Samsung Backup and Restore is an amazing iCloud for Android alternative. With it, you can easily back up everything from Android device to computer and restore the computer backups to any Android device in one click. And it supports contacts, call logs, SMS, photos, music, videos, documents and apps.

    Supported devices:

    * Almost all Android phones and tablets with Android 4.0 and above versions, including Android 11

    * Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

    * Easy and quick file transfer.

    * One-click operation without any difficulty.

    * User-friendly interface.

    * Keep the original data quality and file format after transfer.

    * Require no network during file transfer.


    * Cannot preview data before file transfer.

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    How Do I Know If I Have Cloud Storage

    Google Drive is a cloud storage service for Android phones. You can add more space to your phone by purchasing cloud storage plans. You can find these plans in the Apps menu. Open the Apps menu and find the Google Drive icon. It looks like a triangle with a green, yellow, and blue border. Click on this icon to open the navigation menu panel. In the next window, youll see the amount of available storage space and how much youre currently using.

    To use cloud storage on your Android device, you need to download an application. There are many applications available on the market. Some of these apps make uploading files easy. After downloading the application, you can use it to guide the process. Others upload files automatically. Each application has its own set of features. Some offer unique tools to help you manage your files. Choose one according to the features you want to use.

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    Setting Up Your New Phone

    Before you can do anything on Android, you need to switch the phone on and set it up. Here is a general list of what to do after youre greeted by the Welcome screen.

    Step 1: Select a language and then tap Start.

    Step 2: Connect to a mobile network by inserting the SIM card . You can skip this step if you want to insert the card later or if its already in place.

    Step 3: Connect to a local wireless network by tapping on your network and then entering the password.

    Step 4: You can now set up the device as a new phone or choose to copy apps and data from an older device. If you choose the latter, there are three methods: Connecting the older phone using a USB cable, grabbing a backup stored in Google Drive, or transferring data from an iPhone. This last method leads you to android.com/switch just follow the websites instructions.

    Please note: Some of the remaining instructions assume youre restoring from a backup. If its a new device, skip to step 8.

    Step 5: Sign in to your Google Account. If you dont have one, tap Get an Account and follow the instructions.

    You dont technically need a Google account to use your phone, but it is required if you want to download apps, back up your data, or use other Google apps and services. Manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei may ask you if you want to create an additional, manufacturer-specific account, but you dont really need to unless you want to use that companys services as well.

    Step 8: Set the date and time.

    The Navigation Buttons And Gestures

    Cloud VPN Review: How to Download and Use it on Android

    However, you can toggle on the old-school three-button navigation system. Heres how:

    Step 1: Swipe down from the top to expand the Notification Shade and tap the gear icon.

    Step 2: Tap System.

    Step 4: Tap System Navigation.

    Step 5: Tap the circle next to 3-Button Navigation.

    Manufacturers typically equip their Android devices with the three-button navigation system at the bottom and use additional gesture controls. Heres an explanation of each button :

    Back button: The back button, on the left, will take you back to the last thing you did in an app or revert to the last page in your mobile browser. Additionally, holding the button down when using your browser should automatically open up a menu that makes it easy to access your favorite bookmarks, browsing history, and the websites you visit most often.

    This button resides on the right side on Samsung phones, but it can be moved to the left in Settings > Display > Navigation Bar.

    Home button: The Home button, located in the middle, will simply take you back to your home screen. In the most recent version of Android, holding down the home button will also activate Google Assistant.

    Overview button: Pressing the Overview button, on the right, reveals a vertical list of every open and active app on your mobile device, allowing you to quickly navigate and jump between various apps with a simple tap of the screen. Double-tap this button and youll jump straight back into your last-used app.

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    How Do I Save My Android To The Cloud

    Besides backing up your files and pictures to a local drive, you can also backup your Android phone to the cloud. If you use Google Backup, you can back up your phone information to a third party server and restore it to a different device if you need to. However, Google Backup is not available for company-owned or personal work phones. The process to back up your data may vary depending on your phone and Android version.

