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What Is A Wifi Heat Map

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The Definition of a Wifi Heat Map is a map that plots out the Wireless Signal Strength and Coverage using different colors to denote the Strength of your Wireless Network in certain areas of your Room, House, Office or Building.

As you can see from the Image above, the Map shows Strong signal and coverage near the actual Wireless Router/Access point and the strength of the signal gradually diminishes as you get further away from it physically.

These types of Maps are typically the same size of the area you want to scan and analyze Most Software and Tools allow you to import images and blueprints of your layouts to further assist in developing these heat-maps in your area or building.

Wifi Heatmapper For Conducting Ap On A Stick Survey

AP on a Stick Survey is conducted as a validation survey to ensure the virtual design made using predictive site survey is robust and without gaps.

The survey is conducted on-site. An Access Point similar or same as the one planned for purchase is activated using a mobile battery pack. Then the AP is placed at the site as per WLAN design and a passive site survey is conducted using WiFi heatmapper software around the AP area and the survey file is saved. This process is repeated for all planned AP locations.

Once the survey is completed at all the AP locations, all the individual survey files are merged to create a single file that will showcase the signal propagation of the AP across the whole work site in a WiFi heat map. This is equivalent to covering the whole site with required number of APs and then conducting the survey.

This step helps to validate a WLAN design and to close any design gaps that arise on an actual site.

Wifi Analyzer And Surveyor

WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor is my quick go-to app to analyze Wi-Fi networks on Android. Unlike other Wi-Fi apps, it doesnt show any ads. The app works in 2 modes Analyzer and Surveyor. The Analyzer mode lets you know the strength of the Wi-Fi networks at a particular point.

If you want to create a Wi-Fi heatmap, Surveyor is the mode you are looking for. Now, by default, the app has 1 standard office floor plan. If it works for you, you can use that or upload a custom floor plan. The app accepts normal JPG or PNG images. There are a lot of websites like Floor Planner thatll let you quickly create a custom floor plan. Once you have the floor plan, just walk to the location and long-press on the floor plan to create a heat zone. After you have mapped the entire floor, you can export the Wi-Fi heatmap.

My favorite feature is that it provides you a heatmap with respect to all available Wi-Fi networks. In case you have multiple Wi-Fi routers or SSIDs within the space, you can easily switch between the Wi-Fi networks in the Wi-Fi heatmap survey.


  • Ability to load custom floor plans
  • Exports Wi-Fi heatmaps with signal strength
  • Exported heatmap contains a watermark

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Best Wifi Heat Maps Software For Windows And Mobile Apps

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Wi-Fi heat maps will let us know in detail the coverage that our Wi-Fi router or access point provides to the different locations of our home or office. There are tools that will greatly facilitate the task of knowing where Wi-Fi coverage is weakest, and therefore, where we should improve it to have a very good wireless speed and not have cuts due to low coverage. Today in this article we are going to recommend a series of tools for both Windows and Android and iOS.

A Wi-Fi heat map is a graph that represents the strength of the Wi-Fi network signal, depending on where you are. Regardless of where you are, whether in a small or large house, a building or in a residential complex, it is a great support to have adequate Wi-Fi coverage. According to the strength of the signal, the graphic is colored in different colors. For example, if the coverage is optimal, you will paint the area involved in green, however, if the coverage is very bad, you will paint the area in red.


  • Wi-Fi heat mapping apps for iOS
  • Android Wifi Heat Map Faqs

    How To Create A WiFi Heatmap

    How do I heatmap my WiFi?

    To heatmap your WiFi network, you need just two things: an Android device and a WiFi heatmap app for Android, such as NetSpot.

    What is a heat map in the WiFi planning process?

    A heat map is a visualization of WiFi signal distribution, and it can be used to highlight areas of signal weakness, the quantity of access points, and other important information.

    Check our picks for the best WiFi heatmap software.

    How can I tell where a WiFi signal is coming from?

    Typically, WiFi signal becomes stronger the closer you move to your WiFi router. Knowing this, you can create a WiFi signal heat map with a WiFi heatmapper like NetSpot and use it to determine where the signal is the strongest. Thats likely the direction the signal is coming from.

    What is the best WiFi analyzer for Android?

    There are several great WiFi analyzers for Android, but the one we always recommend is NetSpot. Why? Because NetSpot is easy to use yet packed with advanced features that can provide you with a wealth of useful information about your WiFi network, helping you optimize its performance and coverage.

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    The Best Wifi Heatmap Software

    What should you look for in WiFi heatmap software?

    We reviewed the market for WiFi heatmap software and analyzed the options based on the following criteria:

    • Attractive and easy-to-read graphics
    • Notes on each signal footprint to identify its source
    • Related network management tools
    • The ability to identify authorized and rogue wireless APs and devices
    • A free option with the ability to upgrade to a feature-rich paid system
    • Value for money that is indicated by useful tools at a good price

    How To Use A Wlan Mapper

    It is easy to get started using NetSpot as a WLAN mapper. Simply download, install and launch the application. If you have not used NetSpot before, please read “How Do I Start My Survey?” before starting your survey.

