Why Cant I Send Pictures To Android


Why Wont Facebook Messenger Send Pictures

How To Fix People Not Getting Picture Messages from Your Android Device

There are more than a few reasons why Facebook Messenger wont send pictures on Android. The first one is server status, which might be down for all or some users. Additionally, the local cache might get corrupted or time/date settings are not right.

To tackle these and other possible culprits for this issue, make sure to go through the list below.

Reset Network Settings To Default

Sometimes while configuring our devices, we might not know what went wrong with those steps. Moreover, there can be external third-party applications that mess up with the internal settings of your device. It becomes increasingly hard to find, locate, and troubleshoot the settings.

So our initial response towards this is, why dont we reset all the settings and start from scratch? There might be some losses on our end, as the device will forget the saved Wifi passwords, APNs, paired Bluetooth devices, and so on.

But if sending picture messages is your primary concern and you are aware of the risk that comes with it, follow the steps to reset network settings:

  • Open Settings by tapping on the gear-shaped icon in the app drawer.
  • Scroll down and open the System settings.
  • Expand the System settings through the Advanced arrow.
  • Tap Reset Options to view the list of availabilities.
  • Select the option to Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth, which restores most of the connectivity settings to default.
  • Tap the RESET SETTINGS button on the next screen to proceed.
  • This method will remove all the personal preferences regarding WiFi, mobile data, and Bluetooth. You will get a chance to start freshly on these grounds.

After resetting, connect to your networks again and send a picture message. Go below if this step does not work.

Alternative Way To Fix Picture Messages Not Able To Send On Android

Apart from all the above-mentioned solutions, one quick way to get rid of this error is by using Android Repair. This professional tool solves MMS not working issue on Android. It is easy to use and can fix several kinds of Android error messages.

You dont need any technical knowledge to operate this as this is very user-friendly software to use. It can solve Android phones stuck in recovery mode, MMS not working on Android, Android screen is black/blue, etc.

Note: It is recommended to download and use the software on your PC or laptop only.

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Fix : Check The Device Signal Strength

Sometimes you are still unable to send MMS messages even you are connected to the cellular data network correctly. This is because a weak network can also cause your Android phone fail to send picture messages. In this case, you need to check the device signal strength and ensure you have a strong network.

Check the number of network bars that you have. If there are 5 bars, then the network is strong. If on the other hand you only have ½ bars, the network is too weak to send MMS messages. The strength of the network often depends on the location. So, if the network is weak, go to a place with a stronger network.

Why Wont My Android Phone Send Picture Messages

5 Ways To Fix Can

Before we proceed to the solutions, it is important to understand some of the reasons why this problem can occur. Understanding the causes can help you prevent this problem in the future. If your Android phone wont send picture messages, this could be caused by the following reasons:

  • The network connection on your Android device could be weak, making it difficult for the picture messages to be delivered.
  • The Message cache and data may interrupt the messaging functions and cause this problem on your Android phone.
  • Issues with the Android OS may also interfere with the messaging functions, affecting the sending of MMS messages.
  • To send the MMS messages, you need proper APN settings and if they are not configured correctly, you may be unable to send the pictures through text.

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Perform A Factory Reset

This is the final solution that you can perform on your device, which fixes all software-related problems without you having to use third-party tools or fiddling with your device. This master reset technique is known as a factory reset or a complete wipe.

Master reset turns your phone back in time because it deletes everything on your mobile device, from personal files to customized settings, and transforms it back to the default manufacturers style.

To get an out-of-the-box experience with your Android phone, make sure to save everything you have on your device, including the contacts, messages, photos, and videos. Follow the steps below to perform a master reset of your device:

  • Firstly, we need to go into recovery mode to factory reset the device.
  • Power down or Turn off the device by holding down the power button and pressing the appropriate option.
  • Press and hold the volume up and the power button together. When you see the Android logo, release the power button, but press the volume up button.
  • Release everything when you see the screen below.
  • Navigate through the menu by pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.
  • Go to the Wipe data/Factory reset option,and press the power button to select it.
  • Press the power button again when asked for confirmation.
  • Wait for a few minutes until the master reset finishes. Go to the Reboot system now option and press the power button to select it.

