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Best Cheap 5g Samsung Phone: Samsung Galaxy A51 5g

The Best Cheap Android Phones in 2020

Why you should buy this: Its an affordable Samsung that looks absolutely beautiful, offers solid battery life, and comes with 5G.

Who its for: Samsung fans who prize attractive phones that support 5G and dont cost an arm and a leg.

Why we picked the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G:

Much like the slightly more expensive A71 5G, the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G combines affordable 5G support with many of the key selling points that have helped to build Samsungs reputation as one of the worlds best smartphone manufacturers. Its headline feature is, once again, its gorgeous design and display, revolving around a sleek edge-to-edge display that makes the iPhone 12s notch look like an overgrown pimple. Its display is an impressive 6.5-inch AMOLED screen with 2400 x 1080 pixels, with the AMOLED technology used giving it noticeably more vibrancy and vividness than other phones.

As for 5G connectivity, the A51 supports the faster mmWave 5G band if you happen to buy it from Verizon, while T-Mobile and AT& T users will have to settle for sub-6Hz band as the 5G rollout continues. Beyond 5G service, the phone comes with an ample 4,500mAh battery, providing you with plenty of use-time, even if you use 5G more than the average person. Its quad-lens camera is also very good, taking some excellent photos in well-lit environments, as well as offering an ultrawide lens for more panoramic shots.

Read more in our full Samsung Galaxy A51 5G review

The Best Budget Phone With A Stylus

Its slim pickings for Android users who want a new budget phone with a stylus. With LG exiting the smartphone market this year and Samsung pausing its premium Galaxy Note series, theres only Motorolas Moto G Stylus left to hold the line.

Of the Motorola budget devices weve tested this year, the Moto G Stylus offers the best balance of features and cost-saving measures. Its a good phone for $280, whether youre a stylus devotee or just stylus-curious.

It has a big 6.8-inch LCD display at 1080p resolution, good battery life with its 4,000mAh cell, and ample internal storage with 128GB of capacity. Thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 678 processor and 4GB of RAM, the G Stylus performs just fine with the

its a good phone for $280, whether youre a stylus devotee or just stylus-curious

occasional hiccup. The cameras, though flawed, are good enough to get by. You wont find an amazing night mode or top-notch picture quality here, but for a sub-$300 phone, it does the job just fine.

The Moto G Stylus stylus is built into the device like the Galaxy Note. Popping it out brings up a quick menu of shortcuts to stylus-friendly apps, like its coloring book app.

Theres no telling how much longer Motorola will make the Moto G Stylus, so if you want a budget phone with a built-in stylus, you should grab one while you can.

Google Pixel : The Best Android Smartphone

It’s no surprise that the best Android smartphone is the one made by Google. A great showcase for the platform, the Pixel 6 is on par with most other companies’ flagships, but at a vastly reduced price. Not only is the Pixel 6’s stripped-back Android 12 experience as refined and effortlessly simple as ever, but what really sets the Pixel 6 apart this year is its dual cameras, which are simply in a class of their own.

No matter what you’re taking pictures of, and no matter the lighting conditions, the Pixel 6’s images and video are absolutely top-notch, and easily the best you can buy right now. Performance is also a serious step above last year’s Pixel 5, courtesy of Google’s first homemade Tensor chipset. And with that cutthroat price being yet another part of the Pixel 6’s appeal, there’s little reason to spend more.

Read our full for more details

Key specs Processor: 2.8GHz Google Tensor Screen: 6.4in 2,400 x 1,080 Camera: 50MP, 12MP Storage: 128GB, 256GB Operating system: Android 12

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What Is The Best Cheap Phone Under $600

OPPO A74 5G, Source: OPPO

While $600 isnt exactly a small amount of money to be parting with, in the world of smartphones, this price point is still quite cheap. The $400-$600 spectrum is where some of the best mid-range phones are to be found, and if youre looking for a premium device with a smaller price tag, this might be a better price range to look at. Many of these phones can also be found on phone plans from various telcos, so you can avoid that outright price upfront if youd prefer. Here some of the best cheap phones currently available in Australia under $600:

  • TCL 10L $449
ColorOS 11Realme UIAndroid

Best Budget Android Phones 2021

Best Cheap Android Phones February 2018

As high-end phones get more expensive, awesome budget Android phones get even better. We’ve researched and ranked all of the best cheap Android phones you can buy today. And with our buyer’s guide, you’ll be sure to find the perfect phone for you. Here are some of our top choices for the most inexpensive phones available now.

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What Is The Best Cheap Phone In Australia

Posted by Emma Bradstock03/07/2021

Its no secret that smartphones arent the cheapest thing to buy. Every year, the big phone manufacturers release their newest devices with more cameras, bigger and brighter screens and all sorts of cool and clever features but theres always a big price tag to match.

