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Groops By Torched Media

Words With Friends: 8 Year Anniversary 50,000 New words!

Word games and quizzes often use patterns. They test your ability to think logically, test your own mind, and even group items by non-standard traits.

Groops is a puzzle game that relies specifically on patterns, allowing you to keep your brain constantly engaged and thinking outside the box. There are over a hundred levels in the game, whose difficulty increases exponentially.

Groops, just like any other puzzle game, has several game modes. For example, Time Attack, where you will make the patterns endlessly and try to get to the top in a short time. Theres also a multiplayer mode where you and your friends can compete in logic and try to get as many groups as possible.

Groops is more fun and challenging than you could ever imagine. You wont even be able to tear yourself away from the game once you launch it. Match different tiles with identical ones, remove unnecessary groups, and try to overcome the strongest opponents.

Best Multiplayer Android Games For Couples

Longing for your significant other while you are self-quarantined or you guys are just bored in this lockdown? Well, there are so many ways to fill this void. If you guys are remotely located, you can chat using one of the messenger apps, re-watch the same episodes of Friends on Netflix together or play multiplayer games. Yup. Its a new and emerging trend among couples. Makes things more interesting!

These games help you focus, plan strategically, cognitive thinking, team play, patience, and socialize. Phew! Theres a lot to learn. We have tried to include games that are in both Android and iOS, so if your partners own an iPhone, you are good to go. Also, these games work on WiFi and mobile data, so whether you are sharing your apartment with your SO or in a long-distance relationship, we got you covered. Lets begin.

Sky: Children Of The Light

While most fun multiplayer games on iPhone tend to be quite simple and similar to arcade games, there are a few unique multiplayer games that can take your breath away. Sky: Children of the Light is one such game.

Crowned by Apple as the iPhone Game of the Year 2019, this game brings storytelling and simple gameplay without adding some games overwhelming depth. Its a great game to enjoy good writing, mostly found in games that require gaming consoles.

Your objective in the game is to team up with your friends and fly through the seven different realms in the kingdom of Sky. You will have to solve mysteries and help fallen stars, who have lost their places in their respective constellations. This game will keep you hooked with its gorgeous visuals and ambient soundtrack.

Price: Free

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How To Make A Cross

Creating an “Among Us” session with your friends is pretty straightforward, no matter what system they have. As noted above, just make sure you’re all in the same regional server something we’ll go over below.

  • Launch “Among Us” and log into your account if you have one.
  • Check your regional server on the main menu. It’s located in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The main menu shows which server you’re playing on. Chrissy Montelli/Insider
  • Select “Create Game” on the main menu.
  • Select the map, number of imposters, chat language, and maximum number of players. When you’re finished, select “Confirm.” When you create a game, you’ll have a few different options to choose from. Chrissy Montelli/Insider
  • Your character will appear in an empty game lobby. At the bottom of your screen, you will see a code containing six letters or numbers. Share the code with your friends who you plan to play with. Players can join your game through a unique game code. Chrissy Montelli/Insider
  • When your friends are ready to play, they must select “Enter Code” on the main menu and then type in the code you gave them. They will also need to be playing on the same regional server as you for the code to work.
  • Once everyone has joined, feel free to start the game. Everyone will get to play, whether on a phone, computer, or console.

    Get Rid Of The Stickers

    10 Android and iOS Games that Couples can Virtually Play ...

    I still love this game but am writing again to complain. Do not play the Daily Word Play as it always causes me to shut down my IPad and restart it. Today is different. I had to shut down and restart but I have watched six videos to complete the game, and each time it tells me I need to watch another video. I will continue to play but not the Daily Word Play. Im hooked on the game. My suggestion is dont get hooked!Ive always loved this game until they put these stupid stickers on the screen. I cannot get rid of it and there doesnt appear to be a way to get rid of it. When I take a screenshot it is no longer recognized as a true screenshot of words with friends. Get rid of it and I will be back to being a happy camper giving a 5 star rating. Not sure what their work around was, but its all good once again. Happy once again. Im back because I have a question. Why have you discontinued the word choices like ESQ, DI and JE to name a few. These have been acceptable words until just recently. I even have a few games Im playing now with those words in them and I cannot use within the same game. Once again, Im not happy with this game. Again there seems to be a problem with this app. I love playing and play every day but every day the game locks up and I either have to shut down my IPad completely or delete the app and then reinstall it to be able to continue! Otherwise I would give it 5 stars

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    Games : : Best Games To Play With Android Friends

    I liked Words with Friends when I had an iPod touch. I’m looking for something like it , but also anything else that’s fun and you can play with your friends . Preferably something where they can make a move, I receive a notification, and respond back at my convenience and vice versa, not where we both have to “be online at the same time”. Oh, and free.

