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What Is Cloud Gaming With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate And When Is It Available

Learn about Mobile Cloud Computing with Android

Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is Microsofts cloud gaming platform that allows users to play games from a curated Xbox catalog.

It works by streaming the games from Microsofts servers on your device of choice. Which at the moment is limited to just Android smartphones, in addition to iOS with a little more limitation.

The service officially launches on September 15. So if you already have an account with Game Pass you can login and play games on your phone anytime you like starting tomorrow. It is worth noting though, that Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is still going to be in a beta status.

It wont be closed anymore though, and anyone can use it after signing up for Game Pass and paying the subscription fee.

Though Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is still going to be in beta, itll officially be part of a bundle with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and it wont cost anything extra. Meaning youll pay the same $15 a month youd always pay. On top of that, you can even sign up for $1 for the first month if youre a new subscriber.

Where is Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate available?

At launch on September 15, Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be available in 22 countries around the globe.

This includes the US, the UK, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czechia , Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Titanium Backup: Features For Professionals

Titanium Backup doesnt just sound powerful, it is also the standard for Android experts for professional smartphone users who know their device inside out. However, the Android cloud app can only be used with root access without this, it will not function. Once youve completed the complex setup and found your way through the slightly confusing user interface, you can save almost anything: system settings, widgets, backgrounds, even the personalized configuration of the actual Android cloud app. The backup is done either locally or with your provider , where you simply log in through the settings. You can also restore your data not just on the original device, but also on other hardware, different Android versions, or even custom ROMs.

Titanium Backup lives up to its reputation by giving you deep access to your Android system. Thanks to additional functions like encryption, data manipulation, and data carrier cleaning, the app qualifies as a multifunctional tool that is constantly being further developed and maintained by ambitious developers. In return, they only require a one-time payment of approx. $6 for the complete PRO version. However, beware: if technical terms like XML, Nandroid, and ADB dont mean anything to you, you wont be able to do much with the Titanium Backup . For those who are eager to learn, the development team offers comprehensive support in the form of a Wiki and the in-house knowledge base titaniumtrack.com/kb.


Aws Console Mobile Application

The AWS Console Mobile Application, provided by Amazon Web Services, lets you view and manage a select set of resources to support incident response while on-the-go.

The Console Mobile Application allows you to monitor resources through a dedicated dashboard and view configuration details, metrics, and alarms for select AWS services. The Dashboard provides permitted users with an overview of the account status, with real-time data on Amazon CloudWatch, Personal Health Dashboard, and AWS Billing and Cost Management. You can view ongoing issues and follow through to the relevant CloudWatch alarm screen for a detailed view with graphs and configuration options. In addition, you can check on the status of specific AWS services, view detailed resource screens, and perform select actions.

The Console Mobile Application requires an existing AWS account. Upon sign-in with a Root User, IAM User or Federated Role the Console Mobile Application will store your credentials to easily switch between identities.

We regularly release updates with new features. Tell us what features you need and how you would use them with the Feedback feature of the Console Mobile Application. We’re listening.

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What Android Apps Can I Disable

How to disable Android apps

  • Go to Settings > Apps and scroll over to the All tab for a complete list of your apps.
  • If you want to disable an app simply tap on it and then tap Disable.
  • Once disabled, these apps won’t appear in your primary apps list, so it’s a good way to clean your list up.

Steps via the Settings menu

  • 1 Go into the Settings menu > Accounts and backup.
  • 2 Tap on Samsung Cloud.
  • 3 Select Gallery.
  • 4 Toggle on Sync then tap the option for more Syncing Settings.
  • 5 Tap on Sync now to begin syncing your Gallery to your Samsung Cloud account.
  • 1 Head into your Gallery and tap on the 3 dots.
  • Best Cloud Storage Android App For Businesses

    10 best cloud storage apps for android 2017
    • In-app purchases: No
    • Android version: Android 8.0+

    Box is an extremely well-known cloud storage application in business circles. Many businesses use this app, though its available to regular consumers as well. The app offers a really simple and streamlined design that is always appreciated. Box offers 10 GB of free storage space for new users, while this is one of the most feature-rich cloud storage applications on the list.

    You can easily share your documents, images, videos, or whatever else youve backed up. You can preview 200+ file types with full screen quality, while the same goes for printing. File-level security controls are in place, while you can set up offline access to some files and folders. Real-time search is supported, while Box allows you to annotate, e-sign, and edit tons of different files via partner app support.