Fix : Restart Your Android Phone

You can also fix the problem by restarting your Android phone. A restart will eliminate some of the conflicts that could be causing the issue with the MMS functions. The following is how to restart your Android device:

  • Press the Power button until you see the power options appear on the screen.
  • Tap on the Power Off option.
  • Wait for the device to power down completely, then press the Power button again until the device restarts.
  • You can also force restart the device by pressing and holding the Power button and the Volume Down button until the device restarts. After that, go to the Message app and try to send a picture message to check if it works.

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    How Do I Send Pictures From My Iphone To Another Phone

    Send photos on your iPhone or iPad with Messages

  • Open the Photos app and tap the Library tab.
  • Tap Select, then tap each photo or video that you want to share.
  • Tap the Share button .
  • Tap Options at the top of the share sheet to choose how you want to send the items.*
  • Tap Done, then tap Messages.
  • Add your contact.
  • Why Can’t I Send My Pictures As Texts

    Fix iPhone IMessage cant not send picture to Android phone Tmobile(instruction on the description)

    A common way to send pictures and videos is through MMS text messages. This is one of the easiest methods because it doesn’t involve downloading or setting up any extra software. However, MMS messages come with limitations.

    When sending a normal text without a picture on Android phones, your message is sent as a short message service message. In contrast, when sending a photo or video, your message is converted into a multimedia messaging service message.

    MMS messages, including the texts, images, and videos within it, must be smaller than 300kB. Makes sure that your pictures aren’t too large and that your videos aren’t too long.

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    Check Whether The Mms Service Is Enabled

    We have seen in the discussion above how the Multimedia Messaging Service is essential to send picture messages through the cellular network. Services are individual processes that take up some memory on the RAM of the Android device, and it is the responsibility of the Android System to manage, govern, and keep alive the vital services in the memory.

    The MMS service is considered to be a part of such emergency messaging services, and the Android system requires this process when you want to send a picture message through your Android phone. Even the latest RCS service used by Google takes the help of the MMS service.

    We need to enable the MMS service through the devices messages settings to send multimedia messages. Without this, we can neither send nor receive picture messages on or Android devices. Let us see how to enable the MMS feature to fix this picture issue:

    • Open the Messages app on your Android device by touching its icon from the app drawer.
    • Press the 3-dotted icon at the top-right corner and open Settings.
    • Navigate to the Advanced category by tapping on its button.
    • Enable the options to Auto-download MMS and Auto-download MMS when roaming. You might incur extra charges when you keep the MMS service running while you are roaming , but it is necessary to fix the issue of Android devices not sending picture messages.

    Exit from the Settings app and send the picture message again. Follow the other methods below if you still cant send picture messages.

    Reset Your Iphones Network Settings

    As a last resort, you can also try resetting your iPhones network settings to the default values. This can be handy when you think that one of your network settings or options is not set properly. While you can go through each of your iPhones network settings one by one, iPhones offer a much easier solution.

    To be exact, you can essentially reset your iPhones network settings to the default values which ensures that you do not face the iPhone cant send pictures to Android issue. In order to reset your iPhones network settings, you need to go to the General menu in the Settings menu, head over to the Reset option, and finally select Reselect All Settings. By doing this, all of your network settings will be reset to the default values making your iPhone able to send pictures to Android with ease.

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    What About Pictures Just Not Loading On Your Home Network

    Pictures might not load when you are trying to open an MMS message on your home network due to multiple reasons: Poor internet connectivity or low mobile tower network The message might not be fully transmitted to you because the network had disconnected while the MMS content was downloading. The pictures might not have been sent from the senders device due to a failure in their network. There might be an issue with the MMS service.

    Cache And Data Clearance:

    What to Do If You Canât Receive Text Messages From iPhone ...

    Cache issues will not let Android mobile phones send picture messages. To fix this problem, the user has to delete the cache data and then clear the storage for deletion of the applications data. These options are available on the Settings. They can choose Apps and Notification and click on Messages. It will have two options, Clear Cache and Clear Storage. The user has to choose these options and clear the data. In most cases, this method works. The application has to be relaunched and the user will be able to send the picture messages again.

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    Ways To Fix Problem Of Picture Messages Won’t Be Sent

    1. Network Connection

    The first thing you have to check is your mobile network connection. The MMS function requires an active cellular data connection. Without the data connection, you can’t attach the picture to text message Android.

    To check if the cellular data is enabled or not, you need to go to the settings option. Then go to “Wireless and Network Settings” and tap the “Mobile Networks” and enable it by tapping, if the data is already on, you don’t need to tap.

