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Apps Adapt To Different Devices

How to Get Started with Android Development? | GeeksforGeeks

Android allows you to provide different resources for different devices. For example, you can create different layouts for different screen sizes. The system determines which layout to use based on the screen size of the current device.

If any of your app’s features need specific hardware, such as a camera, you can query at runtime whether the device has that hardware or not, and then disable the corresponding features if it doesn’t. You can specify that your app requires certain hardware so that Google Play won’t allow the app to be installed on devices without them.

After you build your first app, learn more about device configurations atDevice compatibility overview.

Learn Android Development Online Directly From Google

Mobile apps and smartphones are everywhere, with more people consuming media on phones than on laptops or other devices. As an Android developer, you’ll have the opportunity to reach billions of people in a meaningful way through apps on their phones and connected devices.

With an Associate Android Developer Certification, you can qualify for in-demand entry-level jobs in Android development. Take the self-paced Android Basics in Kotlin training, and when you’re ready, take the certification exam to start your journey as a professional developer.

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  • What are graduates saying? What are graduates saying?This certification program is accurate on the current topics that involve Android development in the market, it is an updated tool to test your skills on the latest stuff that Google has launched. I encourage you to try it.

    Alex Acosta, Business Intelligence Developer and certification graduate

    Alex Acosta

  • Shalini Puri What are graduates saying?Android is a very, very wide space, and a very, very new world, and there are lots of new things to learn. After six years of experience, I’m still learning Android.

    Shalini Puri, Tech Lead and certification graduate

    Alex Acosta

  • What are graduates saying? What are graduates saying?As a fresh graduate and working as a junior Android developer, the certification definitely made me look more mature to recruiters.

    Husayn Hakeem, Android Engineer at Google and certification graduate

    Alex Acosta

Getting Started With App Development On Android

There are plenty of resources available online where you can learn about Android app development. There are also plenty of free courses that will help get you started with the basics of programming and designing apps. You dont need some essential programming experience if this is your first time developing an app.

List of some courses you can take:

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Addressing Android Sdk Fragmentation And Api Support

One of the biggest fears is Android fragmentation in the wild. You certainly should discuss and analyze how low you want to set your minimum SDK. While this is the same question posed to iOS developers, it’s usually just answered quicker with a more confident answer. Android OS versions go back a long way, with more older versions still in use. You want to reach as many potential users as you can, but you don’t want your hands to be tied down by old SDKs, same as in iOS.

Android Studio helps as much as it can in making the API support decision. It gives you data up front on how popular each of the previous SDKs are and what features are introduced or deprecated in each. You can get these stats when you go to create your Android Project in Android Studio and select Help Me Choose.

Android Tutorial: How To Develop An Android App

How to Start Using #AndroidInstantApps?

Android development is all the hype these days as it continues to dominate the world of mobile development. Fun projects, great pay, and tons of job prospects are just some of the reasons developers are starting their journeys into the exciting world of the Android operating system. Some expertssay that there has never been a better time to learn Android skills, especially since the recent updates, like the addition of Kotlin and improvements to Googles policies.

If youve been thinking about starting your Android journey or youre just curious about what Android has to offer, youre in the right place! Today we will walk you through all the basics of Android development and even show you how to build your own functioning application.

Heres what well cover today:

  • What is Android
  • How to develop an Android app
  • Resources for Android app development

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The New Boston Android Tutorials: Best Android Development Tutorial

The New Boston YouTube Channel provides you the good quality android tutorials. It is one of the best channels to learn Android app development tutorials. There are more than 200 android tutorial videos explaining each and everything clearly from scratch. The only thing which we need is to have minimum knowledge on programming and knowledge of Java helps you to better learn Android app development easily with these tutorials.

Apart from android tutorials, this YouTube Channel provides videos on other programming languages like Python, Ruby on Rails, and more. The New Boston Android Tutorials are perfect for beginners of android application programming.

Where To Go From Here

With these two basic concepts in mind, you have two options. If you prefer staying in the main documentation, which makes it easy to branch off to other topics to learn more about specific aspects of building an app, you can proceed to the next lesson to build your first app. However, if you like to follow step-by-step tutorials that explain every step from beginning to end, then consider the Android Basics in Kotlin course.

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Android Open Accessory Development Kit

The Android 3.1 platform introduces Android Open Accessory support, which allows external USB hardware to interact with an Android-powered device in a special “accessory” mode. When an Android-powered device is in accessory mode, the connected accessory acts as the USB host and the Android-powered device acts as the USB device. Android USB accessories are specifically designed to attach to Android-powered devices and adhere to a simple protocol that allows them to detect Android-powered devices that support accessory mode.