    The NetSpot survey process involves uploading a map of your network area .

    Then you carry your MacBook to various spots in your network area and take a data sample at each spot. Once you are done with your WLAN map, you can view the visualizations and start troubleshooting any issues. You can make adjustments to your wireless network map and then take a new survey to determine the results of your efforts and get better WiFi coverage.

    NetSpot Wi-Fi signal booster empowers you to

    • Boost wireless network signal
    • Act as wifi signal strength tester
    • Boost laptop wifi signal

    How do I get a WiFi heat map?

    Heres what you need to do to get a WiFi heat map:

  • Install a WiFi mapper app on your laptop or mobile device.
  • Use the app to collect WiFi signal data.
  • Let the app turn the collected data into a WiFi heat map.
  • How do I get a stronger WiFi signal on my iPhone?

    There are many things that you can do to get a stronger WiFi signal on your WiFi, including:

    • Not using a protective case .
    • Updating to the latest version of iOS.
    • Optimizing the placement and settings of your WiFi router.
    • Eliminate sources of signal interference.
    • Get closer to your WiFi router.

    How do I map my WiFi in my house?

    What is the best WiFi mapper app for iPhone?

    Why do I need to map out my WiFi coverage?

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    Mobile App Vs Browser Heatmaps: The What And How

    Mobile app heatmaps capture usersâ in-app interaction and engagement and visually present the data using an overlay of colors. Red areas indicate high user engagement, whereas blue areas indicate low engagement.

    Image source: Medium

    This color-based projection of interaction and engagement data onto the app screen allows you to comprehend exactly where your app users are focusing simply by looking at the overlaid aggregated data. This aggregation helps businesses in two ways:

  • Abstract a large amount of engagement data and concentrate them in hot vs. cold zones for quick interpretations.
  • Identify UX improvement opportunities by identifying areas of traction
  • Unlike website or browser heatmaps that gather data based on mouse interaction like clicks and scrolls, mobile app heatmap collects usersâ touch data. It makes mobile app heatmaps much more complex than website heatmaps as the captured data is gesture-basedâthe SDK of the heatmap tool you select captures every micro-interaction on the app, with all gestures saved on respective screens, which gets aggregated to generate heatmaps.

    Even though both the heatmap types serve the same purpose, i.e., increasing conversions, the way these heatmaps function and the nature of the collected data are highly contrasting.

    Image source: Zhuanlan

    How To Choose A Wifi Heat Map App For Android

    WiFi Heatmap for Android

    Most WiFi heatmap Android apps work more or less the same:

  • Install the app on your Android device.
  • Launch the app and either load or create a map of the area you want to survey.
  • Move from one part of the area to the next until youve covered it completely.
  • Study the created WiFi heat map to discover areas of signal weakness and other potential problems.
  • Implement desired changes and, optionally, create a new WiFi heat map to check if youve successfully achieved the desired result.
  • But just because WiFi heat map apps for Android all work more or less the same doesnt mean that they all deliver the same high-quality results. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best WiFi mapper for Android:

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    Wifi Analyzer Mobile App

    WiFi Analyzer mobile is the ideal tool for those who just need a simple and attractive tool so that they can better understand their network. It may not feature all of the bells and whistles of higher end and professional applications, but it displays an attractive graph that allows anyone to see at a glance any WiFi congestion.

    What WiFi analyzer does best is allow anyone to work out the best channel for their WiFi, taking into account interference from nearby networks as well as connection speeds and signal strength.

    Obviously this is better suited for home use and for optimizing your home or small office WiFi coverage.

    It runs on Android smartphone as app, which offers great mobility and an easy to understand interface.

    Mobile App Heatmaps Help To Improve User Experience

    If there is one certainty in the dynamic landscape of devices, it is that smartphone penetration is only going to increase.

    For UI/UX professionals looking to hone their skills towards producing mobile screens that drive engagement and profits , mobile heatmaps offer a ton of actionable insights behind a visitorâs usage. Make mobile heatmaps a part of your workflows so that you can marvel at your userâs stroll around your masterpiece.

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    Create A Better User Experience

    Letâs take a closer look at a scenario from UXCam.

    A company that uses UXCam â letâs call them Photos Inc. â uses heatmaps to understand user behavior. The result is the following:

    Based on the results, we can see that the login page of Photo Inc. is okay but perhaps not ideal for its users. Heatmaps show us that most users log in with a Facebook account instead of an email address.

    To increase user login and improve the user experience, Photo Inc. has to move its Facebook login button to the top of the list of options.

    By doing this, the Facebook sign-in becomes more prominent and moves the email sign-in to second on the list. The first impression of users is related to design in 94% of the cases.

    Just that little change could spiral into major improvements for Photo Inc. What improvements could you make to your app?

    What You Need To Know Before Building Wifi Heat Maps

    Heat MWC App From Google Mobile Advertising Creates MWC Heat Map ...