    Another option to backup your data is to use a cloud storage service like Google One. It offers up to 15GB of free storage for mobile data. Depending on your plans, you may have to pay a small fee for more storage space. Google One also allows you to store files in multiple locations, so you can easily switch between devices without worrying about losing important files. Moreover, you can access your backup data anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

    Learn More Here:

    Wheres Apple Dropbox Amazon

    Theres a reason why the list above lacks a few big names. Apples iCloud service only offers 5GB of data, just like Microsofts OneDrive, but unlike OneDrive, iCloud is primarily aimed at those who own an Apple device. If you sign up for the service with a PC, you only get a GB of storage instead of five. Nevertheless, its a great service overall if youre an Apple user and we have no problem recommending it, but keep the storage limit in mind. If you need more space, opt for one of the providers mentioned in this post.

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    Dropbox is another excellent service that we recommend, although it didnt make our list because it only offers 2GB of free cloud storage. Thats not much, but if its enough for you, were confident youll be happy with the service.

    Amazon Drive is also an excellent service, offering 5GB of free storage to its users. Thats on par with OneDrive, but we recommend Microsofts solution over Amazons because its more feature-packed and easier to use. Its a superb service if you like the Amazon ecosystem, though.

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    Get Started With Cloud Storage On Android

    Cloud Storage for Firebase lets you upload and share user generated content, suchas images and video, which allows you to build rich media content into yourapps. Your data is stored in a bucket anexabyte scale object storage solution with high availability and globalredundancy. Cloud Storage for Firebase lets you securely upload these filesdirectly from mobile devices and web browsers, handling spotty networks withease.

    Using Icloud Photos Notes And Find Iphone On Android

    How to handle cookies in httpUrlConnection using cookieManager – Android

    If your sign-in details are correct, you should see the iCloud dashboard on Android.

    You can tap Account Settings to access your Apple account settings or select one of the three icons listed to access the Notes, Photos, or Find iPhone services.

    These are the only services that Apple allows you to easily view on your Android device using a mobile browser.

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    Syncplicity 10gb Of Free Cloud Storage

    Syncplicity offers all the basic features like sorting files by folders, sharing files with others, and even tagging them. You get 10GB of space for your images, videos, documents, and other files.

    The service is available on all the major platforms and offers paid plans for those looking for extra storage. A significant advantage of Syncplicity is that it has no file size limitations.

    The nitty-gritty:

    • Founded: 2008

    Access And Manage The Cloud From A Galaxy Phone Or Tablet

    Note: All data stored in Samsung Cloud will be deleted if it has not been used for more than 12 months. This includes data stored in its respective category, such as contacts, calendar, and more. You will not be able to recover that specific data however, Samsung will provide an advanced notice prior to deletion.

    You can access Samsung Cloud directly on your Galaxy phone and tablet.

  • To access Samsung Cloud on your phone, navigate to and open Settings.

  • Tap your name at the top of the screen, and then tap Samsung Cloud.

  • From here, you can view your synced apps, back up additional data, and restore data. Scroll through the different categories, and select one to view more details about items you’ve synced or backed up from your phone or tablet.

  • To make accessing Samsung Cloud easier, you can add a shortcut icon to your Apps screen. Tap More options in the top right corner, then tap Settings. Next, tap the switch next to Show Samsung Cloud icon.

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    Best Cloud Storage For Android : Storage On The Go

    Managing the storage space on your Android smartphone or tablet can be tedious. Apps battle with photos, videos and other documents for space, and games take up more storage as they become more involved and better looking. Running out of room on your phone or tablet is a common concern, and finding the best cloud storage for Android can be tricky.

    However, weve ranked the best cloud storage for personal use on Android below. Before we dive in, though, we want to quickly cover how we decided on the best cloud storage for Android. We also like spoilers here at Cloudwards, so we chose Google Drive as our best cloud storage app for Android. Find out why after the break.

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