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How To Check Your Version Of Android

Want the latest Android? Get a Nokia

Heres the fun part about Android: how you find out even the simplest information varies depending not only on what version of Android your phone is running, but also on who manufactured the device.

But well keep it as simple as possible here. Go ahead and open your phones setting menu by pulling down the notification shade and then tapping the gear icon.

From there, scroll to the very bottom of the menu and tap the About Phone entry . If your phone doesnt have this option, its probably running Oreo, which received a pretty dramatic Settings overhaul. In that case, look for the System option.

There should be an entry for Android Versionagain, depending on the device and Android version, it may be different. On Oreo, you can find the version info under the System Update section.

Recap Of The Best Android Phones You Can Buy Right Now:

  • Incredible value for money instant Android updates as soon as theyre ready solid performance great camera simple UX no bloatware a headphone jack perfect phone for anyone that wants something simple and powerful that runs Android.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 This is probably the best Android phone on the planet right now for overall performance, looks, and general awesomeness. Its pricey, but the attention to detail that has gone into designing and creating this phone, as well as its specs, performance, and camera, make its lofty price tag understandable. It wipes the floor with everything, including Apples iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • OnePlus 7T Probably the best value flagship phone on the planet blisteringly fast performance great design an advanced camera that captures amazing pictures great battery life iPhone 11 Pro-grade performance for half the price.

Android Versions 41 To : Jelly Bean

Spread across three impactful Android versions, 2012 and 2013’s Jelly Bean releases took ICS’s fresh foundation and made meaningful strides in fine-tuning and building upon it. The releases added plenty of poise and polish into the operating system and went a long way in making Android more inviting for the average user.

Visuals aside, Jelly Bean brought about our first taste of the spectacular predictive-intelligence utility that’s sadly since devolved into a glorified news feed. It gave us expandable and interactive notifications, an expanded voice search system, and a more advanced system for displaying search results in general, with a focus on card-based results that attempted to answer questions directly.

Multiuser support also came into play, albeit on tablets only at this point, and an early version of Android’s Quick Settings panel made its first appearance. Jelly Bean ushered in a heavily hyped system for placing widgets on your lock screen, too one that, like so many Android features over the years, quietly disappeared a couple years later.

JR Raphael / IDG

Jelly Bean’s Quick Settings panel and short-lived lock screen widget feature.

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How To Pick The Best Android Phone

Android phones have never been better than they are right now. So regardless of how much or little money you can spend, you can go out and buy a phone that you’ll be thoroughly happy with. Out of every single phone on the market, however, we have to give our top recommendation for the best Android phone to the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

With the Pixel 6 Pro, Google has ironed out all the kinks from previous years, delivering a phone with a gorgeous design, the latest internal hardware, a stunning 120Hz AMOLED screen, and the best cameras you’ll find today. Combine all of that with the fact that it has IP68 dust and water resistance, wireless charging, and runs Android 12 out of the box, and you have a phone that sets the standard for Android.

Asus Rog Phone 6 Series

Best Android phones in the Middle East for 2020

Asus ROG Phones are known to be amazing devices, albeit a bit overkill for most users. The Asus ROG Phone 5 and 5s series came blasting doors with Snapdragon 888 and 888+ chipsets, as much as 18GB of RAM, massive screens with 144Hz refresh rates, and huge 6,000mAh batteries.

Cant wait?:These are the best gaming phones available now

We know Asus cant step things back, so we expect nothing but greatness from their upcoming Asus ROG Phone 6 series. These are definitely among the best upcoming Android phones. The bad news is we know pretty much nothing about them yet. Bits of information should start leaking soon enough.

  • Launch ETA: Q2 2021

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Google Pixel : The Best Android Phone Right Now

Samsungs premium Galaxy S21 Ultra dominated our list as the best Android phone for much of the year, but theres a new king in town. The Pixel 6 has taken its place atop the standings, and its our pick for the best phone of the year. A quick look at our review, and its not hard to see why we voted the way we did.

Google created the right mix of speed, price, and camera prowess to retake its place as the best Android phone.

For starters, Google has finally revamped the camera unit to match its powerful image processing chops. The camera bar houses a 50MP primary lens and a 12MP ultrawide shooter, with the Pixel 6 Pro adding a 48MP telephoto option for good measure. However, were sticking with the vanilla Pixel 6 as our top pick for its incredible value. At just $599, its a tough device to top in the flagship realm, and it doesnt pull many punches.

Youll get 8GB of RAM and 128 or 256GB of storage on board, and Googles brand-new Tensor chip ties the experience together. The standard Pixel 6 offers a 6.4-inch display, or you can jump to the 6.7-inch beast on the Pixel 6 Pro. Both models also carry IP ratings and speedy wireless charging to keep you up and moving.