Should I Learn Java Or Kotlin For Android Development

Android App Development Tutorial for Beginners – Your First App

. Modern Android applications and libraries are written in Kotlin, even though Java is still used, primarily for legacy reasons. The two languages are very similar to one another and a project can use both languages. Java is older than Kotlin. This means that there is more tooling and support for Java. Kotlin is a modern language, making it simpler to use.

Google provides excellent support for both languages, although Kotlin is the officially recommended one for Android. In the industry, most companies ask Android Developers for Kotlin knowledge and experience, instead of Java. Because of this, I would encourage you to focus on learning Kotlin.

At the same time, do not ignore Java resources and tutorials online. There are plenty of Android resources written in Java which are still relevant to this date.

Android Studio, the official IDE for Android Development, is based on JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA. One cool feature it has is auto-converting Java code to Kotlin. This means that any snippet you might find online can be converted to Kotlin for you.

Other than Java and Kotlin, there are other alternative languages one can use . We will briefly talk about them in a later part of this article.

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How To Begin Learning Android App Development

Learn Android App development seems to be the go-to mantra for quick career growth and big earnings. Android app development has become quite mainstream these days. It has been growing ever since the first full-fledged smartphone was released way back in 2007. To say that the app development industry is the future of software development, wouldnt be an understatement.

With more and more people using smartphones these days, app development has seen a big surge in the demand for applications. To capitalize on this chance, many companies have started to develop apps all around the world.

Not only this, many big players like eBay, Walmart, and Amazon are also heavily investing in their mobile applications, leading to a huge demand for mobile app developers. To capitalize on this opportunity as well as learn a new skill, many people have started to learn mobile app development to get an employment opportunity from such companies.

Android app development has huge market scope, considering Android is one of the most widely used OS in smartphones these days. It occupies a huge market share, thanks to the strong backing by Google and mobile companies using it as their primary OS.

App development has many benefits that will help you in your career growth. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

But one question bothers most of us- How to begin Android development? It becomes a big problem when you have no prior knowledge of coding, i.e starting from scratch.

Downloading The Tools You Need For Android App Development

First, you need to create your development environment so that your desktop is ready to support your Android development goals. For that, you will need Android Studio and the Android SDK. Thankfully, these both come packaged together in a single download that you can find here.

Android Studio is an IDE. That stands for integrated development environment, which is essentially an interface where you can enter your code and access all the different tools necessary for development. Android Studio allows you to access libraries and APIs from the Android SDK, thereby giving you access to native functions of the operating system. Youll also be able to build your app into an APK using Gradle, test it via a virtual device , and debug your code while it runs.

With all that said, keep in mind that there are other options available for your Android app development. For example, Unity is a very powerful tool for cross-platform game development that also supports Android. Likewise, Visual Studio with Xamarin is an excellent combination for creating cross-platform apps in C#.

We have a guide on how to create non-game apps in Unity and an introduction to Xamarin for cross platform Android development to help you out!

Android Studio is the best place for most people to start , particularly as it provides all these additional tools and resources in a single place.

Fortunately, set up is very simple and you only need to follow along with the instructions on the screen.

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Awareness Over Fragmentations Android Application Threads Loaders And Tasks

Android is a fragmented market with many different devices and operating system versions. Note that, if your device supports more devices and/or versions it will definitely require more maintenance and testing as well as the related costs. The vice-versa is also true. You also require appropriate fonts, assets, and layouts that will help in ensuring that the best possible experiences in the various screen characteristics are given. You should also consider the array of android supported sensors or UI facilities. All android apps have an application class, one or more activities, and one or more fragments.

Sometimes, you may have services for background tasks that should run continuously but other times you may not. If you want to deliver a great and smooth user interface, always ensure that the thread is never blocked. Therefore, the long operations should all be run asynchronously in the background . This is why it is important to learn the Java language concurrency facilities.

Free Course: Programming Fundamentals

How Do I Find Communities To Join

How to start Android Development for beginners

Check your local communities for anyone that happens to be learning Android. If you happen to have friends that are into Android Development, high chances are they are already part of a community, that they can happily refer you to.

Google has a directory of Google promoted communities across the globe that can be accessed here.

meetup.com can be used to look up for nearby and online Android meetups, which can be a good lead for finding communities.

/r/androiddev is a great place to see what Android Developers are chatting about and it is one huge global community on its own.