    Now you can take an attempt to send MMS. There is another factor about MMS. MMS functions do not run well without the provider’s network. Try to back in the provider’s network and attempt again if you are unable to send MMS.

    2. Check the Device Signal Strength

    People often face this problem and think wrong. Sometimes you are connected to the cellular data but you are unable to send MMS. A weak network can be the reason that the problem appeared.

    In this case, first, check out the network bars. If there are 5 bars the network is strong. If there are 1/2 bars the network is weak. Generally, this strong and weak network varies from the area. Suppose in the city area, the maximum time the network is strong. Again in the village area, you may not get the proper network. Sometimes you get a strong network in your bedroom but you don’t get a good network in the dining room. If you see weak network bars try to get a place where the network is strong.

    3. To Enable Your MMS

    4. Check Settings and Reset APN

    Why Can’t I Send Pictures From Iphone To Android Device

    There are many possible reasons:

    • You may have accidentally disabled MMS. You wouldn’t be able to send pictures to Android devices, but to other iOS devices as well.
    • Your operating system could be outdated. Install the latest firmware. You can either do this through your iPhone’s settings, or by opening iTunes.
    • There might be a glitch or an error lurking. You should be able to clear it with a force-restart, or closing and then reopening the messages application.
    • You might have blocked the Android phone you’re trying to contact. Alternatively, they might have blocked you.
    • Maybe you don’t have enough cellular data to send images.
    • Check if you’ve accidentally enabled Airplane Mode. You wouldn’t be able to connect to your cellular network and send text messages.

    Check out more smartphones

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    Connection Error In The Network:

    When there is a problem with the network connection of the mobile phones, it will not send any picture messages to the recipient. Cellular data connection must be active to use the multimedia services. The users need to make sure that they have enabled the mobile network. They can check this by going to the settings of their device. Clicking on Network and Internet can confirm if they have enabled it. If not, then they have to click on the mobile network and enable it. If a user is outside a providers network, then he must enable the data roaming feature to use MMS services.

    A Quick Click To Fix Your Picture Issue By Fixppo For Android

    Why can’t you send or receive picture message on your android phone

    The best way to fix a picture sending issue is by using Fixppo for Android. If you are not familiar with this software then we are going to introduce it to you. This android system repair tool can fix most of the problems with your Android phone. Let’s see some features of this amazing tool –

    • Highest repair rate with full guarantee.

    • You don’t need any skill to operate this tool.

    • The repairing tool is made with the latest technology.

    • The software is compatible with most of the android devices.

    Here I am showing the steps where you can use it to fix can’t attach a picture to text message Android issue –

    Step 1: First you need to download, install and run the software on your computer. Step 2: Select Your Android Device Details & Download Firmware. Step 3: Connect Android to PC & Put It in Download Mode,then you can start to Repair the Android System.

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    Are Pictures Not Sending To One Person Or Everyone

    Now that you know whether the problem is with iMessages or text / picture messages, its time to determine whether youre having a problem sending photos to everyone or to just one person. To do this, try sending a picture to someone else as a test, but read this first:

    Before you send a test picture, make sure you send it to someone who is using the same technology as the person you cant send pictures to. Heres what I mean:

    If pictures wont send using to someone using iMessage, send a test picture to someone else who uses iMessage . If you pictures wont send using your text / picture messaging plan, send a test picture to someone else whose messages go through as text messages .

    As a rule of thumb, if a picture wont send to just one person, the problem is on their end and they may need to change something on their iPhone or with their wireless carrier to fix the problem. If you iPhone wont send pictures to anyone, the problem is on your end. Ill give you solutions for both scenarios below.

    Why The Picture Messages Can’t Be Sent

    This is a very common searched topic on Google. Many people have faced this MMS problem issue and search for the reason. There are two major issues that people face this problem. A network problem or software issue is mainly responsible for this. Let’s see the reasons for the searched topic “I can’t send pictures through text on my Android” –

    • Sometimes people live in such a place where the network connection is very weak. In that case, MMS can’t be delivered.

    • Message cache and data is also responsible for this problem. Sometimes it interrupts the messaging functions and you are not able to send or receive MMS.

    • Some major software problems are also responsible for this problem. They disable various functions and people sometimes face this problem.

    • Sending MMS requires proper APN settings. In that case, you have to create or modify the APN settings.

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