Do You Need A Standalone Camera

For the ultimate in image quality, the best possible low-light performance, killer optical zoom, or a good macro shot, you’ll still want a dedicated SLR or mirrorless camera. Our list of the best digital cameras is a great place to start. And be sure to check out our beyond-basic photography tips.

If you don’t need to take professional shots, however, a top smartphone camera will suit you just fine, and you can’t go wrong with any of our picks here.

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Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: The Best Battery Experience

The Xiaomi Mi 11 was the first Android phone to cross the Snapdragon 888 finish line, but the Mi 11 Ultra is the true realization of what Xiaomi can do. Its eye wateringly expensive, and its not the lightest phone in the world, but youll struggle to find a more impressive overall battery setup.

The Asus ROG Phone 5 may pack a larger battery, but the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is no slouch at 5,000mAh. However, the charging capabilities are what seal the deal. You can grab your trusty wired charger that still comes in the box or try a wireless charger for up to 67W speeds either way.

The battery may be a good start, but the rear camera really sets the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra above its standard sibling. Yes, the camera bump is huge, but the 50MP main shooter and its twin 48MP ultra-wide and periscope shooters are incredibly flexible. They offer up to 120x digital zoom, and a small selfie preview display lets you capture yourself in the highest resolution.

Can I Sync My Android Device With My Corporate Email And Calendars

Best Android Phones – Early 2021

Yes, you can sync your Android device with your corporate email, contacts and calendar through Exchange. You can even view your work and personal email accounts in a single, unified inbox.For device-specific instructions on how to sync your email, go to our Interactive Simulators page. Select your device from the list and select the Email section.

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Your Favorite People Have A New Home

An all-new conversation widget puts the conversations with the people you care about front-and-center on your home screen so you never miss a chat from your loved ones. You can even see missed calls, birthdays and more at a glance.

An all-new conversation widget puts the conversations with the people you care about front-and-center on your home screen so you never miss a chat from your loved ones. You can even see missed calls, birthdays and more at a glance.

What Is Google Play

is the Android storefront where you can shop for apps, games, music, videos and books for your Android device. It offers both free and paid apps. Any items you download from Google Play will also be available on other compatible Android devices you’ve connected to your Google account.

  • Yes, using your Google account, you can sync and transfer contacts across multiple Android devices. You just need to sign in to each device using your same Google username and password.You can also sync media through Verizon Cloud.

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    How To Buy The Best Android Phone For You

    When it comes to picking a new smartphone, theres a multitude of features to consider. While aesthetics are important, you should certainly pay attention to features and performance. Most flagship phones will be more than satisfactory in all areas, but cheaper devices may come with compromises. You can boil the key considerations down to five key questions

    What’s the best smartphone display for me?

    A high-resolution display is nice, but on a device this size, you probably wont notice any difference between a 1,080p or a 1,440p screen and 4K is completely pointless. What’s much more important is contrast and colour reproduction.

    AMOLED displays always look fantastic, with perfect contrast and excellent sRGB coverage. Budget phones tend to opt for standard IPS LCD screens, usually at around 1080p or 720p, but that’s still fine if you dont plan to do a lot of photo editing or movie watching on your device.

    How much storage do I need?

    You’ll need space to store your apps, and you might want to keep photos and music on the device. That’s less of an issue than it used to be, though, as apps such as Google Photos and Google Music mean your personal media can live in the cloud. Internal storage sizes tend to start at the 64GB mark on flagships and around 8GB on budget devices. Many handsets let you use a microSD card to cheaply expand this.

    What’s the best version of Android?

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    What Is The Best Android Phone On The Market Right Now

    12 Best Android Phones of 2019 (New, Unlocked, and Cheap)

    Before we get to the list, I want to offer my 2¢ on the best Android phone.

    Right now, pound for pound, the OnePlus 9 Pro is my personal favorite option. This phone is a flagship, so youll have to be prepared to pay flagship prices. But it does cost quite a bit less than the Galaxy S21 Ultra which, arguably, is the best Android phone for specs and performance.

    Best Place To Buy | ONEPLUS STORE

    The OnePlus 9 has great design, one of the best OLED displays in the business, a stunning camera, and the best looking Android software available inside the Android space save for inside .

    I like Samsung phones too. But I just think the OnePlus 9 Pro is just more special, has more about it. I prefer its design, I think OnePlus software is better-looking and more intuitive, and I think the camera and battery life, while not quite as good, is still very impressive.