    App : Bunch Group Video Chat & Games

    Bunch Group Video Chat & Games seems like it shouldn’t be as great as it is, considering it’s a free app and has a horrible name. The service allows you to video chat with groups of friends, like you can on FaceTime, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc., with the added benefit of playing games together at the same time. Forget Zoom or Google Hangouts all you need is Bunch!

    The service offers its own games for users to play, like the “Flappy Bird” ripoff “FlappyLives,” but also partners with app developers to provide AAA titles for play, like ‘.” Regardless of your choice, you’ll see and hear friends as you compete in game after game. The best part? There’s no need to pay for anything. The app is totally free, requiring exactly zero in-app purchases to advance. You’ll need to make an account, but if you’re on iPhone, you can always use the new “” for the most secure sign-in method.

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    Apps That Play Nice Between Ios And Android

    In a perfect world every app would work across multiple mobile platforms, but as of right now there are only a few apps available on both iOS and Android that truly play well with each other. Here is a list of a few cross-platform apps that may help bring Android and iPhone users a little closer together.


    • Skype Since FaceTime is still only available on Apple devices, the next best way to video chat is good ol Skype. Skype lets you video chat over 3G from Android to iPhone or even to a computer.
    • Google+ Google+ has a great group messaging service called Huddle and its built into their Google+ app. It works on both platforms and is a good replacement for costly SMS.
    • Facebook Chat Another cross-platform messaging app that will help cut the cord of SMS. You can even add images and locations.


    • Skies of Glory This is an aerial dogfighting game that allows you to play with friends online on either an iPhone or Android device. Right now its free for iPhone users .
    • Words with Friends This popular Scrabble clone first made its appearance on the iPhone and has now come out to Android. The game is free on both platforms.
    • Homerun Battle 3D Baseball is a perfect game to play multiplayer and is even better when it works on different OSs. Homerun battle 3D is free for the iPhone and $4.99 for Android users.<
    • Chess.com Straightforward free app for chess lovers. Now you can play chess online against your friends and family whether theyre on an iPhone or Android.

    Ea Scrabble Lets Iphone Play With Android

    Words with Friends – Download Now

    US videogame titan Electronic Arts on Monday released a version of word game Scrabble that people can play together whether they are using Apple devices, Android gadgets, or Facebook.

    Scrabble Free broke from the pattern of limiting adversaries to folks using similar operating platforms, such as iPhone versus iPad or Android smartphone versus a tablet computer also running on the Google-backed operating software.

    Scrabble Free was available as a no-cost download at Android Marketplace.

    “We really are kind of obsessed right now about how to tear down boundaries of entry to some of these games,” EA Interactive senior vice president Chip Lange said while providing an early glimpse at the game.

    “The vision is to get people into games in a quick, easy way,” he added.

    EA is expanding its Origin game social network into a hub from which users can play with friends regardless of what kind of gadgets they have, according to Lange.

    “Origin is the technology at EA that is focused on connecting everything we do,” Lange said.

    Scrabble Free connects players “cross-platform” through Origin or , according to EA.

    Explore further

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    Yes ‘among Us’ Is A Cross

    “Among Us” is a multiplayer game available for Android and iOS mobile devices, Windows computers, and the Nintendo Switch. And unlike some other games that can be played on multiple systems, “Among Us” is fully cross-platform.

    To say that a video game is “cross-platform” means that multiple people can play the game together regardless of what platform they’re using. Here, for example, it means that “Among Us” players on an iPhone can host or join games with PC or Switch players. As long as you are on the same server and the regional versions of the game don’t conflict with each other, you can play together online.

    To play “Among Us” across different devices, all players will need to be logged into the same server, which is determined by geographical location: North America, Europe, or Asia. This means that players in North America won’t be able to play with friends in Asia or Europe unless they change their location in-game.

    Games : : Deployed And No Games To Play

    I am deployed to Afghanistan right now and it’s killing me that all these new games are coming out for the Droid and I can’t download and play them in my free time. If the community could find it in their hearts to email me the apk so i could play in my downtime that would be greatly appracated and awesome.. Games like Angry Birds, the open feint games that came out and really anything else..

