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The Safest Way To Disable All Bloatware On Your Galaxy S9 Or S9+

I bought is, and I can confirm it does work on the Snapdragon version of the S9+. Only sucks that I had bought the other 2 disabler apps mentioned in this string earlier did not work. Not sure the .XML file mentioned in the initial post can be imported .

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Microsoft Should Also Not Be On Your Device

pm uninstall –user 0 com.microsoft.appmanagerpm uninstall –user 0 com.microsoft.office.excelpm uninstall –user 0 com.microsoft.office.officehubrowpm uninstall –user 0 com.microsoft.office.outlookpm uninstall –user 0 com.microsoft.office.powerpointpm uninstall –user 0 com.microsoft.office.wordpm uninstall –user 0 com.microsoft.skydrivepm uninstall –user 0 com.linkedin.androidpm uninstall –user 0 com.nuance.swype.input

If You Want More Privacy Of Course Google Is A Problem So Remove It

pm uninstall –user 0 com.google.android.gsfpm uninstall –user 0 com.google.android.gmpm uninstall –user 0 com.google.android.gmspm uninstall –user 0 com.google.android.gms.location.historypm uninstall –user 0 com.android.vendingpm uninstall –user 0 com.google.mainline.telemetry

Remember, when you remove Google from your device, many apps will send you a push notification that you do not have Google Play installed! This is not an issue, mute these notifications. Long press the push and switch play notifications off. You will only have to deal with one Google Play reminder per app, if the app needs it, as once silenced, it stays silenced.

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Debloat/remove Bloatware From Samsung Devices Via Adb

In this guide, we will show you the steps to debloat your Samsung device and remove bloatware from it via ADB Commands. Every OEM packs in quite a few pre-installed apps and would then treat them as system apps so that you wouldnt be able to easily uninstall them the normal way. And Samsung is no different either. Be it the ones from Google, Bixby, Dex, or AR-related Apps, there is a truckload of such apps that have made a permanent abode on your device.

Most of these apps arent linked with OneUI and hence wouldnt have any negative consequences on the overall functioning of the OS. On the flip side though, these apps tend to consume unnecessary system resources in the background and also drain quite a lot of battery. Well, it might even slow down the devices normal use case scenario. Hence the best bet is to bid adieu to these apps and in this guide, we will show you how to do just that. Given here are the detailed steps to debloat your Samsung device and remove bloatware from it via ADB Commands. Follow along.

  • Needed for the Settings Menu
  • Adb Debloat / Bloatware Samsung

    ADB bloatware Samsung . . . cmd package.name.example.

    . . Droidwin .

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    Debloat / Bloatware Samsung Adb

    Samsung bloatware ADB. OEM . . Google Bixby Dex .

    OneUI . . . . Samsung bloatware ADB. .


  • Galaxy S10/s10+ Debloat / Bloatware Removal List

    within the app it doesn’t allow you to uninstall anything but you can get into system apps.Is your device still working flawlessly or without any issues? one struggle I had is when I disabled always on display it somehow ended up disabling the clock interface selection for the lock screen in settings. and I can’t seem to figure out what to disable in order to keep my clock selection working fine while always on display is completely disabled

    Need help with 1 uninstall please

    For Those who don’t want to wait or are unsure what to do with this.HERE IS THE FASTEST WAY TO DO THIS!Here is a .bat file to execute this list in 3 steps basically:0. download attachment with all files included.1. Open the Clean S10.bat file2. copy and paste the folder to ADB 3. let it run by typing any letter, it will execute all the apps..You can modify it with an editor and remove the apps you don’t want to remove.Backup your phone first, prefered in TWRP> Backupthanks to petro_ionut for inspiration, this is how it should be done in the first place Best User Experience with the easiest way possible! It’s called Titanium Backup

    Anyone know what apps are for VoLTE calls?Enviado desde mi SM-G975F mediante Tapatalk

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    What Apk Free Offers

    A complete information about the Samsung Location SDK APK file you are downloading is provided before you download. The first thing you have to read is the antivirus report, given by more than 50 trusted and recognized antivirus, followed is to verify if the apk developer is the one you are looking for, in many cases the apps or games may have the same name but not be the correct developer.

    You can also find latest Samsung Location SDK Apk versions available and system requirement needed to install it, and more technical information about the Apk file, you can download the apk installer for free, without packed, wrapped or any modification, apk file contain the signature of the official developers. You could also download Samsung Location SDK from another alternative website or from the official Android app stores like Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore, but maybe some apps or games could be not available there.

