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Google Pixel 6 Series

#Tech News: Which Android Phone Has the Best Battery Life?

Googles Pixel family has had a hit-or-miss history as far as phones with the best battery life are concerned. The Pixel 4 struggled with its impressive features and undersized cell, but the Pixel 5 swung back in the right direction with more approachable specs and a 4,080mAh battery. Now, the newest Pixel on the block is here to change things all over again.

The flagship kicks off at just $599 and brings a hefty 4,614mAh cell. Its only outdone by the premium with a 5,003mAh cell, though youll pay dearly for it. Depending on how you use your Pixel, you can probably stretch the charge into a second or even a third day. You can tap into Googles Battery Saver mode as well if you want to go even further on a single charge.

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As far as charging goes, the Pixel 6 series tops out at 21W wired speeds. While its not terrible, its not the same as the 30W speeds Google advertised at launch. On the bright side, the wireless charging options are faster than theyve ever been.

Google Pixel 6 specs:

Budget Phones With The Best Battery Life

Battery life
Reasons to avoid

The updated version of the Moto G Power actually takes a step back in a couple of regards from its predecessor with a weaker processor. And depending on the model, you get less RAM and storage. It still packs in a 5,000mAh battery, but oddly came up two hours shy of last years model in our tests. Id tell most users to stick to the 2020 model, but one reason to consider the 2021 version is to slightly extend your somewhat limited software support of one major OS update and two years of security updates.

Reasons to avoid

One of the best budget phones on the market, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G also offers outstanding battery life at just shy of 12 hours. Getting a 5G phone for less than $300 is pretty astounding and the rest of the package is not bad at all considering the price. It features a large 6.5-inch, 90Hz display, a quad-camera array and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 processor. It may not have the best battery life, but in every other regard, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G will run circles around other budget battery life phones.

Reasons to avoid

The OnePlus Nord N200 5G is the best sub-$250 phone Ive used. Im still blown away by the fit and finish OnePlus delivered in a phone this cheap, but there are a couple of tradeoffs to consider.

If you can look past those two flaws, this is an otherwise fantastic phone that is equal to others that cost twice the price, but for most people, these concessions will be too big to ignore.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Last year, Samsung introduced its Ultra moniker with the premium Galaxy S20, but the top-of-the-line model has come into its own in 2021. It addressed most of the shortcomings of its predecessor, with a revamped camera setup, a sharp 120Hz display, and excellent battery life despite not offering a charger in the box.

The Korean OEM packed a colossal 5,000mAh battery into its premium handset, which graced David Imel with a solid two days of battery life throughout his testing. One thing that Samsung trimmed back from its previous model is that the charges at just 25W rather than 45W. The lack of a charging block in the box means you may have to drop a few extra bucks for a .

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On the wireless charging side, youll get speeds up to 15W for the phone itself, or you can try 9W reverse wireless charging on for size. Its great if you have a pair of Galaxy Buds or a you need to get juiced back to full speed.

While Samsung may not have gone for the fastest charging options in the world, the 5,000mAh battery and widespread availability more than make up for it. You can grab it on all major US carriers or go for the unlocked model and bring it anywhere you please.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra specs:

  • Display: 6.8-inch, WQHD+

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What And Why We Test

Were always testing battery life for our reviews, and so we have a large database of battery life test results. This helps us objectively evaluate and compare smartphones battery experiences for you. To do this, one needs to have a fair and repeatable way of testing battery life. Heres ours:

  • Charge the phone to 100%
  • Set the display to 200cd/m2 brightness
  • Open our custom battery app
  • Let it run a test until exhaustion

Its a fairly simple yet effective test that simulates performance-heavy applications like photo-processing and gaming. The myriad of tests run in a loop until the phone runs out of juice. Its a pretty brutal test and serves as a good worst-case scenario for battery life. The longer a phone can run the tests for, the better the real-world battery life will be.

Iphones With The Best Battery Life

Android Phones with the Best Battery Life
Battery life

While they dont feature the largest batteries, iPhones still manage to be among the phones with the best battery life most years, and with the iPhone 13 that came back in a big way. That trend took a bit of a hit last year the iPhone 12s move to 5G was a bumpy one with all but the iPhone 12 Pro Max showing a massive drop-off in battery life compared to their predecessors.

However, before you go selling your iPhone 12, there is an easy way to turn off 5G on an iPhone 12, and, as you can see on our chart, this simple change nearly brings us back to parity with the iPhone 11 series. While its annoying to lose 5G, users in most areas won’t see a significant speed boost from 5G coverage yet and the extra battery life should make for an easy tradeoff.