However, with technology getting better and more affordable each year, there are now plenty of options if youre looking for a good budget phone. Whether youre looking to save some money, selecting a good first phone for your child, or you just dont use your phone enough to justify a $1,000+ price tag, there are plenty of cheap smartphones to suit a range of users. Lets take a look at what you can get for your money when it comes to cheap phones currently available in Australia.

Jump ahead:

Excellent Performance For The Price

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

A Nord for North America

OnePlus finally brought a Nord phone to the U.S., packed with a quad-camera system, 90Hz display, and 5G compatibility.

  • Tons of bloatware
  • No NFC or official IP rating

POCO gained notoriety a few years ago as Xiaomi’s breakout budget brand and earned even more respect after outperforming many other flagships in MKBHD’s annual blind camera tests on YouTube. Its phones also typically have a flair for the dramatic in terms of their design. That is most certainly the case with the eye-popping POCO M3, particularly in its POCO Yellow color variant.

In addition to bold colors, the camera housing on the back of the M3 is visually distinct you’ll either love it, or you’ll hate it. It takes up nearly a quarter of the rear panel and houses a triple camera system with a 48MP primary lens, along with a 2MP macro camera and a 2MP portrait camera. In addition, you get an 8MP selfie shooter on the front, all powered by a mid-range Snapdragon 662 processor. The phone comes with 6GB of RAM and either 64GB or 128GB of storage.

The M3 is capable of 18W wired fast charging, but it’s not likely you’ll need to top up too much. This battery champ packs a 6,000mAh cell, which with its 1080p display and modest SOC, should keep you powered for up to two full days.

The biggest downsides to the phone are a lack of NFC, no official IP rating, and it ships with Android 10. On the plus side, though, you do get a built-in headphone jack!

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Best Phones In : The Top Smartphones Rated


The best phones are all about giving you what you want from a handset. They deliver great cameras, the performance you need to multitask and enough battery life to last the whole day.

To help you pick the best smartphone for you, we test dozens of handsets in the lab and in the real world to bring you in-depth reviews and make recommendations you can trust.

With strong options available at all price levels, you don’t have to spend a lot to get something great. Some people may prefer to have the biggest display possible along with the most advanced specs. And others want a solid mid-range phone that delivers all the basics without feeling cheap.

Our best phones list has something for everyone, including great bargains under $500 and under $300. We’ve ranked all the top phones based on our testing. Here are the top smartphones right now.

Our Top Pick: Best Smartphone

The Best $100 Phone EVER | Best Cheap Android Smartphone at $100 2020
  • Slightly chunky
  • Not especially fast charging

We’ve seen plenty of Pixel phones enter the market over the years, but none have quite managed to live up to typical expectations of a flagship device. That’s completely changed with the Pixel 6 Pro.

As ever, Google has provided a camera and computational photography system that is, in our view, best in class. However, the stakes have been raised here primarily due to the asking price, which is low enough, we expect, to make a lot of competitors second guess themselves.

With the 6 Pro, there’s a real sense of confidence and completeness. The design is bold, the display is crisp, the speakers are excellent and Google’s Tensor chip has Android 12 running very smoothly.

It is very much on the chunky side, which won’t be for everyone, and the charging speeds let it down slightly, but this is an outstanding choice for those who want an Android device.

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    Best Cheap Phones Extra Info

    We’ve written this guide to encompass the best cheap phones on the market right now, but if you like a specific manufacturer or operating system then we have plenty of specialist phone guides here too.

    For example, our best gaming phones guide covers the high-powered handsets that we’ve found to be the best battlers in mobile gaming, and our best Android phones guide isn’t going to offer you an iPhone if your heart is set on Android. If you prefer to buy a particular brand, check out our guides to the top-rated Samsung phones, best iPhone, and Nokia phones and many more. We’ve also got a guide to the best small phones for those of us who prefer our phones to fit in our pockets or purses.

    You’ll find that most of the phones here are using 4G technology, not 5G. That’s unlikely to be an issue for most of the UK, where 5G is still relatively patchy, and 4G is fast enough for things like video streaming. However if you really want 5G speeds then check out our best 5G phones guide.

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro: An Affordable Wonder

    Price: £269 l Buy now from Argos

    The second Xiaomi phone on this list, the Redmi Note 10 Pro is yet another astonishingly-priced smartphone from the Chinese company. With a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G on board, the Redmi Note 10 Pro blitzed through our usual array of performance benchmarks, but it excelled in other areas too. It benefits from a gigantic 108MP camera, which uses the same sensor as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which costs almost five times the price. It also comes with Android 11 from the get-go, and the design is quite lovely too.

    The only reason it isn’t higher on this list is that, unlike the Note 9T, the Redmi Note 10 Pro doesn’t come with 5G. Still, if you aren’t in a 5G area, or you don’t have a 5G SIM, the Redmi Note 10 Pro is an excellent Android choice.