    Best Apps For Samsung S20 Ultra In 2022

    Samsung S20 Ultra is a new smartphone from Samsung, which is released in the middle of May 2019. It has a 6.4-inch display with a resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19:9. The device runs on Android 9 Pie out of the box, and it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC with Adreno 640 GPU.

    The phone features a triple camera system on the back with a 48-megapixel primary sensor, 12-megapixel ultra wide angle lens, and an 8-megapixel telephoto lens. All three lenses are optically stabilized, while the 48MP sensor also has variable aperture . There is also a 32MP selfie camera at the front with f/2.0 aperture and 1080p video recording support.

    The Samsung S20 Ultra has 128GB of storage space expandable via microSD card . Connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11ac , Bluetooth v5.00, NFC, GPS/GLONASS/Beidou satellite positioning systems .

    Samsung Galaxy S20 devices are now in the market with high-end functions. The users will receive all in one pack into these monster phones, and the camera department is elite in the club. The last two updates for Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra, has enhanced the capabilities of the cameras to capture better quality pictures and also fixed minor bugs. In the market, Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most powerful smartphone in the spec wise as well as with its mega 108MP camera sensor, first of its kind. To make it even better, the Play Store offers the best apps for Galaxy S20 smartphones to get most of it.

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    File Write To Code Execution

    Now, we have an arbitrary file write as system user. Our goal is to turn this write primitive into code execution. The Swift keyboard itself has no executable code in its directory that we can overwrite, therefore we are going to have to look elsewhere.

    After a .dex file is optimized, its cache gets stored in /data/dalvik-cache/. All of the files in dalvik-cache are owned by the user system. We want to look for files in dalvik-cache owned by group system, as this will give us all the dalvik-cache files that will execute as the system user.

    :/data/dalvik-cache # /data/local/tmp/busybox find . -type f -group 1000       ./@       ./@       ./@       ./@       ./@       ./@       ./@       ./@       ./@       ./@       ./@

    Out of this list, we want to select a target component that is automatically invoked. Ideally, we can just clobber the whole odex file and replace only our target of interest. This is possible with the framework dalvik cache files available, but it might cause other pieces to break. Instead, lets choose the DeviceTest as our target.

    After decompiling and viewing the manifest, we see that the app does indeed have sharedUserId=android.id.system. We also see a BroadcastReceiver defined in the manifest which responds to intents like BOOT_COMPLETED, enabling it to get fired automatically on device boot.

    We need to generate an odex file with code for a BroadcastReciever named com.sec.factory.entry.FactoryTestBroadcastReceiver. Our exploit source looks like:

    Pm Uninstall User 0 Packagenameexample

    If the app isnt working along the expected lines or if its data has got corrupted, then the above command might not be the right one. Rather, you should completely remove that app from your device and install its fresh build from scratch. And for that, this command should be your go-t0 choice. Again, make sure to replace the package.name.example with the app packages name

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    Best Galaxy S20 Ultra Apps

  • HABITHUBBest Galaxy S20 Ultra AppsThe app to let you make a new habit and stick to it. Isnt it simple? I dont think so. Building new habits and go with it is challenging tasks thats why many people cant change their old practices. Dont worry, new habitHub: Habit Tracker & Goal Tracker Motivation app will help you to build a new habit and track it every day. It says to adopt new practices we need at least 21 days to go with it, so get this app and use it daily. Add a new goal and track it daily or weekly and also give rewards when you achieve it.
  • Download: HabitHub

  • LASTPASS PASSWORD MANAGERYou may have encountered this problem of having lots of passwords for different accounts, and later you forget them. Facebook, Twitter, Google, TikTok, Yahoo, your computer, net banking, smartphone, and now smartwatches, how many passwords we have to remember to unlock them. It is the reason most password manager apps rise to store your credential pins or passwords. The LastPass Password Manager is a highly rated app in the Play Store that stores & protects all your passwords with one master password. It also recommends new passwords for your new online accounts.
  • Download: LastPass

    Download: Podcast Addict

    Download: Pulse SMS

    Download: Azar

    Download: Medium


    Download: StarMaker

    Download: VivaVideo

    Download: Microsoft Translator

    Download: Disney+

    Needed For The Settings Menu

    This app is needed for the proper functioning of the Settings and hence shouldnt be removed:


    So this was all from this guide on how you could uninstall and remove bloatware from Samsung devices and hence debloat it. If you have any queries cornering the aforementioned steps or if you have found out that the removal of an app is leading to a few issues and hence should be added under the Non-Removal category, then please let us know in the comments section below. It will greatly benefit other users as well. We would also like to give credits to XDA Member amnesiadroid for his invaluable contribution to this subject.

