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Golf Gps & Scorecard By Swingu


Golf GPS & Scorecard by SwingU is an unparalleled golf app for Android which you can access for free. It provides one of the best scorecard statistics for your golf game. This app uses GPS to show different numbers precisely with real-time integration. It supports smartwatches for quick access from your wrist. This app includes almost all the golf courses of the world with details on its GPS rangefinder. Your golf ventures will get a lot easier and more enjoyable with this app.

Important Features

  • It includes a cost-free handicap if the user shares the scores more than three times.
  • This app shows a very detailed map showing greens and obstacles.
  • Users can note down every hole and include insights pages ready to input.
  • It keeps all the recorded scorecards within one place for quick access.
  • The user interface is very user-friendly and offers a very reliable platform.
  • Users can record and save their golf sessions inside the dedicated swing locker.

Pros: The app interface is very snappy and smooth. Also, it provides professional tips and instructions from top-level trainers daily.

Cons: Some users found some operational inaccuracies within the app.

Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf

Price: Free to play

Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf is one of the newer golf games on this list. It boasts easy controls, fun game play, and plenty of things to do. Each course requires a different set of tricks to master along with various characters to play with. The fundamentals of the game are actually quite good despite the controls being rather simple. Of course, its not the most realistic game but its good enough for some good arcade golf fun. Its definitely one of the stronger options in the genre and the graphics are pretty good too.

Mini Golf Rivals Cartoon Forest

Mini Golf Rivals: Cartoon Forest is one of the best golf games. It was created by Mobile Sports Time. The game aims to complete all 60 levels, unlock all items, and get the highest score. Try to figure the best way to get the golf ball in the putt shooting straight is not always the best strategy. Each course has many unique variations and excellent physics, making every hole a brand new challenge. The miniature mini golf paradise course incorporated many extreme obstacles, such as windmills, slopes, bumps, loops, and other fun, creative design features.

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About Mini Golf Games

Mini golf is a game that is played usually on a golf course that is smaller and has different obstacles that are fun and creatively decorated, targeted at a younger audience.

  • Epic multiplayer golf game! Challenge players and be the Mini Golf King4.3 Ratings881K+ Reviews10M+ DownloadsFree
  • Multiplayer 1v1 Mini Golf rival stars. Become King of the golf battle match !4.4 Ratings176K+ Reviews10M+ DownloadsFree
  • Mini golf games are here! Win mini golf battle and become an absolute golf star!4.3 Ratings4K+ Reviews100K+ DownloadsFree
  • 50 players start only one survives!4.0 Ratings222+ Reviews50K+ DownloadsFree
  • The ultimate Golf game! Compete in 6 player real-time multiplayer golf battles!4.1 Ratings1M+ Reviews50M+ DownloadsFree
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    Best Golf Game For Android

    5 Best Golf Games for Your Android Phone

    Last Updated on February 7, 2021 by Daniel Cuttridge

    Thanks to the advancement of the world, there are numerous golf games you can play on your Android. For people who dont live near a golf course, playing a golf game will definitely offer you some great golfing experience even if itll not be the same experience as playing golf in real life. Choosing the best golf games on Android can be a little bit challenging since there are different kinds in the world today. Some are of high quality while others are of bad quality. So, to save you the stress of having a poor gaming experience with low-quality golf games, weve curated a list of the 7 best golf games on Android. One thing you should be aware of is that our list is in no particular order so we advise you to check out all the listed games before making a decision to pick one. So, without wasting time lets hit the detailed reviews of the best golf games for Android.

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    Super Stickman Golf 3

    Super Stickman Golf 3 is one of the unique golf games for Android. It is an arcade Golf game, andthe graphics are very simple. The game comes with an extensive collection of over 20 Golf Courses where you can play. It also features the turn-based, real-time multiplayer modes which will ensure that you have the best-golfing experience. The app also features the 35 unique characters and over 40 stylish ball trails as well. You can get the Super Stickman Golf 3 for free, but it comes with ads and in-app purchases.

    Pro Feel Golf Sports Simulation

    Pro Feel Golf is a top-grade game that will immerse you in the fantastic golf world. In this game, you can play a single mode or you can also invite your friends and play with each other.

    Once you have launched the game, you should select the preferred gender of the golfer. After that, the app will provide you with simple guides on how to play.

    The navigation process is pretty simple, as it contains one-finger control. You will have to touch the ball when it matches the circle. After pulling the ball, you will instantly receive the distance results.

    The game boasts fantastic graphics with multiple colorful locations. As you play, you will also hear the barking, wind noise, and other background sounds.

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    Best Golf Game Apps For Android To Be The Golf King

    Golf is a very interesting game. Usually it is played by the rich and active gentlemen because for this you need high quality equipments, training from experts and above all a high social status. But if you do not have all these and enthusiasts to play golf then android golf game apps are just for you. These apps are also best for those who want to improve their golf skills because here in these games you will enjoy beautiful golf courses that will let you to become the best golfer.