The iPhone 13 models unilaterally fix all that though in most cases topping their iPhone 11 counterpart, a particularly notable achievement for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max which add not only 5G, but a 120Hz ProMotion display compared to the iPhone 11 models.

It probably goes without saying, but with the iPhone, you arent just getting one of the phones with the best battery life, but one of the best smartphones overall. The unmatched performance and software support coupled with the excellent cameras make an iPhone an easy recommendation for anyone looking for more than just all-day endurance.

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Best Smartphones Of 2018 With Longest Battery Life

There was an era when swappable batteries were found in smartphones and what a practical time it was as we had no worries regarding the remaining juice left in our handheld devices.

However, since the inception of non-removable batteries in smartphones, the urge to find the longest battery has been increased. Few makers used to pay heed to the battery power, however, this year has witnessed some state-of-the-art devices with ample to strong batteries under the hood.

Android smartphones are superior in terms of diversity as different manufacturers use the platform to provide their best to the consumers. Our list here presents smartphones having the longest battery life without any ranking and cover only those that pack some worthy and substantial specs.

Check out our ranking of the best mobile phones with the longest battery life

Phones With Big Battery:

Here is the reason why you need smartphones with big battery capacity

  • Extensive battery life
  • You will not have to worry about charging your phone frequently
  • Helpful when you travel a long distance/away from home
  • It’s for gamers delight as they can continue playing games non-stop
  • Don’t worry about your phone’s battery when you are on a weekend holiday trip

However, mobiles under this category come with a few cons too –

  • Phones get a bit Heavier: It’s obvious that battery size increases when its capacity increases. This leads to an increase in the overall weight of the device.

So here are the smartphones with monstrous battery capacity –

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Turn Off Active Listening

If you activate your voice assistant with a wake word, your device is constantly listening to you and using up battery life while it waits. You may find this convenient, but it costs more power than it’s worth. Whether it’s Google Assistant or Samsung’s Bixby, you can turn this feature off and save a little extra juice.

Many Android phones have Assistant embedded into the OS, so just hold down on the home screen button to call up the feature and tap the inbox icon. Otherwise, open the app. Tap your profile image and open Hey Google & Voice Match, then disable Hey Google if it’s turned on.

If you’re constantly bumping into issues with Bixby, you can simply turn the whole thing off. Here are detailed instructions on how to disable Bixby on your phone.

Why Our List Is Unique

How to get the best battery life on Android devices

The above data is a combination of reliable information from the tech blogs, YouTubers, and our in-house lab results.

If you are still wondering, why some devices havent been featured in our list of best smartphones 2018 with longer battery life?

Phones like Pixel 3XL didnt qualify for this list due to failing in the battery section in comparison with the above smartphones while Phones like Honor 10 and Xiaomi Mi8 didnt get an inclusion due to not offering the best in town. In simple terms, we went for an X-factor with a strong battery.

If you think that we missed a phone or have any recommendations, feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 5g

This midrange phone from Samsung may pack in 5G connectivity, but that doesn’t put a crimp in the Galaxy A52 5G’s battery life. The phone managed to last 12 hours, 19 minutes on our test. Note that we got that extraordinary time when the phone’s screen was set to refresh at 60Hz. The A52 also lets you adjust refresh rate to a very fast 120Hz, a rare feature among phones under $500. Unfortunately, that does cut down the A52 5G’s longevity, but the 10 hour and 19 minute result on our battery test is still better than the average smartphone.

Don’t expect fast-charging from this device, unless you spring for a faster charger. While the Galaxy A52 5G can support 25W fast wired charging, Samsung only includes a 15W charger in the phone’s box. That yielded a fairly ho-hum 31% charge after half-an-hour.

Kyocera Duraforce Ultra 5g Uw

As a durable phone that caters to people on construction sites, the Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW has to work a long time between charges. And that’s exactly what this phone does, thanks to a 4,500 mAh and a power-sipping Snapdragon 765G chipset. Kyocera’s durable phone lasted a minute shy of 12.5 hours when we put it to the test.

That result is particularly impressive given that the phone offers 5G compatibility. However, that UW in the DuraForce’s name implies that this device is built to work with Verizon’s super-fast Ultra Wideband 5G, meaning you’ll have to look elsewhere if you want a long-lasting phone that works on networks other than Verizon’s.