    Plus, it costs about $400/£400 less than the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

    Or, if you want something cheaper, go with the Pixel 4a it is utterly fantastic. Ive been using mine for several months now and it hasnt missed a beat. The new design is great, the camera is better than ever, and the battery life is incredible. For me, its all the phone I need!

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    If You Want A Stylus Built Into Your Phone

    If youre looking for a premium phone with a stylus and amazing battery life, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is still the one for you. Because this device originally launched in 2020, and there are rumors that Samsung will be discontinuing the series in 2022, you might be able to score some deals for this device if you can find one.

    The Note 20 Ultra is a high-end phone in every other respect. Its giant 6.9-inch OLED display is 2K in resolution and supports a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth interactions. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and 12GB of RAM, so it can perform without a hiccup. Together, these elements make the S Pen sing by cutting down

    you might be able to score some deals for this device if you can find one

    the latency between inking and what you see on-screen. While its triple rear camera system is not as good as the iPhone 13 Pros, its still one of the most advanced you can get. With its 4,500mAh battery, you can expect about two days of use before youll need a recharge.

    Although you can technically use the S Pen with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, it isnt built into the phone like it is here on the Note 20 Ultra. If you want your S Pen and phone in one clean color-coordinated package, youll need to get the Note 20 Ultra while its still available.

    Best Android Phones You Can Buy In 2021

    These are the best Android phones you can buy right now in 2021, hand-picked by CNET editors.

      New Android phones come out all the time, and now that it’s fall, we’re expecting even more handsets from Samsung, Google and other phone makers using Android 11 or Android 12. Features like fast 5G connectivity, vivid Super AMOLED displays and 120Hz refresh rate screens are now commonplace on the high end, and those with even deeper pockets can access futuristic, cutting-edge tech like foldable displays.

      Lots of solid Android phone choices are available at a variety of prices, ranging from budget Android phones to high-end flagship phones. We took a close look at them all and rounded up our favorites. These phones all have generally great cameras, screens, battery life or all of the above. We also considered features such as 5G and wireless charging. Read on to see our top picks for the best Android phones and check out our tips on how to buy a new phone, too. We’ll update this list periodically as we review new products.

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      Why There Is No Name For Android 10

      So, why did Google decide to restructure the naming process of Android? The company simply did so to avoid confusion. Google believes that Android 10 name will be more clear and relatable for everyone. As a global operating system, its important that these names are clear and relatable for everyone in the world.

      Stock Android Vs ‘skinned’ Devices

      Best Android Phones – Spring 2021

      One of the considerations is how close to stock Android you want your phone to be. While all Android voices have the same underlying experience, the alterations that the manufacturer makes can bring character, it can also bring duplication and bloat.

      Google offers its own phones – the Pixel phones – while only a few offer a “pure” experience. Those phones running Android One are as close to stock as you’ll get – included those from Nokia and a couple from other manufacturers, although they are rare.

      Motorola also offers a near-stock experience on its devices, although Lenovo offers a completely different experience .

      Brands have generally been drifting towards Google in the last few years: there’s wider use of Google’s stock apps instead of duplicated alternatives, as well as the use of features like Google Discover on the home screen to enhance the experience.

      The skin and the manufacturer will define the experience, with OnePlus often regarded as light touch and well optimised, through to Samsung’s highly evolved reworking that’s packed with features. Brands like Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are often seen as slightly less advanced with software – but often offer better value for money.

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      Best Iphone To Buy In 2021

      Out of the four iPhone 13 variants that Apple launched in 2021, the $829 iPhone 13 hits the sweet spot between price, pocketability, and features.

      It has a new processor, a bigger battery, 128GB of internal storage, and uses the same large camera sensor as the acclaimed iPhone 12 Pro Max, but you wouldnt know it from its compact size.

      In fact, the 13 looks almost identical to the 12 but is just a bit thicker and heavier, with substantially bigger camera bumps and lenses that swapped places. Otherwise, it has the same overall design, a brighter 6.1-inch OLED display, the same 12-megapixel selfie camera, the same MagSafe wireless charging, the same water and dust resistance , and the same support for both sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G networks. On top of all that, it comes in five colors , one more than you can choose from in the Pro models.

      Whats different with the iPhone 13s new A15 Bionic chip is that it should still feel fast in years to come, but its difficult to measure significant speed improvements with iPhones. The new chip helps the iPhone 13 run more efficiently, which lasts well into the evening without needing a top up.

      Using the same camera sensor that made the iPhone 12 Pro Max the best smartphone camera for photos and videos in 2020, the iPhone 13s main wide-angle camera has

      For most people, the iPhone 13 is an easy choiceThe Pixel 6 is Googles first flagship phone, and its already right up there with the best from Apple and Samsung.

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