    Building a WiFi heat map isnt difficult, especially not if you use a popular WiFi mapping Android app with an easy-to-use user interface. Still, there are some things you should know before you build your first WiFi heat map so that you obtain the most accurate results possible:

    • Its a good idea to create the same map at different times of the day and compare the results.
    • Your Android device may influence the results, so close as many background apps as possible.
    • Keep in mind that many appliances and electronic devices cause interference, so avoid standing too close to them when measuring.

    You should also learn the difference between different kinds of WiFi heatmaps, including:

    • Signal-to-noise ratio

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    Optimize Your Mobile App Interface

    A visually appealing and easy-to-use app will bring customers in and keep them coming back.

    With heatmaps, you can see what gets the most attention from users and what gets overlooked. In doing so, you gain a better idea of what users want from your app.

    Gesture Selection in UXCam.

    UXCamâs heatmap solution captures sophisticated gestures such as long-press, trail and zoom gestures.

    Perhaps users are trying to click on a word or image that is not clickable. If this is the case, it would be an excellent opportunity to add a link to this area to bring the users closer to what they are looking for.

    Mobile App Heatmaps: How To Use Them 2022

    New to heatmaps? Mobile app heatmaps aggregate lots of data to make it easy for the human eye to identify a large amount of data. Learn how heatmaps can help you create a better user experience.

    In-app analytics solutions like UXCam often boast of having heatmaps in their lineup of tools, but what are mobile app heatmaps, why are they such a great tool to have, and how can you start using them?

    Users today have a large variety of options for their mobile apps.

    Google Play alone has nearly 5 million apps. The Apple App Store has more than 4.3 million.

    In such a competitive market, you need to know your audience and how it uses your app.

    88% of online users are less likely to return to your site or app if they have had a negative experience.

    So how do you ensure that the user experience is ideal? And how do you know what to work on to enhance the UX?

    It is unlikely that you will sit next to your users while using your app, so how do you see what they are experiencing?

    Touch heatmaps are one of the best tools for getting inside your usersâ heads and understanding their behavior on your app.

    Complete guide to mobile apps heat maps eBook.


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    Leveraging Mobile App Heatmaps To Improve Key Conversion Kpis

    The benefits that app owners can reap from using mobile app heatmaps are endless. Every industry can have its own unique set of use cases and pain points they solve using heatmaps. But one theme runs common across all industries for using heatmaps, and it is the unrelenting quest for increasing conversions. In mobile apps, the path to increase engagement, and thereby conversions, is using heatmaps mainly involving optimization of User Interface and User Experience.

    UI and UX are very closely knitâthe UI of an app is optimized to improve its UX.

    Everything that an app user sees on their screen comprises the appâs user interface, i.e., UI or mobile app interface. It can be broadly divided into content, images, layout, color schema, CTA buttons, and navigation. Mobile app heatmapâs gesture tracking captures each tap, swipe, and zoom on every single page of the app, thereby providing user behavior insights to optimize each element of the mobile app interface.

    For instance, an eCommerce appâs analyst or interface designer can identify distractions and confusing content or discover broken links that keep preventing visitors from signing up and becoming loyal users, simply by looking at the touch heatmap of the appâs log-in page.

    Analysts, interface designers, and marketers across industries can use mobile app heatmaps to iteratively optimize all the elements comprising an appâs UI, thereby improving its UX.

    Site Survey By Visiwave

    WiFi Heat Map – 2019

    Site Survey tool from Visiwave.com is a great tool for surveying your Wifi infrastructure on a Enterprise level with definitely levels of granularity.

    You can use several different methods to collect data including using GPS, physically walking through the premise with a device and logging the data or Capturing data one point at a time.

    You even have the ability to map data into a Google earth layout, as seen above.

    This program supports collecting WiFi data using:


    Visiwave has a quick breakdown or overview of the steps needed to create a Wifi Heatmap, which includes surveying the area, choosing a pre-made template or existing template you’ve used in teh past, Generating the Report in HTML or PDF format and showing off the results!

    Have a look at this software below for their official documentation and possibilities!Price:

    Free Evaluation Version and Pricing:

    Site Survey: $549

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    Introduction To Wifi Heat Mapping On Android

    There are several different reasons why WiFi heat maps are useful and well worth the time and effort they take to create:

    • Network visualization: Wireless networks can be somewhat difficult to optimize because you cant exactly see with your own eyes where strong WiFi signal ends and weak WiFi signal begins at least not without a WiFi heat map guiding you along the way.
    • Accurate planning: Its easy to make a mistake when planning and deploying a WiFi network, and its consequences can greatly affect all users of the network, preventing them from achieving optimal download & upload speeds. Having a WiFi heat map at hand can go a long way in helping you design a network that meets its users requirements immediately after going live.
    • Educated problem-solving: Discovering causes of WiFi signal weakness, bottlenecking, and connection drops can be a time-consuming ordeal unless you can base your decision-making process on concrete data, which is exactly what a WiFi heat map can provide.

    Android WiFi mapping can be performed using any modern Android device capable of running an Android WiFi heatmapper app. With the right app, you can achieve the same results as when creating a WiFi heat map on Windows or macOS.

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