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Myth: Close Unused Apps

Theres a good chance youve seen this tip for extending battery life: Close apps that you arent currently using. The theory here is that apps running in the background are using your phones processor, memory, and other components, so quitting them will use less energy.

Although that may sometimes be true on a computer, smartphones are designed differently: Once an app is no longer in the foregroundmeaning you arent actively using itmost or all of its processes are frozen. While an app may still be loaded in RAM , the app is unlikely to be doing stuff in the background to drain your battery. Your phones operating system also automatically closes apps in the background when it needs RAM for other tasks. Finally, quitting apps can actually have drawbacks: When you force-quit an app, that may purge all of its code from your phones RAM, which means that the next time you open the app, the phone has to reload all of that codewhich, of course, requires energy.

For the most part, you can just use your phone and its apps, without having to worry about force-quitting anything or installing an app that claims to manage your memory. Of particular concern are apps that youve specifically given permission to do things in the background, such as apps that monitor your location, and apps that refresh their content in the background. You likely want them to perform those tasksforce-quitting the apps will prevent them from doing the very things you gave them permission to do.

What To Look Out For

Which Android phones have the best battery life? â Phandroid

When choosing a phone, it’s important to consider what you’ll likely use it for primarily and the hardware that it brings to the table. If you buy a larger-screened phone with a high-resolution display and a high peak brightness, those attributes are all going to affect longevity negatively compared to a phone with the same-sized battery but a smaller or lower-res panel, for example.

Some phones particularly in the mid-range and budget segments may offer large batteries and great battery life but forgo or offer underwhelming fast-charging speeds, meaning recharging them at any time other than overnight may become a chore.

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Disable Gps Or Location Servicesbut Only For Power

Your phones GPS hardware, which it uses to determine your geographic location for mapping, run/bike-tracking, and other location-based features, consumes a lot of battery power. However, well-managed location services consume only a moderate amount of battery power.

For example, using the Maps app on an iPhone or Android phone for GPS directions for a short trip will consume minimal battery life, as these apps are designed to minimize GPS use having the screen on during that navigation will consume significantly more. Similarly, step counters and activity-tracking apps that arent constantly monitoring your location dont require much power while tracking in the background.

However, a run-tracking program thats monitoring your precise location for the duration of an hour-long run will affect your battery level. You can take advantage of the previous tip to find big offenders: If a location-based app is using a lot of battery power, especially in the background, chances are good that the app is using GPS, Wi-Fi, and the phones sensors frequently. Depending on how much you value that apps features, you can choose to let it continue to do its thing, or you can disable location features for it .

The Best Of Android: Mid

Battery life is integral to a smartphones user experience. Devices in 2020 are coming with big, high-resolution displays, many cameras, and high-powered processors. There are more features to power than ever before. You cant play with all the cool stuff if the battery dies early!

As part of our Best of Android: Mid-2020 awards, today were analyzing the smartphones with the best battery life according to our objective testing. Well compare and analyze the finalists and announce the battery life king!

Editors note: If youre wondering why your favorite phone isnt on this list, keep in mind only phones released in the first half of 2020 are here. 2019 phones and phones released after H1 2020 are not eligible.

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What Do The Results Show

For consistency’s sake, we’re only including phones which have been tested using our most current benchmarking process, which relies of PC Mark’s Work 3.0 battery test to generate a score. The only exception is iPhones, which don’t support this app, so we do our best to factor those into the ranking based on real-world testing and experience.

It’s worth noting that these tests spit out a figure in minutes and seconds, but this is not an indication of how long a phone will actually last.

In all tests, the screen brightness is set to the same level to ensure a fair test . The phone discharges its battery and the screen is set not to dim or turn off.

For example, if a phone lasts 12:15 in a test, it lasted 12 hours and 15 minutes with the screen on and the test processes running. These figures may vary from a device’s own report of screen-on time, as usage and power management setups have an additional effect on real-world situations.

The star scores here are the scores we gave the phones overall in their original reviews, not star rating scores for battery life specifically.

Phones With The Best Battery Life

Best Budget Android Smartphone | Best Battery Life | Amazing Camera

We know that most people are not buying a phone based on battery life alone, so we selected phones with the best battery life that stand out for more than that spec alone. You’ll find many of them among our best smartphones and best budget phones. To help you pinpoint the best long-lasting phone for you weve broken things down into several categories. First up, we will tackle the two most popular lineups on the market: Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. Then, well broaden things out with a look at the best alternative flagships and then the best mid-range and budget options.

Regardless of how much you want to spend or what your priorities are, we have the right phone with the best battery life for you.

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