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    Adb Commands Used In This Guide And Their Usage

    Here are all the commands that we will be using in this guide to debloat your Samsung device and remove bloatware from it via ADB Commands. You just need to replace the package.name.example with the package ID of the app that you wish to remove.

    You could check out our guide on How to Get App Package Name on Android or refer to the commands that we have shared in the subsequent sections of this guide.

    Discovery Of The Vulnerability

    Swift has an update mechanism to allow new languages to be added or existing languages to be upgraded. When a user downloads an additional language pack, we can see the network request that is made:

    GET http://skslm.swiftkey.net/samsung/downloads/v1.3-USA/az_AZ.zip        200 application/zip 995.63kB 601ms

    When the zip is downloaded it is extracted to /data/data/com.sec.android.inputmethod/app_SwiftKey/< languagePackAbbrev> /.

    :/data/data/com.sec.android.inputmethod/app_SwiftKey/az_AZ # ls -l       -rw------- system system 606366 2015-06-11 15:16 az_AZ_bg_c.lm1       -rw------- system system 1524814 2015-06-11 15:16 az_AZ_bg_c.lm3       -rw------- system system 413 2015-06-11 15:16 charactermap.json       -rw------- system system 36 2015-06-11 15:16 extraData.json       -rw------- system system 55 2015-06-11 15:16 punctuation.json

    We can see that the files in our .zip were written as system user. This is a very powerful user capable of writing many places on the file system. Since the application sends the zip file over plaintext, lets attempt to modify it.

    We can do this by setting a global Wi-Fi proxy and pointing our device at mitmproxy on our computer. Then we can write a quick script which feeds it our zip when the keyboard attempts to download:

    Our payload is very simple, containing only one file:

    The request in mitmproxy :

    > >  GET http://skslm.swiftkey.net/samsung/downloads/v1.3-USA/languagePacks.json        200 application/json 15.38kB 310ms

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    Samsung Location Sdk App For Android

  • Samsung Location SDK is a free Android app. Download Samsung Location SDK APK direct installer latest version updated by original developer. Please verify that it is the correct Samsung Location SDK developer, do not forget to read the premium antivirus report before downloading.

  • Votes: 6
    • Version: 5.3.45 for Android Min SDK
    • Signature: & check 9CA5170F381919DFE0446FCDAB18B19A143B3163

    Older version 3.4.22 Samsung Location SDK APK

    1004.6KB 3.4.22

    Older version 4.0.54 Samsung Location SDK APK

    2MB 4.0.54

    Older version 4.0.45 Samsung Location SDK APK

    2MB 4.0.45

    Older version 3.2.18 Samsung Location SDK APK

    910.9KB 3.2.18

    Older version 4.0.46 Samsung Location SDK APK

    1.9MB 4.0.46


    Step : Verify Adb Connection

  • To begin with, connect your device to the PC via USB cable. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled.
  • Then head over to the platform-tools folder, type in CMD in the address bar, and hit Enter. This will launch the Command Prompt.
  • Now in the following command in the CMD window to verify the ADB connection:
    adb devices
  • If you get the device ID, then the connection stands successful. Now type in the below command to open the Shell environment:
    adb shell
  • It will now list out your device codename, which means that the shell connection has been successfully established as well, and you are good to go ahead.
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    Step : Install Android Sdk

    First and foremost, you will have to install the Android SDK Platform Tools on your PC. This is the official ADB and Fastboot binary provided by Google and is the only recommended one. So download it and then extract it to any convenient location on your PC. Doing so will give you the platform-tools folder, which will be used throughout this guide.

    List Of Adb Commands To Debloat/remove Bloatware From Samsung Devices

    Heres the list of the ADB Commands that you could use to uninstall the bloatware apps from your Samsung device and hence debloat it. Removal of these apps didnt have any negative impact on my device, but I cannot vouch that the same will happen will you as well. So you should be the best judge as to which of the apps you should remove and which needs to stay. With that said, if the removal of an app leads to any issues, then you could easily reinstall them via the cmd package install-existing package.name.example.

    Or a much safer approach will be to disable that app and then use your device for a few minutes. If everythings working well and good, then you could probably remove that app from your device. Droidwin and its members wouldnt be held responsible in case of a thermonuclear war, your alarm doesnt wake you up, or if anything happens to your device and data by performing the below steps.

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