    Below are the top 14 golf game apps for android which are really worth for trying.

    Kevin Toms Football * Manager

    The Best Golf Apps For 2020 | Review of Our Favorite Golf Mobile Applications for iOS and Android

    Kevin Toms Football * Manager is what happens when the man who created the original Football Manager game brings the same pick-up-and-play ethos to Android. Its crude. Its simplistic. Its also as it turns out an awful lot of fun.

    Ultimately, the game mostly involves basic team selection/management, a smattering of tactics, and tense match highlights. It might seem prehistoric to anyone who cut their teeth on modern football management games, but its a delight for anyone hankering after immediacy from a management game, rather than something with so much depth it threatens to take over their life.

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    Golden Tee Golf: Online Games

    Golden Tee Golf allows you to play the Golden Tee games in your palm. The exciting challenges of this game made it so much popular among the players. You can also play this game in a multiplayer version. Select your golf clubs and tees to improve your scores. Golden tee golf puts you in complete control of golf. You will find it challenging to pass your balls through the snowy ground of the Tundra peak.

    Golden Tee Golf will offer you nine shots as your daily tasks. By completing that, you can earn special rewards. You can also play golf with the Golden Tee Goodness in the campaign mode. The challenge mode will make you a pro at golf. Here, you have to face various obstacles to lead the scoreboard. By upgrading the game, you can get premium features.

    Mini Golf 3d City Stars Arcade: Free

    Dont let the unreasonably long name fool you into thinking Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade is anything but a proper golf game. Its all here, from clubs and obstacles to specific angles and wind speeds that all need to be accounted for in each shot. Theres even an in-game chat for the multiplayer game modes, meaning you can try to put your opponent off by sending dozens of messages at the last second before they swing. Unfortunately, theres an energy system that requires you to pay if you want to play more than a couple of games in a row. However, you also have the option to watch ads if youre desperate for more.

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    Mini Golf 3d Multiplayer Rival

    An extremely popular app on Google Play because hey who doesnt like multiplayer golf games? Its 100 times more captivating to compete with real people in real-time mode. In the game, your rival gets selected randomly, so it can be any person in this world. Dont forget to add a funny avatar!

    Another cool feature of this Mini Golf 3D is that it has a collection of golf balls painted into the flags of various countries. You need to earn the scores in the game to unlock them all. And when you are competing with an opponent the action always takes place at a new location. In total there are 7 locations.

    Your task, obviously, is to make the ball get into the hole. And you can regulate only one aspect the power of the strike when you beat the ball.

    The graphics in the game have their own unique style, however, the overall gameplay can be a little disputable. The motion of the ball is sometimes unrealistically slow and thus seems artificial.

    One Tap Shot Tracking

    TOP 10 Best Android Golf Games 2019

    Keep track of the distance of your strikes with one tap on the screen, track all your strikes from tee to green. Build up your history on the app.

    The App is perfect for tournament play in regulation mode, track your stats and history overtime for free, share your results on social media and the GPS can also support yards or metres.

    You can access the paid features to sync it up with you android wear Samsung watch and its also optimise to save your battery life.

    This is the 10/10 go toApp For Us on Android.

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    Best Free Golf Gps Rangefinder Apps For Android

    Golf is one of the most popular sports out there. It doesnt limit a persons ability to enjoy the game based on their age, and in fact, golf is one of those few sports that you can play regardless of your age, and with the best free golf GPS app for android, you are sure to have a seamless game.

    The basics of golf can be quite easy to understand, although it is not a game that everybody can master in their lifetimes. There are some apps on the Google Play Store that can make your life a whole lot easier, thanks to GPS and other metrics of the game that can be tracked in real time.

    Were going to have a look at some of the best golf rangefinder apps out there, helping you save time and find the easiest path to the next hole.

    Verdict On The Best Best Free Golf Gps App For Android

    As you can see, there are a lot of excellent golf GPS rangefinders out there. Really, any one of these are going to work as a great rangefinder. Its just a matter of deciding what user interface and design you like better.

    Do you have a favorite golf rangefinder for Android? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Golfshot Golf Gps Scorecard & Shot Tracker

    Im sure the name of the golf app describes it all. You can rely on Golfshot Golf GPS Scorecard & Shot Tracker to save time, money, and strokes. This app provides you up to 45,000 courses worldwide along with shot tracking and rich scoring. It is the only golf app that is compliant and compatible with the new World Handicap System. Besides, you can get club recommendations.