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    Yes Android Phones Have Cloud Storage

    You may have thought about cloud storage in the past but mistakenly assumed that was something only afforded to Apple users. But according to Tyrone Pike, CEO and founder of FileShadow, Android users actually have several options available to them, whether theyre looking for the best cloud storage for photos or other types of data. Individual apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box access the cloud through an Android device, providing direct management of those accounts through the phone, he explains. While youre learning more about your smartphone, you should also check out these hidden Android features you probably never knew about.

    How Much Does Cloud Gaming With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cost

    Now that Cloud Gaming is officially going to be part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, itll be $15.

    But what youre paying for isnt really the Cloud Gaming. Youre paying for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the cloud gaming service is now just part of that.

    So technically, its still free like it used to be when it was available as xCloud in the closed beta. You can also sign up for $1 for the first month if youre a new subscriber.

    So the value there is really pretty good. Keep in mind the $15 pricing is based on US cost. And the actual cost may change depending on what country youre subscribing in. Even in the US, youll still want to factor in your local state sales tax as most states will have them.

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    Why You Should Store Your Photos And Video In The Cloud

    If you are still backing up your photos and videos the old fashion way by connecting your device via USB to your computer and manually transferring the files you are placing yourself at risk of data loss. You never know when your memory card or built-in storage space might become corrupted, and when it happens, its often too late to do anything about it.

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    Not only that, but having to sit in front of a computer and manually transfer the pictures and videos you want to backup takes a lot of time. Modern cloud storage Android apps for photo and video backup can do a much better job much quicker. Here are just some of their main advantages:

    A Powerful Screen Recorder Solution For Anyone

    G Cloud Backup App for Android – Detailed Review & Demonstration

    CloudApps screen recorder makes it easy to collaborate across multifunctional teams through visual communication. From the smallest business customer, to the largest enterprise client, CloudApp simplifies the way teams work together.

    With CloudApp, teams save time by explaining a task visually. Save hours a day by simplifying how your explain and share. With HD screen recordings, videos, and GIFs, your team can quickly and easily respond to colleagues and customer queries by embedding visuals directly into productivity apps, collaboration tools, shared docs and even email.

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    Benefits Of Using Cloud Storage For Android Phones

    Whether youre an avid photo taker or you simply want to make sure all your files are backed up, cloud storage provides countless benefits for the personal and business user alike. The biggest advantage of using cloud storage for Android phones is the seamless usability and accessibility of files that have access through that cloud storage, says John Li, CTO of Fig Loans. Thats important because it means that anyone with an Android phone can have the convenience of sharing, viewing, editing, and copying files through cloud storage, as long as access is permitted by the authorized user.

    Here are a few additional benefits as well:

    • Its freeup to a point: Cost-effectiveness is another benefit of data storage in a cloud, Li notes. In most cases, there is a cap on size and storage limit, but it is otherwise free for use.
    • Ease of use: Storage is often as simple as a drag and drop of the file you wish to preserve.
    • Security: Security of access is also a huge benefit, and files can be secured fairly easily, Li says. Plus, cloud storage can keep your files safer than they would be on your personal device. In fact, by saving to the cloud and offloading from your device, youre able to reduce the risk that someone could get ahold of your device and easily access your personal information.

    How vulnerable is your device? Read about the top mobile security threats of 2021.

    Super Backup: Best Price

    Dont be put off by the advertising banners in the free version and the somewhat jarring voice output the external Android cloud app Super Backup: SMS & Contact, as it is known in the Play Store, can certainly hold its own among the big manufacturers. Its strength lies in its storage of SMS and contacts, but call lists, calendar entries, and pictures can also be stored locally in the internal memory or on an SD card. The manufacturers do not operate their own cloud, but Super Backup supports the Google Cloud and Dropbox. Copies of files can also be sent to your Gmail account.

    Unfortunately, videos and music do not belong to the storable file categories. The backup of apps and data is only possible on a rooted device. A special function is the recording of entire telephone calls as MP3 whether you want to grant the app comprehensive access rights for this is up to you. Another small bonus is the option to display the minimalist but functional design of the app in dark mode.

    However, despite all its possibilities, Super Backup offers rather little in terms of operation. Each category needs to be saved and restored manually. In addition, the time settings for the automatic backup can only be personalized to a limited extent. Premium users only pay a small, one-off amount of approx. $2 to get rid of advertisements, permanently.


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    Installing G Cloud Backup

  • If prompted, tap Accept.
  • Allow the installation to complete.
  • You’ll find the launcher on your home screen, or in your App Drawer, or in both places. Tap the launcher to fire up G Cloud Backup, swipe through the welcome screen, and either create an account or log into your account. You are ready to go.

    Other Reasons We Like Synccom


    Sync.com is a pleasure to use on Android. Its simple interface and ease of use make it accessible to everyone. Additionally, its affordable plans allow you to focus on how much storage you want versus what you can afford .