Last but not least, have a look at Androids official Twitter account . It is really active and usually shares tons of helpful bits there.

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Knowledge Of The Application Components

Application components are the essential building blocks of Android app development. Each of the components is a different point by which the system can enter your app. Although each one of them exists as its own entity and plays a specific role, there are some which depend on each other, and not all of them are actual entry points.

There are five different types of app components each serving a distinct purpose with a distinct life cycle which defines how it is created and destroyed. They include:

Coding A Basic Application

We are going to take a whirlwind tour of building an Android application. This application is about as simple an application as can be imagined: just a Hello Android application.

To create the application, we will follow the new application wizard to step us through the process in a pretty painless manner.

We will call our application Flashlight, in honor of my first application written for Android over 10 years ago.

Figure 6. Creating a new application

For now, were sticking with Java, so we leave the C++ and Kotlin options clear.

Figure 7. Targeting Android devices

We have to decide which platforms and SDK levels to support. Notice the options available: Phone and Tablet, Wearables, TV, Auto, and Things.

Figure 8. Making an intentional choice of devices to target

After selecting Phone and Tablet, we need to select which SDK revision level we want to target. We are choosing to roll back the SDK level from Android P, which at the time of this writing was supported on less than 1 percent of shipped devices, and instead choose Android version 4.1 , which is supported by nearly 100 percent of Android devices.

Figure 9. Jump-start the application by adding an activity

This step creates a simple application with a single activity along with a single user interface layout. The layout contains a single text element, which we are going to modify to say, Android FlashLight. Listing 1 shows our simplistic layout.

Listing 1. Activity_main.xml

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I Know C# Should I Start With Xamarin Instead

It is rare for a company to be working on Android apps without having an iOS version of the same app. In order to save effort and money, new technologies were created to generate both Android and iOS apps with the same code base. This produced frameworks such as Xamarin, Flutter and React Native.

Compared to native Android development, they are fairly different. They have their own tooling, programming language, communities, benefits and, most importantly, problems. While working with such technologies you will have to tackle the unique issues of each framework, on top of the ones that come with Android and iOS native development.

Start with the basics of Android Development and understand its quirkiness before getting yourself to more unknown territory.

A Brief History Of Android

Android Development for Beginners – Full Course

The Android platform was spawned from the efforts of an organization known as the Open Handset Alliance , which had at the outset the mission of collaborating to build a better mobile phone. Today, if you visit the Open Handset Alliance website, you might think that their efforts were in vain, as the latest news item dates to 2011. However, what was started with that group of carriers, hardware manufacturers, and software vendors has grown into the worlds most popular platform. Is Google the man behind the curtain of the OHA? Maybe, but no matter. In the decade since its introduction, Android is offered in the market by many large players across the globe and across numerous industries. Samsung, also a member of the OHA, is the leading manufacturer of smartphone devices worldwide, thanks to Android.

Although a single device started it all, Android devices are now available in virtually every market on the planet not just for mobile phones.

It is beyond the scope of this article, but ask yourself if there is not a correlation between the worlds most successful Internet/search company also being the driving force behind the worlds most popular mobile platform. More eyeballs view Android devices every day worldwide than any other single computing platform.

If you want to write code that can run literally anywhere in the world, then you need to learn about the Android platform, so read on!

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Learn Time And Age Do Not Matter

My aim to be an Android Developer is 50% fulfilled when I got to work at the mobile development company. Theres no guarantee I can get on to the next 50%. I have to improve my development skill and be ready when the opportunity arises.

Unfortunately, time is not in my favor. I have to work 8 hours a day as a QA Tester. I envy those working as developers, as they got to learn while working. Learning while working is the best, but I dont have that luxury.

Nonetheless, being in the mobile development company itself is already a great plus. I do have access to some learning resources in the company. That helps me a lot in discovering what I should focus on learning. I am grateful.

Best of all, I got connected with the experts in the field. 95% of them are people younger than me in age. Age doesnt mean anything, as what matters is their experience in this field. I greatly respect their skill and knowledge, and their willingness to share. I owe them much!

I learn and code outside working hours. Its not easy, but its fulfilling. Learning bits by bits and knowing Im heading in the right direction is great. The mission is, to be an Android Developer.

At this stage, what I need is continuously demonstrate my progress in learning, while persistently fulfilling my role as a QA person. At a regular interval, I show the Android Lead what I have achieved, and check if I am ready when theres any Android developer position available.

To learn well, make it part of our job.

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