    Important Features

    • This app will precisely calculate the distances to the center of the green.
    • You can simply use the scorecard for yourself or your foursome.
    • If you need to remain hands-free, you can switch to Auto-Advance and Voice Hole information.
    • Here you can get the intuitive statistics of your game, including fairways hit, greens in regulation, and putts per hole.
    • The statistics are based on your previous played game history to give you a powerful result.

    Pros: You can preview and visualize your matches in a 3D video with the entire course. Additionally, you will get access to more than 400 personalized videos.

    Cons: When you close the app, you dont get any notifications.

    Lets Play Mini Golf 3d

    Top 10 Golf Games for mobile

    Developer: Xertz Play Free Games

    Available on: Android/iOS

    Cost: Free

    This mini-golf game is one of the more realistic mobile golf games on this list. Good graphics, nice background music, and the added human voice score commentary makes it feel like youre actually playing. You also get to see actual scorecards on either Par-3, Par-4, or Par-5 mini golf courses. Youll find a lot of classic mini-golf course obstacles in this game.

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    Best Android Golf Games 2019

    Explore this Article

    If you like golf games, then you will enjoy exciting technology golf experiences on your android phone. Golf is one of the popular summer sports throughout the world. You will only need the phone to participate in clubs, courses and play your way. Android has great golf games on mobile, and fun. However, you will need more than a few minutes to experience the golf the best way. The game has a lot of options, and try to choose the . Each game has vivid images and trailers.

    Flick Golf Extreme: $299

    Part of the Flick Golf series, Flick Golf Extreme is an arcade experience that plays a lot like the golfing titles youll see in bars. As the name suggests, this game is about flicking your screen to move the ball. The speed and accuracy of your flick will play out on-screen, making for some incredibly frustrating experiences if youre not paying attention. But, while its not quite golf, it still scratches that golfing itch you might feel.

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    Foresight Sports Gcquad Launch Monitor

    The GCQuad Launch Monitor is a three-time Golf Digest Editors Choice Award Winner and one of Foresight Sports most advanced and powerful launch monitor offerings.

    In terms of price, its in the ballpark of the X3 and TrackMan, depending on which add-ons you get with it. Wed argue that at the moment, it provides the most accurate and reliable indoor performance on the market.

    The GCQuad builds on the GC2, its predecessor, to deliver unique quadrascopic imaging, direct measurements of club head data, and an extremely fast processor.

    It has a compact, ergonomic design at 7 x 12.5 x 4 inches, weighs just 7.5 lbs, runs on a 6-8 hour lithium ion battery, and works equally well indoors and outdoors.


    We start with the quadrascopic high-speed camera system, which is a first in the launch monitor industry.

    A combination of high-resolution, high-speed camera-based technology and infrared object tracking build a virtual 3D model of your swing and precisely measure club head and ball performance. Results are delivered nearly in real time.

    The technology is different from radar-based technologies that measure performance from behind the clubhead and derive various parameters. The GCQuad gets a clear, direct view of impact and takes exact photometric measurements.

    Key parameters measured include ball speed, launch angle, azimuth, spin-tilt axis, and total spin. With the Clubhead Measurement add-on, you get a large amount of additional club head data as well.

    Top Best Android Golf Game

    Golf Star⢠â Games for Android 2018 â Free download. Golf ...

    Colorfys curated a listing of the best Android golf games to assist you in getting the very best golfing experience on your smartphone.

    Golf is among the most popular summer sports. You hit on the program, caught the nightclubs, and also had some fun.

    You will find a lot of golf games. There is a probability you dont live anywhere close to a golf program. And while a golfing match may not give the same expertise as playing with golf, a fantastic experience is offered by a few golf games.

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    Swing Caddie Sc200 Plus Launch Monitor

    The Swing Caddie SC200 Plus by Voice Caddie is a portable launch monitor that has the shape and size of a smartphone and weighs less than one pound. You can easily put it in your pocket or store it in your bag and take it wherever you want: to the range, to the golf course, or indoors with a hitting net.

    It has received extremely good ratings. Compared to the regular SC200, the PLUS version adds an additional Swing Speed Mode that allows you to measure your swing speed without actually hitting a ball.

    What we really like about the SC200 PLUS is that, like the PRGR Launch Monitor, you dont need an app to display the information or get extra features everything is on the device itself.

    How It Works

    The Swing Caddie SC200 PLUS launch monitor uses Doppler Radar technology, along with a barometric pressure sensor that automatically calibrates itself to provide accurate readings.

    Parameters include carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, and loft angle.

    An included remote allows you to conveniently change the mode, club, or target distance. Features include:

    • Voice Distance Output automatically tells you your distances after each shot.
    • Practice Mode display key ball parameters after each shot.
    • Target Mode set a target distance and test your distance control.
    • Approach Mode set random targets and test your accuracy.
    • Practice Swing Mode swing your club without a ball and obtain swing speed measurements.

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