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    Words With Friends 2 Board Games & Word Puzzles

    Words With Friends 2 is the second part of the popular Words With Friends game. The developers upgraded the previous version and made it even better and more complicated. Here you will have perfect brain training while having fun with your friends and solving different crosswords together.

    Youll be able to challenge one friend or more, as well as compete with family members who love crossword puzzles. Words With Friends 2 allows you to play board games with words while having only a smartphone in hand.

    For each word you find on the board or solve, you get points. Accordingly, the longer the word you find, the greater the reward it will bring you. For these rewards, you can unlock different collectibles, as well as participate in various competitions.

    For example, in Words With Friends 2 there is a speed game mode, where you will compete with other players you will be given mini-crosswords to work with. Test your spelling and language skills right in the game.

    App : Words With Friends 2

    Words With Friends Classic

    Words with Friends might just about define the mobile multiplayer genre, and for good reason. The Scrabble-inspired Zynga title has been enjoyed by iPhone and Android users and their friends for years now, and the momentum still hasn’t slowed. Words with Friends 2 is currently #1 for board games on the App Store, but even the original game holds a solid 17th place for word games.

    For the uninitiated, the gameplay is simple. You’re given a random set of letters and are tasked with using them to build words on the game board. Unaccepted words aren’t playable at all, so there are plenty of chances to find the best play. You win points based on the size and complexity of the words you make, with extra points given for using premium spaces on the board. Big plays usually involve multiple words using parallel moves and hooks off of other words. It’s a simple concept that gets competitive fast, so be prepared to lean back on your best vocabulary.

    If you want to improve your Words with Friends gameplay, check out our articles on using Word Radars to score big, dealing with all vowels, taking advantage of the tiles bag, and maximize your powerups.

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    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Animal Crossing is Nintendos version of a social simulation game. Over the years, it has become quite popular and become a valuable part of internet culture. With Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you can peek into this games unbelievable world!

    The game tasks you with designing your campsite. You can customize almost everything in the game and suit it to fit your personality. In addition, you can also create a character that will take charge of the campsite. As you build friendlier campsites, you can also become friends with the animals staying near your spot.

    Whether its a theme park or a music festival where your friends are performing, there are no limits to the designs. Join your friends and collaborate to create the best experience for your in-game animal friends!

    Price: Free

    Super Stickman Golf 3

    If you like silly sports games, Super Stickman Golf 3 reimagines golf as a side-on ball-smacker within larger-than-life courses of floating islands, giant castles, and laser-infested moon bases.

    The basics are simple set your angle and power, and then let rip. Its like Angry Birds, but with a degree of precision control.

    When it comes to multiplayer, everyone needs their own smartphone, but it doesnt matter what system theyre running.

    If people are on the same network, you can partake in frantic speed races to each hole. Alternatively, theres a sedate asynchronous turn-based mode, for playing matches against a loved one half a world away.

    Free + IAP for Android and iOS

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    App : Draw Something Classic

    Draw Something is another App Store classic, a game you’ve likely played if you’ve been in the iOS or Android gaming scene for long enough. The game is essentially Pictionary you receive a task to draw something simple . Then, you send it over to your friend to guess what you drew. The twist? They get to watch a real-time video of your drawing progress. The faster they guess the subject, the more points they receive.

    Your mileage may vary depending on your skills and the skills of your friends. If you or your friends are artists, that’s going to create a different gameplay dynamic than if you or your friends can’t draw to save your lives. Either way, it’s a fun title that has stuck around over the years because of its quick fun, and it’s a great choice if you want some light competition with your friends across the world.

    The Pro Review From Techreviewpro

    Words With Friends Game for Your iPhone and iPad

    This wraps up my look at top 20 of the best iPhone multiplayer games. This list includes games from a variety of different genres. All of the games on this list can be played with your friends, but make sure to check out the fun singleplayer modes available, too!

    Hope you enjoyed this list of best multiplayer iPhone games. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

    This multiplayer game is an online game where you build monsters and then you battle with the other players. You can either go one-on-one with players on real time PvP matches or you can simply practice your tactics and decks versus AI-controlled rivals.

    There are plenty of decks to maintain and build and a ton of cards to collect. The thing that is interesting about this game is that you can play it on mobile and on your computer on the same account, which it is very good.

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