    Read our full Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro review for more details

    Key specs Processor: 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G Screen: 6.67in, 2,400 x 1,080 Camera: 108MP, 8MP , 5MP , 2MP Storage: 64GB Operating system: Android 11

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    What To Look For In An Affordable Phone

    While budget-friendly phones don’t have all the perks that come along with midrange or flagship models, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a perfectly capable device to suit your needs. Let’s start with the features we believe are absolutely essential when choosing a cheap phone. Keep in mind that most of these recommendations are for smartphones, so if you’re in the market for a flip phone, many of these tips don’t apply.

    Battery Life: There are lots of variables to consider when it comes to battery life, but ultimately you want your phone to last at least until the end of the day. If you’re shopping for a phone with a screen smaller than 6 inches, look for a battery capacity of 3,500mAh or higher. For phones with larger screens, you’ll want to look for a minimum battery capacity of 4,500mAh.

    Chipset: In Qualcomm’s busy processor line, avoid any number lower than a Snapdragon 460, unless it’s a flip/voice phone. Mediatek’s Dimensity 700 line is also good, with the company’s Helio line being a bit less appealing.

    Why Are You Including An Iphone In This List Of The Best Budget Android Phones

    Best Cheap Android Smartphones

    Here’s the thing: the iPhone obviously doesn’t run Android, but it runs Google’s apps extremely well. The iPhone SE may look like an iPhone from 2014, but it’s got the fundamentals that many people love, including a small footprint, a great camera , and Apple’s super-fast A13 chip. It also has access to the App Store, which is arguably better for many apps than Google’s Play Store, especially when it comes to mobile games.

    While we absolutely don’t recommend you buy an iPhone SE if you’re truly set on getting one of the best budget Android phones, if you’re just in it for the Google apps support but want iMessage and Apple Arcade, for instance, the iPhone SE is a good option.

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    Best Rugged Android Phone Under $: Blackview Bv9100

    For the most part, modern smartphones are generic slabs of glass or plastic. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it means that buying a case is a must for incredibly clumsy people. But what if there was a phone that was designed so that it didn’t need a case in the first place? Enter the Blackview BV9100.

    Blackview makes many rugged/durable phones, and the BV9100 is one of the best you’ll find in this price range. It’s drop-proof up to 5 feet, has an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance and is protected against extreme temperatures. The other selling point of the phone is its massive 13,000 mAh battery, which is so big that you can use the BV9100 to charge your other devices by plugging them into it.

    Other specs of the Blackview BV9100 won’t blow you away, but they get the job done. There’s a 6.3-inch Full HD+ display, a MediaTek processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of expandable storage.

    Best Cheap Smartphone For Gamers

    Xiaomi-associated brand POCO has a new variant of the POCO X3 for 2021 and its a big enough improvement to easily rank among the best affordable, but not cheap Android smartphones for the year.

    Not least of all, for slightly less money than last years model, the 128GB of internal storage has been pushed into the next-gen. Thats with UFS 3.1 storage coupled with 6GB of RAM in the base model. And paired with a Snapdragon 860 too. Compared to last years Snapdragon 732G. The 6.67-inch FullHD+ handset also packs 33W charging for some of the fastest around. And comes with a headphone jack too.

    All of that, of course, is setting aside the new devices 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring that the display is one of the best available anyway. Let alone for the price of this smartphone. All packed into a fantastic-looking smartphone taking high-end design cues with gaming-ready performance to boot.

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    What Is The Best Cheap Phone Under $400

    Nokia 5.4, Source: Nokia

    Going up to the $200-$400 price range sees the introduction of bigger name manufacturers like Samsung and OPPO, along with electronics brand TCL. Both of these manufacturers offer a wide selection of cheap and mid-range phones, in addition to premium devices. The good news is that much of the technology that you expect from the premium devices can even be found in some of the cheaper handsets. The result is an affordable smartphone with the look and feel of a more premium phone. Currently some of the best cheap smartphones in Australia under $400 include:

    Its clear that OPPO really dominates this price range, routinely releasing phones around the $300-$400 mark. Not only does OPPO make good budget smartphones, but the quality is excellent and its a much-loved brand in Australia, with the manufacturer winning our Customer Satisfaction ratings for smartphones three years in a row although it lost out to Apple in the 2021 report.

    Samsung also comes in at this price range with its more budget Galaxy A series. While these phones dont come with all the bells and whistles youll find in premium devices, you can expect the same quality of a Samsung device but in a cheaper package.

    Lets take a quick look at the specs of some of the above mentioned devices.

    OPPO A15

    What Size Phone Is Right For You

    Top 5 Best Cheapest Android Phones Under $100 2019 Updated!

    There’s been a dramatic shift in Android phone shapes and sizes over the last few years. Many manufacturers have started to make their phones taller and narrower, resulting in one-hand-friendly models with improbably large screen sizes. We go into more detail on the new form factors in our piece on how we need to measure phone screens now.

    You can find Android phones with stated screen sizes from 3 inches to over 7 inches . With the new form factors, though, it’s very important to look at the width of the phone as well as the width of the screen. A tall, narrow phone can be much easier to handle than something wider.

    The Samsung Galaxy A32 offers plenty of power at an affordable price

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