    The only area where Sync.com doesnt perform is in third-party integration. Sync.coms security doesnt play well with other services, though it gets a pass for being a solid contender in every other area.


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    Top 5 Icloud Alternatives To Icloud App For Android

    Try Free Try Free

    Everybody wants to store their pictures and videos on a safe storage. Using a local storage can be risky sometimes, and it happened many times that people lost their important documents. iPhone users have the iCloud, but what alternatives have the Android phones users? There are several alternatives to iCloud for Android, and they are called cloud storage applications.

    Other Reasons We Like Onedrive

    Microsoft OneDrive has a feature called personal vault that allows you to store files in a space within OneDrive that includes added security and requires 2FA.

    With the free plan, you are limited to how many files you can store in your personal vault, though you can store unlimited files, up to your storage limit, with an Office 365 plan. The personal vault works just like a folder and can be found with the rest of your files.

    Though Google Drive and OneDrive offer similar features in most areas, OneDrive offers a far superior storage option for families and groups because each user gets their own terabyte of storage. Read more about OneDrive in our OneDrive review.


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    Are There Any Additional Features

    You should have access to most features youd get with Xbox. Whether youre playing on the console or on PC.

    Which means achievements, chatting with friends online, earning rewards points for completing quests, and much more. You should also be able to play over mobile data, adjust your online visibility if you want to play games in private without interruptions, and even play games online with friends.

    Not necessarily at launch, but perhaps later in the year, Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will even have access to EA Play.

    Earlier this year Microsoft announced EA Play was coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional charge. And it confirmed that this holiday season , that users playing games over the cloud on Android would get access.

    So theres no clear time frame on that one, but it is coming sometime in the near future. Its just a matter of when. Theres also cool playlist feature that lets you keep track of which games youre wanting to play. If you like to have any sort of organization set up for your gaming.

    The Cloud For Android: Online Storage For The Operating System

    Official MEGA Cloud Storage App for Android

    For many iPhone and iPad owners, Apple iOS is clearly miles ahead when it comes to system and data backups. Using the internal settings, you can create a complete backup of your devices, including all accounts, documents, and configurations, and store it on a standard 5BH iCloud. For example, photos can be synchronized through the iCloud photo media library, and all other data can be backed up through iTunes in combination with a Mac computer.

    However, what about Googles own operating system? The sobering truth is that, to date, the company has not provided a way to store a complete backup on the Google Cloud. One of the reasons for this is that app data on Android devices, for example, is encrypted in such a way that programs with standard rights have no access to it. For example, to download the scores from your favorite phone game after a system crash, you will need root access.

    Unlocking a smartphone like this has disadvantages, as well as advantages first, you will lose your warranty, which is why you should thoroughly consider taking this step. This may be the reason why the bigger Android cloud app manufacturers dont mention app storage through the root in their product descriptions.

    If you choose not to, you can at least allow Google Backup in your device settings to synchronize your contacts, calendar entries, email, and your Gmail account with all other devices connected to your Google Account provided, of course, you have one.

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    How To Use Xbox Cloud Gaming On Android


    Today Xbox Cloud Gaming has finally launched on Android to its beta form, previously only being available as part of the alpha Game Streaming App. With it, a total of 168 titles for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can now be streamed directly to your compatible Android device. The process is fairly simple but there are a few finer details that you need to be aware of to be able to start playing Xbox games on your phone.

    Stream Games To Millions

    • Better unit economics thanks to high container density
    • Low latency and high frame rates
    • Support for x86 and Arm
    • Adaptive to remote devices performance
    • Run virtual Android instances in the cloud
    • Client interface available as native or web application
    • Full sensor integration
    • Delivery of on-premise mobile applications
    • Centrally-managed application security

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    The 9 Best Android Cloud Apps Securing Your Smartphone Data

    You probably always carry a lot of your most important data with you on your smartphone. It is particularly annoying when your valuable device is suddenly stolen, lost, or broken. It is helpful if youve done a backup and saved your photos, videos, and other files in the cloud. Just like iOS, the Android operating system has its own tools for these tasks but theyre not always enough.

    Instead, youre often better off relying on trusted Android cloud apps from external vendors. Youll also enjoy a few benefits if you choose to use them. For example, you can create a document in the office, continue working on it using your tablet when youre on the road, and share it with colleagues anytime, anywhere. We will introduce you to the best Android cloud apps.

    HiDrive Cloud Storage with IONOS!

    Based in Europe, HiDrive secures your data in the cloud so you can easily access it from any device!

    Highly secure

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